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What if your hallucinations of monsters turned out to be real? Help us create the first 3 issues of this ongoing horror series.
What if your hallucinations of monsters turned out to be real? Help us create the first 3 issues of this ongoing horror series.
383 backers pledged $9,341 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jack Chambers on

      It's been so long that I'd forgotten about this book. I could really use the $60 I sent to this project. That's the difference between me paying bills or not. Jesse said he'd refund us, where the hell are our refunds?!

    2. David Snider on

      These creators are cunts

    3. Jake Jeffries on

      He used to have a linked in profile as well. For the past couple of years I would send him a message reminding him of the $49 he owes me for failing to complete his projects that I had backed. I did receive 1 out of 3 projects that I had backed. Sensory Distortion was the only one I received. I ended up trading it in at a Half Price Books because it made me sick every time I looked at it because of how he screwed over his backers. Apparently now he is a solo marketing consultant:

    4. Jenn-Yu on

      Wasted your talents and wasted my money and time! 3 years!

    5. Clint Mattoon on

      Agreed. Turned out to be a scam.

    6. Bent Hanlen on

      Victor how are these comments funny? These people believed in this project and funded it. They, including myself, assumed we would get to see a finished project. I'm out 200. No problem, I will get it back.

    7. Luca Galli on

      My first scam on Kickstarter. 40$ wasted.

    8. Joe Kontor

      So the guy who can't deliver on his Kickstarters has started a company showing people how to Kickstart. How messed up is that?

    9. Missing avatar

      Victor Rocha on

      all these comments are funny. good stuff.

    10. christopher ball on

      Really just disappointing.
      No updates in what? Nearly a year. Glad the new policies so this from happening anymore

    11. Tom Ward on

      Ah, I was really looking forward to this comic..... I've been super busy so fallen behind on checking stuff I'd backed...... Apparently this is not looking too great...

    12. Oliver Kieser on

      I didn´t get anything this is really a great shit.....

    13. Joe Kontor

      So his Facebook page has disappeared. That's never a good sign.

    14. Joe Kontor

      Try contacting him directly I guess. Kickstarter itself doesn't have a "refund" policy. I've gotten refunds in the past from some projects but those have always been through the artist.

    15. Scott Tellep on

      What steps do I take for getting a refund? Or did I miss that opportunity?
      I thought if I stuck it out for a few months something would happen. But now I really want a refund...

    16. Missing avatar

      Derek Meier on

      Anyone from Washington? You may try to put in a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General. They already have a lawsuit against another kick starter project..

    17. Missing avatar

      Top Moose on

      "All of you will receive Patriot #3 within the next 2 weeks... Please, have a little more faith in us." -Bleeding Ink, Nov 7 2013.

      What happened to that?

      I for one will never ever pledge for another one of your projects ever again and will do all I can to discourage others. Not even going to read the comics that have been sent out by you. Honestly guys, I don't think producing comics is for you. Missed date after missed date, promise after promise. Is this how you treat your fans? Don't promise what you cannot deliver.

      *i incorrectly posted that the quote was from 2012. It was actually from 2013.

    18. Luca Galli on

      This is so sad... I was really looking forward to read the whole Blackwood, the first issue seemed promising...

    19. Joe Kontor

      Basically the guy on Facebook said he was quitting comics and the books would most likely be unfinished. Then two days later he took it back and said the books would be finished but would take awhile. The fact that he made the announcement on Facebook were he could delete comments he didn't like and not here make me suspicious. He deleted half the conversations that weren't going his way including the original announcement. Luckily Bleeding Cool saved the announcement.

    20. Andrew Lopez on

      When will we be getting our comics? From the last update in July it was stated a months time for the books to be finished. It's been almost 2 months now and no sign of anything. Any updates? Also what's this about a refund?

    21. Dustin Hughes on

      Bummer that we won't get to read this comic. I was really looking forward to it. Thanks to Con Artist Entertainment for the comics, though! Make sure to watch for any future Kickstarters by those guys.

    22. Missing avatar

      Derek Meier on

      Wow...I gotta stop wasting my money on kickstarter projects. too many projects not getting fulfilled. Hopefully he makes good on his word and does refunds.

    23. Jörn Huxhorn

      This is actually quite sad. I was really looking forward to Blackwood. ;(

    24. Jörn Huxhorn

      A bit of background info about this. I'd have appreciated reading this in a Kickstarter update or at least in this comment section...

    25. Joe Kontor

      More crowdfunded comic book publishers are joining in! Check out what ex-backers of canceled Bleeding Ink projects can pick up for free!

    26. Joe Kontor

      So did you get burned by the fall of Bleeding Ink Productions? Well Martin Dunn of Con Artist Entertainmentwants to make it up to you! He wants to give everyone who backed one of Bleeding Ink's cancelled projects a FREE PDF of his comic book Joshua Black (successfully funded through Kickstarter).

      Joshua Black is a dark comedy/fantasy series that follows a reluctant teenage deity, who inherits the throne of Heaven. Just e-mail Martin at, let him know which project you contributed to and he'll get the comic out to you ASAP!

    27. Christopher Allen Howard on

      I understand that life happens ... things get in the way ... but seriously?!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Derek Meier on

      Status? Are we going to get this soon?

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel Schatz on

      Not gonna lie, i'm getting irritated with the lack of updates

    30. Missing avatar

      Derek Meier on

      As long as there are updates I'm happy I have had too many kickstarter projects go dark and not get updated for months. Any guess on when the graphic novel will ship would be shipped?

    31. Bleeding Ink Productions 9-time creator on

      Okay all, I understand that there are some serious concerns about the project. We are working to get all the rewards out to each back as soon as we can. The main issue we have right now is that our lettering artist back out due to some family issues so we had to find another artist. We have one ready to go so that is the good news. the bad new is that we are still behind on the comic.

      For now if you can please send an email to with your concerns we can give you an individual update on your rewards.


    32. Bent Hanlen on

      can you update on rewards?

    33. Missing avatar

      Derek Meier on

      Any update on the rewards?

    34. Brandon on

      This smells eerily familiar.

    35. Bleeding Ink Productions 9-time creator on

      Sorry for the delay everyone, we are currently in a slurry of both work and personal issues which we had to address. We will be sending out a full detail update in the next day or so to make sure we are clear on our pace and progress. Thank you all for your support and again we apologies for the delay as well as the lack of communication.

    36. James on

      Its been a month and a half, any updates for us?

    37. Missing avatar

      NKA on

      I know you guys are busy and all, but can you say whether it will be ready before April? Or May?

    38. Missing avatar

      Derek Meier on

      Any update on the status?

    39. K. Barrett on

      Looking forward to this one. Will it be out this month or maybe next? Can't remember if I filled out a survey or not.

    40. Renae De Liz on

      So happy to see that you've reached your goal! :) CONGRATULATIONS!

    41. Ed Dunphy on

      Congratulations! Awesome work, look forward to the finished product!

    42. Heather Seibel on

      Ok sorry i never got that message. Thanks

    43. Soul Punk Studios on

      Congratulations! Artwork looks great.

    44. Jörn Huxhorn


    45. Lackey on

      Congratulations on's a great project. Am curious what the difference in the $19 pledge and the $30 pledge is. Seem like the same reward but $30 gets you a vote?

    46. Pierre Blanchet on

      Really happy this project is funded !! I have appreciated all your generous downloads, and am very eager to receive the graphic novel ! I'll be on the look out for your futur projects :-))
      Congrats !

    47. Antonio Garcia

      Glad that the project was funded! Looking forward to getting my copy of the graphic novel and of the Kreatureifica book!

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