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Travel-ready, compact pens with a cool new auto-locking bolt action feature. Rugged and ready to go with you anywhere.
Travel-ready, compact pens with a cool new auto-locking bolt action feature. Rugged and ready to go with you anywhere. ***Missed the campaign? Sign up to our email list at
Travel-ready, compact pens with a cool new auto-locking bolt action feature. Rugged and ready to go with you anywhere. ***Missed the campaign? Sign up to our email list at
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    1. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Hi Efe Tiglioglu
      Good to hear from you. I shipped all of these rewards almost a year ago. I just checked and it looks like you never responded to the survey so I didn't know what pen you wanted, or your shipping address. You opened your survey: Opened: 06/13/2016 - 11:31 PM

      Please send me an email to with the details of the pen you would like as well as your shipping info.

      I'll send you a message as well.


    2. Missing avatar

      Efe Tiglioglu on

      Hello.i still have not received a email

    3. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Hi Javed Patel!
      Do you think it was broken off? I've never heard of it falling out. The OHTO refills are very high quality so I'm interested to hear what happened to it.

      No problem though since they use a standard D1 refill. I offer them for sale on my website if you would like to get the refill that came with your pen. Here's the link:

      Also, I've had a lot of people ask how to change the refill since the seam on the tip of the pen fits so well you can barely see it.

      Here's a link to a short video showing how to replace the refill:…

      Hope that helps... please let me know if you have any other questions, Javed.

    4. Javed Patel on

      Hey Kevin I went to use my pen today but the nib of the refill has disappeared. It seems to have fallen out? How can I get some refills?

    5. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Hi Jeffrey A. young,
      Thanks for checking in. Your pen shipped last year on November 23, 2016. You should have received a shipping notification email when it shipped showing the shipping address as well. I will send you an email to follow up. -Kevin

    6. Jeffrey A. young

      I also just realized I never received mine. I did move and maybe forgot to change address?


    7. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Hi Scott Tripp... yes, I shipped all of the orders quite some time ago. It looks like you missed filling out your survey. I just sent you a direct email through Kickstarter so you can let me know the details of the pen you want and your shipping info. Thanks! -Kevin

    8. Missing avatar

      Scott Tripp

      Still havent gotten mine.

    9. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Hi Efe Tiglioglu... it looks like you missed filling out your survey. I will send you a separate email to get it sorted out. Thanks! -Kevin

    10. Missing avatar

      Efe Tiglioglu on

      Hello. I also didn't receive my pen. Can you give me a feedback. Thx!

    11. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Awesome Alex VM... very glad you have enjoyed the campaign and most importantly that you are enjoying your pens!!! This was a great project for me as well. I really like sharing all of the behind the scenes video and can't wait to get my next project underway. Today I received some new tooling that I needed for some prototyping that I will be doing over the next couple of weeks. I will keep you all updated.


    12. Alex VM on

      You are a wonderful KS creator. You follow up with people, you post updates and on top of that you make wonderful products. Definitely will re-back your future projects.

    13. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      That really means a lot to me Erica... thank you so much!!! I have several things in the works and am looking forward to getting another project underway soon. One of my favorite parts of the process is coming up with new products and finding new creative solutions. I'll be sharing some new things soon through email, so you all will get so see some of the development process and if you'd like, participate by offering your input and feedback on some new ideas.


    14. Missing avatar


      the pens are beautiful kevin! I love the weight on these and its compact size. I feel like i can always put my trust you as a kickstarter creator! i can't wait to see what other projects you put out :)

    15. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Hi Moses Yorga Arthesi, Yes I agree it should have reached you by now. I will send you a separate email with more info.

    16. Missing avatar

      Moses Yorga Arthesi on

      Still don't receive my pen. I know it can take up to one month from USA to Indonesia, up to two months if the package sent in December. Can I have the tracking number for my shipment? There is no link for tracking my shipment in the order lookup link that you send to my email. TIA.

    17. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Hi Andrew Yancy... I love hearing that you are loving it! Thank you. To answer your question, absolutely... yes!! You all will be the first to know when they are ready. I also have several other projects in the works as well. I'll keep you posted.

      I've been working on getting my workshop set up for productivity. Since I moved during this project, I didn't have too much time to get things organized. A shop is always a work in progress but things are looking good now. So expect some updates soon.

      Thanks again!

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrew Yancey on

      Hey Kevin,

      Love the pen! I was wondering if you would ever make a a full size pen in the same fashion as these :)?

