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This brand new card game is for people who like hanging their friends, werewolves, pilgrims and fancy witch hats.
This brand new card game is for people who like hanging their friends, werewolves, pilgrims and fancy witch hats.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Kimberly on

      Thanks for the information. However, I feel this really only addresses the issue for the US and is leaving us Canadians in the dark since ours was an issue with them being stopped at the border. A bit more clarity there would be nice.

    2. Marcus on

      It's no big deal, this is my first Kickstarter that I've ever back, and I'm glad it was from the people who've made a game that I love so much! And I know y'all will try to get us as much info as you can about a delivery time frame. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and thanks for everything y'all do!

    3. Ethan Lockemy on

      Thanks for the apology and I'm excited for the game but I never got an email to confirm my shipping address, this is probably because amazon but a while back it asked for an address but I put in the wrong one. Hopefully I can fix this, thank you!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jay on

      I've backed something like 12 games on kickstarter, and at least half misssd their deadlines, so I've come to expect it. Being late is nothing to get too concerned about, except for those of us who backed Up Front...

    5. Missing avatar

      estefan tovar on

      @blankmediagames i was expecting this game 5 months ago, ill be moving in early may to another city. Will we be getting the game by then? what should i do to make sure i eventually get my copy if i move before / when it gets shipped?

    6. Missing avatar

      Tania Moir on

      I got my game a couple of weeks ago, thank you also thanks for the great service you've provided! Hope things go well with future projects and that the issues sort out for you soon :)

    7. FakeTsuki on

      Sadly I live in the US in the east and still yet to receive my copy...super sad since my original intent was to play the game on my birthday that was set around the original shipping date. Hope I at least get it for my next birthday xD

    8. Phillip J. Panuccio on

      I find it so awesome that you guys try to keep us in the loop, and it's perfectly understandable for things not to go smoothly. You guys keep doing you, looking forward to getting the game, and have a good one!

    9. Revan on

      Thank you for updating! I don't mind the delay at all. I am excited to receive the cards, but its ok. I waited 4 years for No Man's Sky, and turned into shit.. This is a quality product, from a reputable source, so I will wait as long as it takes! Keep up the great work you guys are doing!!!! I cant wait to see what the future holds for this company!!!

    10. Kurtis Nielsen on

      I agree that I have no issues waiting and this wouldn't be the first kickstarter I have backed that ran into issues once it hits the shipping phase. That can just be the nature of the game. I do look forward to hearing when we can expect the canadian shipping.

    11. Desorbo on

      Waiting is what Kickstarter is all about. The fact that many still haven't come to this conclusion is baffling.

    12. Missing avatar

      Chase Chalker on

      As long as you keep us in the loop then I'm happy. Looking forward to the game whenever it comes!

    13. Crit Jones on

      I've backed 2 kickstarters from you guys now and I don't regret it one bit. If in the future you have another kickstarter for something I like I won't even hesitate to back that one. You have 100% of my faith :P

    14. Missing avatar

      Jared on

      Glad you are keeping us in the loop and excited to get my copy! Cheers from East Coast, US

    15. Missing avatar

      Noah Brown-Behrends on

      I didn't really expect to receive it before Christmas-not due to you but it just sounded very difficult-but your online game is so fun and as a group you guys are wonderful. Every day is worth it to see the fruits of your labor and the donations received. Keep making great things

    16. Jack Gay on

      Sucks, but what are you going to do? It'd be a pain to get 7000 anything to have to turn around and ship out in bulk in such a short amount of time. I imagine with other products that sell a bunch of like their echos, etc. they've probably had them for months and sorted ready to ship, probably the only difference is having to turn the card games out asap.

    17. Missing avatar

      SinfulSkills on

      It's alright guys, seriously; it happens. :) As long as you deliver the product that's really all we care about. Oh that and these updates. That helps a LOT!

    18. Tyler Christiansen on

      @Ben I agree! BMG I think it's completely fine that this has been happening, I'm looking forward to when amazon follows through

    19. Andrew Warren on

      Do u have an estimate as when Canadians will get the game because like always Canadians r always last

    20. Ben Cameron on

      Thanks for the heads up! Sucks that Amazon is dragging their feet.