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What if your hallucinations of monsters turned out to be real? Help us create the first 3 issues of this ongoing horror series.
What if your hallucinations of monsters turned out to be real? Help us create the first 3 issues of this ongoing horror series.
383 backers pledged $9,341 to help bring this project to life.

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New Images and a word from Kavika

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We understand everyone’s frustration. We’ve talked to Kavika and he was kind enough to write this statement for us. There are also some attached images.    

"Hey Backers. This is Kavika the Blackwood artist. We apologize for making you wonder about the progress of Blackwood. We are still super motivated to get you the rest of it and can't wait to unveil the action, twists and turns. For me, life has thrown me some good and bad curve balls that have caused delays, from the birth of my first child, to all variety of levels of employment. To make things worse, I want the best quality I can to do the story justice and that takes a LOT more time than expected.

Thanks for your patience. Jesse and the rest of the team at Bleeding Ink have offered a great deal of help in getting this comic completed included paying for additional things like a coloring assistant or supplies that would speed up the process. However, no matter what, a comic with this amount of detail takes a lot more time than expected.

All the speedbumps have been cleared and we are sitting on a lot of progress, while making more. This is a labor of love for us more that a gig so we want to raise the quality bar along with all the other titles at Bleeding Ink. Thanks for your show of interest in my very first comic, though I have worked mainly in the video game industry for many years. I have a deeper respect for the art of graphic novel visual storytelling and it is much more work that anticipated, especially for a perfectionist doing pencils and inks. Hang in there and it will be worth the wait. I dont want to give any dates but we will be working very hard the next month or 2 to get you your orders and add some extras, such as random sketches and such."

Patriot #3

Below is the link were you can download Patriot #3. It's yours to do with whatever you like. We're placing another large print order next week and hard-copies will be send out to backers. Sorry it has taken so long.

Blackwood, Patriot #2 and War Zone #2 Downloads

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Hello everyone,

Please visit the below link for an overall update of the statue for these comics as well as a download link for the Blackwood #1, Patriot #2 and War Zone #2 PDFs.

Download Gold-Lined Storms

Hello everyone. Gold-Lined Storms is finished and the digital copy is available for download at the bottom of this message. I am sorry it has taken me so long to finish and thank you for keeping the faith. I am sending this digital copy to everyone that has supported my Kickstarters.

I know that many of you have no interest in reading this book but I wanted to give you the option. For those that don’t know, Gold-Lined Storms is the story of Joshua Blackwood as he goes on a journey to find enlightenment after being diagnosed with schizophrenia.The first draft of the book was written by hand while I was on the road for 3 months.

The hard copy of the book should be sent out by the end of October. Printed copies should be in my hands in the coming weeks. As soon as I have them I will be adding additional details to the book that were not possible in the digital copy. These hard copies will be sent out to the backers as soon as humanly possible. 

This digital copy of Gold-Lined storms is yours to do with whatever you like. Give it to anyone you think might enjoy it. Print a copy and give it to someone as a gift. And post links to it wherever you like. Just don’t sell it or claim the work as your own. 

Thank you for supporting this project. It wouldn’t of happened with out your support and that means everything to me. I am writing an update for what is going on with Bleeding Ink and all of our projects and that will be sent out later today. 

 Again, thank you for supporting the creation of Gold-Lined Storms.


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