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This brand new card game is for people who like hanging their friends, werewolves, pilgrims and fancy witch hats.
This brand new card game is for people who like hanging their friends, werewolves, pilgrims and fancy witch hats.
9,551 backers pledged $389,005 to help bring this project to life.

US Shipping Update!

Posted by BlankMediaGames (Creator)

Hey Townies!

We got a few updates to send out for you all!

We finally got an email today from Amazon saying that due to the volume of the orders they should start shipping in a week. We wanted to thank all of our backers for being so patient during this entire process. 

We also just got confirmation from GamesQuest our fulfillment center in the UK taking care of everywhere but Australia, New Zealand, the US, Mexico, and Canada that they have shipped all the orders out. This doesn't mean they are necessarily at your door yet, but they have all been sent out. They expect every order to reach everyone's door in 3 weeks. At that point we will make an update saying those orders should have arrived, and will give anyone who didn't get their order the information they need to fix any problems.

We don't have an update for Canadian orders yet, but we will post an update as soon as we have any information like we have been.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jean-Francois Pelletier on

      Hi, I'm Canadian and I still haven't got mine. Did all Canadians got that problem or is it still with no news at the moment?

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Wilcoxen on

      I appreciate how frustrating this is on all parts, but I find it difficult to believe that you are not able to get concrete information from Amazon... I am also shocked that a company that specializes in shipping items worldwide in 48 hours or less is being accused of being the problem. I can't believe that Amazon cannot figure out how to put a box in the mail and ship it to me since that is EXACTLY their business model and they are great at it. Your Kickstarter raised a huge amount of cash and I feel like that should be motivating you to get this done. If Amazon is the problem, why are you not calling them every 30 minutes and demanding to be moved up the chain of command until this gets resolved? And then update us with something other than, "It's not our fault." I gave you my money... that makes this your fault, so solve it!

    3. BlankMediaGames 5-time creator on

      We are working on getting as much information from Amazon as possible currently. We will make an update as soon as we have any information! We are sorry for the problems everyone.

    4. Zachary Rosch on

      I have to admit I'm beginning to feel like it wont ever ship. say Amazon is going to ship them all at the same time and all this waiting from the 24th was just prepping the massive amount of orders. They would be able to update that it was in progress right? the total white out is very suspicious to me.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jack Benjamin on

      As of 11:40am EST I still have not received word on when my copy of the game will be delivered. What's up with that?

    6. Missing avatar

      Dylan Horowitz on

      As terrible as it sounds, I'm honestly glad to see all the comments about people not getting their games so I know it's not just me. I'm sure that BlankMedia is just trying to work around Amazon's crappy service timing, but it's definitely frustrating because I just want to be in the loop. I'm fine with waiting but I wanna know I'm still waiting rather than it was missent or something like that.

    7. Zachary Rosch on

      And another month goes by wothout an email. What the heck is goong on? I'm starting to worry that amazon lost orders. And one party or the other is too afraid to let us now.

    8. John Woods on

      Originally we were told orders should ship at the end at January. It's a few hours away from March. What the heck is going on? Should we be contacting Amazon, or what? Apparently it's asking a lot to just want to play.

    9. Starfrog on

      How will we receive word from Amazon? I got an Email from BMG almost 2 weeks ago (Feb 17th) that the game would be shipping out in a week. I haven't been contacted by Amazon OR BMG about this, anyone in the USA gotten their copy yet?

    10. Missing avatar

      Cameron on

      Mafioso: ok, tonight were gonna kill blackmedia
      Godfather: absolutely not, why would you do that?
      Maf: the games been delayed 5 months
      GF: I want him forged, cleaned, disguised and dead.
      BMG (spy): oh damn

    11. Missing avatar

      Chelsea Lynch on

      Maybe we should be contacting Amazon and telling them how crappy they are. They've screwed over BMG and the backers.

    12. Elizabeth on

      11 days ago.
      A week consists of 7 days, it's been closer to two weeks and no updates.

      ��� they played us good.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jenny B on

      ok this was posted on the 17 and its the 28th now. im sure they are just working on it but when should we expect a tracking email? will it be from amazon then..... i still havnt gotten anything and im in the midwest US. i know BMG wasnt at fault with this it was just crazy at all the shouldnt be this bad esp this time of year...they ship stuff so they are the ones goofing.

