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This brand new card game is for people who like hanging their friends, werewolves, pilgrims and fancy witch hats.
This brand new card game is for people who like hanging their friends, werewolves, pilgrims and fancy witch hats.
9,551 backers pledged $389,005 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Icehawk101 on

      This update was made over a month ago and still no word about Canadian fulfillment other than a vague "You should get it soon". This is the worst project I have ever backed and want a refund.

    2. BlankMediaGames 5-time creator on

      @lcrod1155 If you send us a message here on Kickstarter we can get you fixed up!

      We just posted a new update everyone, so check it out!:

    3. Missing avatar

      montana zent on

      while there have been many setbacks on the physical board game, I am much appreciative of the constant updates keeping me informed as to what is going on. I have full faith that it will arrive in due time. sadly, amazon, being a huge manufacturer, cant carry a few thousand board games over seas. yay amazon! I understand none of this is blankmedias fault, and therefor im not feeling even the slightest disloyalty towards the developers.

    4. Missing avatar

      Chelsea Lynch on

      I hope I get this game before I move at the end of March beginning of April. It's been almost a year since I backed this game....

    5. Andrew K on

      I have to agree with Matthew Gabbert below. Someone is lying and you guys need to come clean if it really is you or come up with more facts on how it can be amazon. I understand this platform and that things can be delayed and take time. But I backed a card game at the same time as yours and they had a realistic view and said Feb '17 and I got it Feb '17. I don't believe your crap posts about having to many people back it and you had to change your strategy. You know exactly how many people you reach and should have had plans for large amounts.

      So again we want answers not some half BS apology letter.

    6. Missing avatar

      lcrod1155 on

      Hey so I didn't know that it would take this long to get the game (and I completely understand the issues with it all) but I just recently moved I'm just wandering who I need to get ahold of to do the change of address

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew May on

      Got mine in Switzerland some weeks ago, just want to say thanks for your excellent communication throughout this project, you are light years ahead of almost all of the other projects I've funded! Shame about the problems you've now run into but the. Again it wouldn't be kickstarter without at least one hiccup!

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      Jason Allen

      People need to understand Jessica McIlquham's pint below. I understand the feelings of those like Krista but we aren't purchasing something here. Kickstarter is, in essence, about gambling. If you can't deal with delays you shouldn't be participating here. Appreciate the update from the creator but don't bee too hard on yourselves at the same time - If you're doing your best that's all we can expect.

    9. Missing avatar

      Krista on

      Another post without reference to Canadians and what's going on our side at all. So your apology is meaningless, especially considering it regurgitates everything you've previously posted and gives no new information not only for CAN but US and others, and only meant for the masses. Another big issue for me at least is the game can be bought by other people on amazon and your website and get it before your backers??? are you trying to insult us? and apparently the game really isn't that great in quality, originality or content so my regrets in backing are increasing with each "update".

      take responsibility for your mistakes and your mess ups, stop blaming other companies and actually give us some NEW information, that's that people want, not more of your blame game with amazon.

      Sorry to be a downer but seriously, getting really tired of hearing the same crap put out as new information and consistently having them ignore CAN backers. plus if you can't get OUR games to us, the original supporters how is everyone else getting games who's ordering them from amazon and else where??? and if amazon is having issues shipping us our games how are they shipping it to people who didn't back it??

      None of this adds up.

    10. BlankMediaGames 5-time creator on

      @GoldenPunch You should have already received your game. You should send an email to our fulfillment center in the UK GamesQuest. Here is their email address:

    11. Missing avatar

      GoldenPunch1453 on

      Um...I paid for this and I am in Turkey atm. So...when will you send it here approximately?

    12. Missing avatar

      jessica mcilquham on

      backing a kickstarter is not like placing an order - we're backing a project that might not ordinarily be made! not only should we be proud and supportive of this company that we care about, but we should be patient. the product will get to us when it gets to us and being angry about it won't make it move faster. i can't wait to play, BMG, thanks for being so considerate!