    19. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Hi Fedor Vedeneev! Thanks for taking the time to post. I really appreciate each of you taking the time to write. It always makes my day to hear that you are enjoying it!

      Hi Scott McClary... It looks like you did not fill out your survey. I will send you an email.


    20. Scott McClary

      I Still don't have my pen...

    21. Fedor Vedeneev on

      Material brass pens slightly oxidizes and darkens, it gives even more beautiful and noble appearance. Hand a little greener when was wet.

    22. Fedor Vedeneev on

      I got a mixed set.
      Very high-quality pens and very beautiful.
      Precision fit parts simply amazing. Especially the tip.
      Size a bit unusual but convenient. The photo of the hand samples smaller than mine, it seemed that the pen is a little more.
      But size is really compact and easy to carry and use.
      Thank you, Kevin.

    23. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Thanks Philipp.... Very glad you are enjoying it! I've had a lot of requests for full sized versions of these pens so it is a good opportunity for sure. I'm going to be working on some prototypes soon.

      Hi Jahquan Ingram. Thanks for checking in. The tracking on your package says it was delivered to your mail box on November 26, 2016 , 2:25 pm. I'll send you an email as well.


    24. Jahquan Ingram on

      I haven't received my pen yet either. Seems like some have received there's already

    25. Philipp

      I'll have to back up Kevin here. Dimensions are clearly stated in the campaign text and we all got a good impression of the size in hand from all the photos. So there should not be any surprises...

      This the one best made pen I got here on Kickstarter. Small, compact, smooth action and this seamless tip.... First time I saw (or better: DID NOT SEE) such a perfectly invisible transition... others advertised it but this is the first pen that really keeps this promise.

    26. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Thanks Rajani! Much appreciated... I definitely have been working hard for you guys so it is great to hear that you are enjoying it!!!

      Hi Duncan, glad to hear that you like how it is made. These pens are designed to be compact and more easily fit in your pocket or bag than a regular full sized pen. I was hoping that was clear from all of the photos and videos about the pen. I will send you an email as well. I don't want anyone to be disappointed.


    27. Missing avatar

      Duncan on

      Beautifully made pen dude. Why so small though? Disappointing.

    28. Rajani Isa

      Just noting that having had it for several weeks now, Kevin here does a great job.

    29. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      What a nice way to end 2016... Thank you Calvin Jung for the very nice comment!

      Happy 2017 Everyone!! Hope you all have a great new year. I'm looking forward to several new projects this year and am excited for things to come.


    30. Missing avatar

      Calvin Jung

      One of the best KS projects I've funded thus far.

    31. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Hi Kelvin Cheong... It looks like you missed filling out your survey. I will send you a direct message. -Kevin

    32. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Thank you CK Chan... great to hear! I really love that these pens are now being used all over the world. -Kevin

    33. Missing avatar

      kelvin cheong

      I still haven't received my pen

    34. CK Chan on

      Backer from Hong Kong, had received my pens for a few weeks. Just come up to say that the pens are real great and I bring them along with me everyday now. Well done! Look forward to your next kickstarter project.

    35. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Hi Pasan Gonakumbura! Very glad to hear that figured out how to change the refill. I know not many people look at the instructions that came with the pen but how to change the refill is on that instruction page. It definitely isn't obvious how to open the pens.

      Just so everyone knows how to change the refill, please check out this quick video:…


    36. Pasan Gonakumbura on

      So, I found out the hard way that the pen could be disassembled. I had simply pulled out the refill with a pair of pliers, and broke the point when forcing it back in because part of it had caught on the spring. The point assembly unscrews from the barrel, but you can't make out a seam or anything because that's how well this pen has been made. After that it's a cinch; remove spring, pull out refill, insert refill, replace spring and screw down the point assembly. I used some 50W R/C silicone shock oil to lube the barrel and the spring, and now the entire action is butter smooth, (not that it wasn't before, but lube will obviously aid in longevity).

    37. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Great to hear John Phan... very glad you are enjoying the new addition to your EDC!!! Thanks for the continued support... it really means a lot to me.

    38. Missing avatar

      John Phan on

      Hey Kevin, I was finally able to open my package since I have been away from home. The wait was well worth it. Great looking pen and a great addition to my EDC pen from your previous project. Great job and I look forward to your next project!

    39. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Hi Kevene L. Harris! Thanks for checking in. It looks like you missed filling out the survey. I will send you a direct email.

    40. Kevene L. Harris

      What carrier are you using to ship them?