    14. Rowen Foster on

      I previously criticized BMG for the delays, and I want to amend what I said. A part of the delay is on BMG, which is unfortunate but definitely excusable since this is their first time doing something like this. I now see that the other part of the delay is on Amazon, which is definitely not excusable. This is supposedly Amazon's specialty, but they're leaving so many people in the dark.
      Sorry for my impatience with you earlier, BMG. I appreciate your communication on the shipping.

    15. Smoke Rulz on

      Amazon really droping the ball for North America. It's been 10 days since this update and I haven't gotten an email or a shipment at all. Sorry you have to feel all this stress, BMG, we really want to play your game!

    16. BlankMediaGames 5-time creator on

      Really sorry for all of the delays everyone. The games have been at Amazon for a few weeks now and they are really dropping the ball on getting them fulfilled. The EU fulfillment centers had them sent out within a few days but for some reason Amazon is taking much longer. We are basically stuck waiting for their updates.

    17. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      gg no re US and Canadians got scammed

    18. Jonathan George on

      I really hope it comes, this is the most hype for a card game I had in a while. (besides smashup)

    19. Kristian Italianchigipirate Kinder on

      Hey just wanted to let you know amazon has yet to contact me and I'm getting worried there's a distributor really close to my house...

    20. Dr Civilization on

      May I just say that I can sympathize with @BlankMediaGames in the fact that this is just totally out of their control. They spent an enormous amount of time and effort designing the game and hyping it up, and even throwing a party with rooms that were literally given away!!! (I won one but ended up not being able to go in the end) This is probably one of the best and most thought out kickstarter projects out there that ported an electronic game to IRL, and I just want them to know that even though there were some bumps that at least SOMEONE can understand that it is out of their control and appreciate what they are doing.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kaitlyn Ford on

      Any update?? It's been over a week now. Still no tracking number...

    22. Missing avatar

      Rachel on

      It's pretty sad when one of the backers gets more info from Amazon than the actual creators. Are you guys even calling Amazon? Emails are obviously not working, you guys need to CALL Amazon and see what's going on. You need to stop giving us empty promises, We're all getting pretty frustrated now :/

    23. Missing avatar

      Cameron on

      At this rate, ill probably beat half life 3 in time for me to get this game

    24. Missing avatar

      Nicole Garcia on

      EVERYONE: i contacted amazon. i will be getting an email in the next 48 hours. so far they said they have no information about this seller....

    25. Missing avatar

      Nicole Garcia on

      i am contacting amazon to see if this is true. i'll update my findings.

    26. Missing avatar

      stanley young on

      Hmm November > December > End of January > Beginning of February > One more week > and it's now been over a week with no email from Amazon? Any update here BMG? It'd be nice if on the day you say it's going to start shipping that you actually update and let us now.

    27. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      No email yet. This has been the most frustrating waiting process I've ever experienced. I have told my friends countless times that I want to try a game with them only to have deadlines missed over, and over, and over again. I've tried to be understanding with pushing deadlines back but this is just ridiculous. :(

    28. Zachary Rosch on

      Anyone have an email yet? Im expecting one between now and the 27th

    29. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      Still haven't received anything, like the game or even an email. I'm putting your word to this. If this game isn't here 3 weeks from this post I'm gonna hold it over your heads.

    30. Missing avatar

      Fuller on

      Do you have any idea how long the shipping process is going to take? Even a range would be nice.

    31. Sabrina Chapman on

      Just want to ask will these hopefully show up before April I am now in the process of moving and don't wanna lose it in the mail.

    32. Missing avatar

      Nicole Garcia on

      are you sure this time?

    33. BlankMediaGames 5-time creator on

      @James If you send us a message we can see what we can do to get it updated.

    34. Missing avatar

      James Tuxbury on

      I have had to move since I gave my address. Is there any way to correct that or am I going to have to take it up with amazon?

    35. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Remember when you said the game would be with us in January? You guys really dropped the ball.

    36. Missing avatar

      Tor Erik H. Sæther on

      Norway here, got it about a week ago. Thanks! :)

    37. Zachary Rosch on

      @christine wang

      this is not a scam. BMG's is an actual company and has a product known as town of salem. it's not in their interest to agitate their customers. but yes they did not do as much research as they should have.