    13. Missing avatar

      KittyAwesome on

      If my 12 year old wasn't looking forward to the card set, I would demand my money back.

      This is a business take responsibility.

    14. Bee on

      Thanks guys! I was actually about to try and contact you guys to find out what was happening. Good timing with the update! Looking forward to it.

    15. Sunny Lee on

      Honestly I don't even care about getting the game. I just donated because I believe in you guys and wanted to support you :D

      There has been a series of unfortunate events to get us to this point, but its not your guys fault. As long as it eventually happens, its all good by me.

    16. Adam on

      I agree with @Matthew Gabbert as well. I can almost certainly say this has been sadly been a very disappointing experience.

    17. Icehawk101 on

      I'm with @Matthew Gabbert on this one. Backed this at the urging of a friend and totally regret it. Another 3 weeks (supposedly) before it even makes it to the Canadian fulfillment centre...

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gabbert

      Sorry to be the one to say this but this is a such a silly update. "We're so sorry -- it's all Amazon's fault!" Look, this may be your first physical product, but that's no excuse for the ongoing nonsense you post in your updates. There are a lot of first-time backers here, so they may think that this is just par for the course with Kickstarter. But it isn't. I've backed scores of games, many of them first-time projects, but most of them arrive on time or at most a month late. And those often involved large, complex manufacturing jobs with plastic miniatures and wooden bits and custom inserts, which meant coordinating with multiple vendors. ToS is a small, simple card game. Cards in a box. That's it. Luckily, I'm not on pins-and-needles waiting for it to arrive; I only backed it at the request of my son (it was supposed to be a birthday present last December) because Werewolf/Mafia clones aren't my thing.

      In this most recent update, you say, "Manufacturing took longer than expect (sic) due to how many units were ordered, but sadly that is a fixed time and there was nothing we could do to make that go faster." That's nonsense. Within the scale of this project, physically printing 15000 decks of cards doesn't take appreciably longer for a real factory than printing 5000 decks. If anything, having a larger order usually means that the printer bumps you up in the queue because it means more money for them sooner. What takes a long time is not having your act together and going back and forth correcting errors found during multiple rounds of proofing.

      On August 21, you said, "work is being started on the actual production of the cards! The Manufacturing should be complete in September, then we will start shipping out to everyone." This is misleading because even if manufacturing was actually complete in September, it would still take 2-3 months to "start shipping out to everyone." And if by "manufacturing" you mean the actual production run, no, that hadn't started yet because you were still proofing.

      On October 2, you said, "Manufacturing is still going on, but we are looking to be on schedule to get everyone their copies of the card game sometime in November still." Ridiculous. And as the photos in the update show, manufacturing still hadn't begun because you were still checking proof sheets! And again, November delivery was an obvious impossibility.

      On November 6, you claimed more "manufacturing delays" but estimated a new completion date of November 15. Fine. Then you claimed, "we are looking to make sure the games are in your hands before Christmas." This was out-and-out nonsense unless you were planning to recruit Santa Claus to handle your fulfillment!

      On November 16, you made your date (yay!), but then spoiled things by suggesting that backers needed to lock in their addresses because, "We are looking to make sure you have your games before Christmas though." More utter nonsense!

      On November 29, with the games still in (I would guess) China, you sent out another update to get backers to lock in their addresses because, "We are making the final preparations for shipping." If you look at the comments to the update, it was obvious that many people took you to mean that you were about to ship them their games, which wasn't true and which you did nothing to clear up.

      On December 20, with the games on the high seas, you posted some more nonsense about how, "this process will take about a month due to the holiday season." No, it takes 4-6 weeks for container ships to cross the Pacific Ocean all year long! I note that you repeat this silly "holiday season" excuse in your latest update where you also blame Amazon for not accepting shipments until the new year, when the games were in actuality at sea until January.