    41. Kevene L. Harris

      I have not received an email nor my pens!

    42. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Thanks Brian Cross! Glad you've been enjoying it. It's good there are a lot of options for the D1 refills... glad you found one that works better for you.

      F.BEAU... glad to hear it made it to Europe safely. I'm always a bit scared about shipments getting lost because so much work goes into each one and there aren't too many extra.

      affert... I LOVE hearing that you are loving it! Thank you for taking the time to post and I apprecate the suggestions as well. I actually want a full sized version as well. I have to do some testing to see what is possible and with what refills. OHTO has some nice refills in that same style/size. I'll keep you all posted.

      Fadhli... thanks for posting. Here are some suggestions. When changing the refill it is best if you extend the tip as far out as possible by locking the tip out with the thumbstud. This way you can grab onto more of the refill. For some, reason yours sounds a little tight. If you are still haveing a problem please email me and I will take care of it for you. regarding the clip on the Hex version, yes you are correct that for the clip to rotate around the hex barrel it need to have a small gap so it doesn't hit the high part of the hex barrel. You are also correct that the gap for the round barrels is much smaller since the clip won't hit anything as it rotates around the barrel. Hope that helps!

      Thanks again everyone for taking the time to post!!

    43. Fadhli

      Received my pen few days ago. Overall it's a great small-sized pen. But I have some difficulties in changing the refill. So far I only able to pull out the refill partially. I even find it hard to push it back without pressing on the tip of the refill.

      I also wonder if the clip on the round barrel is a little tighter than the one on the hex barrel. I prefer a proper clip rather than the current hook-style clip where there's too much space between the clip and pen body. I understand the limitation on the hex body but I think a cylindrical body should be okay to have a tighter clip?

    44. affert on

      I've been using my pen since it arrived, and I continue to LOVE it! It's wonderful for both writing and fidgeting. I'm getting quicker at clicking it in and out :)

      I echo that I'd be interested in a bigger version, that would fit a Pilot G2 style refill (AKA Schmidt/Euro Rollerball) if it wasn't too wide.

    45. F.BEAU on

      Hello Blank Forces team,
      Just received my Pen this morning. No problem with shipping (France). Outside packaging is fine and clean. The Pen is ... Super ! Thanks a lot for this realization

    46. Brian Cross on

      I've had mine for a few weeks now, and it's worked great. the action gets smoother more i use it. the only rough spot was the cartridge itself, i dropped the pen and managed to bend the tube for the needle point. ended up switching to a cross branded refill, which has a small plastic ring around the needle. The cross refills are not a precise as the original, but seem to be more durable (at least vs concrete)

    47. BLANK FORCES 4-time creator on

      Thanks for such a nice write-up Jordan Muntz... I really appreciate it! I'm pretty competitive so getting your top ranking really means a lot. At the moment, I am going through the "extra parts" that I have to see what I can offer for sale. I will give all of the original backers first shot at getting the limited number of remaining pens that will be available soon.

      Thanks Tim Bjella! There definitely is a lot of hand finishing and craftsmanship that goes into each pen, so it is really great to hear that you are enjoying it!

      Much appreciated AWW... especially from a "Superbacker"!! I really enjoy sharing the behind the scenes process with all of the backers. I have several new projects in mind already so I am excited for want's next as well!


    48. Missing avatar


      Beautiful. One of my favorite backed projects to date. I'll look forward to your next.

    49. Missing avatar

      Tim Bjella on

      Beautiful craftsmanship! Thanks.

    50. Jordan Muntz on

      Hey Kevin,

      I received my all brass Hex Keychain pen nearly a month ago and I ADORE IT. I've collected probably >$1,000 of pens of all types, and I can confidently say that if I was forced to choose one pen to be my only pen for life, I would choose this one. It's compact, it's comfortable, the ink is right, the mechanism is indestructible, and it's gorgeous. If I had known I would love this pen so much, I'd have backed for "The Collection".

      That being said, I cannot wait until more are available for purchase! I would like to pick up a clip version and maybe a couple for gifts.

      One suggestion, or perhaps request. I would love to be able to buy a "blank plug" for the keychain version which would screw in where the "keychain plug" does, so as to convert it into a pseudo pocket version. I find myself switching between keychain carry and pocket carry frequently, it'd be nice to have this option available.

      Thank you for designing and manufacturing an amazing product. I'm honestly trying to find a flaw with it and I cannot. One could complain about the diminutive ink supply, but that just comes with the territory of a compact pen.

      I'll be watching for your future endeavors!

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