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A raft will tow a Kite Aerial Photography Rig high up into the splendors of the Grand Canyon. We hope to capture sights unseen!

WHO: 15 intrepid adventurers, artists, poets, photographers, culinary ninjas and good ole' crazies.

WHAT: The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to invest in a Kite Aerial Photography Rig (KAP Rig) to fly behind a raft while floating down the Grand Canyon. Warm afternoon air traveling up the canyon will carry a camera high up into the mile-deep canyon to capture images that will be stitched together to create large-scale panoramic photographs. We can only imagine the sights...!

WHEN: This adventure launches on December 18th, spanning Christmas and New Years for 25 days. The aerial photographs will likely showcase a snowy Grand Canyon.

WHERE: One of the seven wonders of the world, seen from space and rumored to be one of those 'really memorable experiences'. We are practical, and won't fly the kite down major rapids or in tight spaces in the Grand Canyon. The goal is to map amazing areas of the Canyon that afford the opportunity to capture nature's splendors.

WHY:  Why not is a better question! Permits to float the Grand Canyon are few and far between. This project is an innovative way to capture sights unseen by almost everyone except Robby Knievel or birds soaring far above.

Beyond our use of the KAP Rig, we are interested in catalyzing creativity. A blog will showcase the photography, and it will also serve as a site for anyone to pitch new and intriguing ideas for the KAP Rig. Votes for wild ideas will be tallied, and the Kite Rig will be gifted to the most engaging project. It's that simple.

We can only imagine the possibilities of doing this - maybe someone will propose a harness for a wildebeest to tow the kite rig across the Serengeti to map migration routes. We want people to think bigger than the Grand Canyon and aspire to use this tool for amazing endeavors.


  • The wonderful Evan Smith provided the photos for the video. It is because of his generosity that this project has come to fruition!

    Thanks Evan!

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    How about a poem? For your generosity, we will ensure you are memorialized in an amazing Haiku for the photographic book below.

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    Postcards may seem lame, but when was the last time you sent one? Use this opportunity to do so, and you will be rewarded with a set of 10 photographic postcards from the KAP Rig.

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    Get Ready! You will be gifted a brilliant 11" x 17" fine art photo print, mounted on museum board, lasercut with topography of the Grand Canyon. Part puzzle, part art, entirely unique and amazing. A true heirloom.

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    A vividly detailed art book documenting the trials and tribulations of this endeavor in the Grand Canyon. The book will be laser etched with custom artwork. 10 Postcards will also be included (pre stamped - imagine that!).

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