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What if your hallucinations of monsters turned out to be real? Help us create the first 3 issues of this ongoing horror series.
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New Images and a word from Kavika

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We understand everyone’s frustration. We’ve talked to Kavika and he was kind enough to write this statement for us. There are also some attached images.    

"Hey Backers. This is Kavika the Blackwood artist. We apologize for making you wonder about the progress of Blackwood. We are still super motivated to get you the rest of it and can't wait to unveil the action, twists and turns. For me, life has thrown me some good and bad curve balls that have caused delays, from the birth of my first child, to all variety of levels of employment. To make things worse, I want the best quality I can to do the story justice and that takes a LOT more time than expected.

Thanks for your patience. Jesse and the rest of the team at Bleeding Ink have offered a great deal of help in getting this comic completed included paying for additional things like a coloring assistant or supplies that would speed up the process. However, no matter what, a comic with this amount of detail takes a lot more time than expected.

All the speedbumps have been cleared and we are sitting on a lot of progress, while making more. This is a labor of love for us more that a gig so we want to raise the quality bar along with all the other titles at Bleeding Ink. Thanks for your show of interest in my very first comic, though I have worked mainly in the video game industry for many years. I have a deeper respect for the art of graphic novel visual storytelling and it is much more work that anticipated, especially for a perfectionist doing pencils and inks. Hang in there and it will be worth the wait. I dont want to give any dates but we will be working very hard the next month or 2 to get you your orders and add some extras, such as random sketches and such."

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    1. Creator Jonathan Wallace on May 2, 2014

      Ummm guys?

    2. Creator Jason Sacks on April 28, 2014

      Would be nice to either get a book or a refund.

    3. Creator Daniel Elkin on March 28, 2014

      Still waiting, I guess.

    4. Creator Bill Norris on March 15, 2014

      any new info on the book???