      On January 12, you said the US boat was still at sea. So why do you now blame Amazon for not accepting your shipments until the new year?

      On January 30, you claimed, "The US and Mexico games will arrive at Amazon on February 5th, and will immediately begin shipping." Immediately? Really?

      On February 6, you discussed how the US shipment had been delayed in Customs. That's cool, these things happen. Then you said Amazon would start shipping games the next day, February 7. What, with magic? Then in a comment on February 14, you revealed, not surprisingly, that Amazon still hadn't started shipping out the order.

      And in today's (March 2) update, you say that bad ol' Amazon is still thwarting you, sitting on your games either through evil or incompetence and you are powerless to do anything about it. Because I guess you don't have an account rep there or use a shipping agent. That may be true, but comparing Amazon's track record to yours, I know who has more credibility with me at this point. Who did you send your mailing address list to? Who did you send payment to to handle the fulfillment? It simply isn't credible that you've gotten this far with no human contact at Amazon.

      I've seen this happen with one or two other first-timers using Amazon. They have an automated system that requires that the address list be formatted in a very particular way. If there's an error reading it, they move on to someone who knows how to arrange a spreadsheet to their liking. They won't hold your hand and they might not even let you know that you screwed up. Find out where the mistake is, admit to it if it was yours, and stop posting nonsensical updates!


    19. BlankMediaGames 5-time creator on

      You guys are the best community we could ask for! Thanks for your patience and understanding. All of you make it worth doing this. :D <3

    20. Jeremy Donadio on

      I know that the games are taking longer than anticipated, but I have full faith that i will get this game. To be honest, I believe i will get town of salem over all the other kickstarters I have backed due to the fact that they have had 2 successful kickstarters and several big youtubers that have played this game and given it good reviews (including the biggest youtuber, pewdiepie).

    21. Zigtail on

      I have it (Australia)

    22. Missing avatar

      Nicole Garcia on

      Can the people who actually got their games please post telling us so, because i have not seen people say it yet

    23. Missing avatar

      Nicole Garcia on

      I get it, but then its also worry some because i have aeen so many projects take the money and run.
      What happened with the amazon emails? Most of us have yet to see them...

    24. Rose Whitcomb on

      As much as I would have loved to have this packed up for PAX East, you guys do what you need to do! It's worth the wait!

    25. Merrilee Bradfield on

      Honestly I've been so stressed lately I forgot. :) No hard feelings.

    26. Zachary Rosch on

      I'm not mad honestly. I've just been going stir crazy checking my inbox every ten or twenty minutes.

      although I have to say it might have been fun to have for tonight's Switch launch. could have been fun playing it with others in line.

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel Wojcik on

      thanks for the update. I realize there will always be challenges. thankfully I am a patient person. Look forward to playing the game when it arrives.

    28. Jyh Tai on

      I actually find it kind of odd that I received my copy quite awhile back before anyone in the US and I'm in Australia (which 99% never actually happens).

    29. Abdullah Eassa Almbailesh on

      Take your time guys and thanks for the headsup!

    30. BlankMediaGames 5-time creator on

      If you need to switch delivery dates and you are a US, Mexico, or Canada backer just send us a private message and we can get this fixed up!

      Canadian orders are expected to be at the fulfillment center in Canada in about 3 weeks. We don't expect to many delays once the orders are in Canada as it is only 700 of them instead of 7000 like the US.

    31. Missing avatar

      Cole on

      Nvm I fixed it

    32. Missing avatar

      Cole on

      HELP* I need to switch my address for delivery, but I see no option for that. I messaged the makers on the kickstarter and an automated message told me to message the actual email, so i did that recieved the exact same message which doesnt make sense to me. Anyone know how I can change the address for delivery?

    33. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      Thanks for the update BMG; hopefully it arrives on time before I graduate after spring

    34. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      I'm patient, I'm in the USA. It's worth the wait...thanks dev.