      @ jared Brown

      Yes and No. yes some people are jumping guns and saying this is a scam when it's not. and yes it is the nature of kickstarter, and yes this is their first physical item. I understand.

      However their is room for actual complaint. shipment is 4 months delayed. thats almost half a year. It's not like some disaster happened that no one could have predicted. BMG went with the lowest bidder, (they did not care to keep up their end and delayed) tried to ship during the busiest time of year, (again, delays) and did not do enough research on importing into countries. Us orders are only now about to ship. And as many Canadians have said they don't even have a date.

      I don't doubt BMG's intentions, I really don't. they have done well and I know they are doing their best to keep things going. However intentions are not always everything. And as a company they have failed in regards.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jared Brown on

      As I read some of these comments I'm starting to think that some people aren't aware of the fact stuff happens or just don't care about it I get that your upset that the game didn't come when it was projected but through out this entire process BMG has done their best to keep us as backers posted so don't just sit their playing the blame game when you don't even want to understand the situation you constantly put them in because you want to throw a fit because your stuff hasn't come in on time. Also like they've said before this is their first PHYSICAL product that they've tried putting out so of course some snags are bound to surface because it's something new and different from what they've done before. So chill people???

    39. Missing avatar

      Christine Wang on

      This entire project is starting to feel like a scam. The people beind it take forever to make a single update, and when they do, it's for useless and pointless info that we don't care about. As a Canadian resident, it's ridiculous to hear that there's problems importing into Canada. What kind of BS is that? It's been almost two months since the problem arised, and there's still no progression? Did you even SHIP our games? Besides, why would you EVER have trouble importing a card game into a country that is huge on trade? I will NEVER support your company ever again, and I will make sure to dedicate time in order to ensure that nobody that I know of will support you and your illegitimate company ever again. Terrible waste of a 35 dollars.

    40. BlankMediaGames 5-time creator on

      @Riley @Zachary The Amazon orders haven't started shipping yet, they will start shipping out the 24th.

    41. Zachary Rosch on

      well at least now we know...

      Is that in a week all orders should be shipped, or in a week they will start to ship?

    42. Derek Brown on

      It's a little funny going through the comments posted by people poisoned by the instant gratification of the internet but anyways that BMG even bothered to do this in the first place should make the people who backed them happy

    43. Ben Peet on

      Thank you very much. My NSFW cards arrived a few weeks ago, I'm in the UK. The cards look great and I hope people don't give you too much of a hard time over the delays.

      Seriously, other backers. Have you never had to wait for a bus, train or plane that didn't turn up? Sometimes things happen, give BMG a break. I mean, they could be giving out far less updates than they are, but they're keeping people informed.

    44. Missing avatar

      Fuller on

      Well, it's better than nothing, thanks for not going quiet on us.

    45. Missing avatar

      Riley McCandless on

      Hello! I was wondering, am I supposed to be checking Amazon for my order? Or what's going on? I put in my address here on the kickstarter. I finalized my address. So is there a place where I can check, or was I supposed to do something with Amazon back in November. Please answer my question. I need to know if I screwed up or not and wasted money.

    46. BlankMediaGames 5-time creator on

      @Krista I understand your frustration and you would think it would be that easy. When we found out Amazon didn't start immediately sending out orders we sent them an email asking when they would be sent out, several, we just got an answer back when we posted the last update. We are doing everything to keep you all in the loop as much as possible. We do have some optimistic expectations in hindsight for a November delivery, our research said that it was possible, but we now know that the estimates we looked up must have been everything runs perfect without any delay what so ever. We are doing everything we can to keep you all informed on the status of everything. We don't get anything out of sitting on the games or creating delays, so we wouldn't want to do that.

    47. Missing avatar


      @veschka Glad that your country finally won something. As an American, being the absolute best at everything can get tiresome. I guess this is what its like to live in a second rate country. I hate it!

    48. Nolan Tang on

      I'm glad I'm patient and barely check my emails... o_o

    49. Missing avatar

      Tisa Rahman on

      Just to let you know I actually got my set like a couple of weeks ago or something (live in the U.K.) - it looks great! I don't know enough real life friends to get together to play this yet but I'm loving just having the cards lol

    50. Missing avatar

      Tisa Rahman on

      Just to let you know I actually got my set like a couple of weeks ago or something (live in the U.K.) - it looks great! I don't know enough real life friends to get together to play this yet but I'm loving just having the cards lol