    35. Atom Coleman on

      Not mad just sad

    36. Missing avatar

      jason morrison on

      I personally don't think it's fair to blame Amazon at all. I invested in another game (5 minute dungeon) and they had an expectation of May and are about to start sending out there games. I think you guys were too ambitious with your original release date of November. 8000 orders is a lot of work vs ~200 signed copies.

    37. Missing avatar

      Corbin Stewart on

      Cool but you still have literally said nothing about Canada in any of your updates. Other then basically mentioning the word Canada we haven't herd squat about what's happened north of the border.... seriously what is with this complete disregard for talking about Canadian shipments?

    38. Daniel Huffman

      I'm patient, I'm in the USA. It's worth the wait...thanks dev.

    39. Missing avatar

      Alvyn Ng on

      If it helps, I'm from Singapore and I received my game last week already. Have faith, the games are definitely on their way!

    40. Missing avatar

      Jared Wende on

      I appreciate the update. I do hope that we don't get delayed for too much longer as I will be moving in early May and I doubt a shipping address change at this point will be a very easy task. I was also kind of hoping to play with my friends at college sometime before I graduate.

    41. Zack on

      Personally, while I of course do not love the delays, I appreciate that there are circumstances beyond your control and even more appreciate being kept in the loop. Just keep us posted and I'll be ok. Anyone who has done a few of these recognizes that successful ones can end up being more complicated than expected. Looking forward to the game!

    42. JeffreyMcSorleyJr on

      Kinda figured it was Amazon. I know people struggling to get new products (still) after new years because of delays and red tape so I imagine their shipping us just as bad (plus inundated by Nintendo Switch preorder probably too). No problem. Look forward to seeing the game as soon as it gets to me! Congrats on getting it done, and hopefully next time you'll be more experienced in dealing with said possible issues.

    43. BlankMediaGames 5-time creator on

      For Canadian backers your orders should be at the fulfillment center in Canada in about 3 weeks now was the latest estimation we got. This shipment should not get delayed as much as it is a shipment of about 700 orders rather than 7000.

    44. Mitchell Resk on

      You guys are doing everything you can. Thank you for all you do. I look forward to playing my game when it arrives

    45. Jay Rab on

      Thanks for the heads up and transparency on this matter, it really does let us know were the backup was and that while it was your fault for not understanding this, you do show how things have been out of your control so you know how to better handle this for other physical shipments in the future.

    46. Kirby Anderson on

      Thanks for letting us know. Ya it sucks not getting what you ordered when you thought you would. But being someone who used to work in retail I get it, some things just go bad and you have no control over them. I hate the feeling of having to tell someone that you basically have no new info for them when they've been waiting. Thanks again for the update, it does mean a lot to some people.

    47. Missing avatar

      Garrett Wlodarczyk on

      At least you know for the next time you attempt something like this to not set a deadline until you have a definite schedule. That was easily your #1 mistake in all of this mess; giving people expectations and then constantly pushing them back because of problems outside your control. Even though these issues aren't necessarily your fault, you still take te blame because you took the money.

    48. Missing avatar

      Aaron Cottrell on

      This isn't to bash, but it kinda comes across like they weren't expecting this many people to back the project.

    49. Missing avatar

      Haylee on

      I will admit that I was kinda worried about not receiving my game, but you put my minds at rest. I understand that most of this was out of your hands and that you couldn't have changed manufacturing times, etc. No hard feelings! If anything I'm getting more excited to receive my game :)

    50. Missing avatar


      I accept your apology.

      What are you going to do for your investors to make up for the self described failures? Certainly you did not intend for a few minutes typing on your keyboard is equal to the risk investors assumed when providing you financial means to realize your creation.

      This has become a very common theme through physical Kickstarter campaigns. Very little education is obtained before asking people for their money. Logistics is an important piece to your campaign and you should have understood the business instead of sending apology letters after the fact.

      I will await your response.