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Power Laces- a cool piece of "Future Tech" that every kid of the 80s wanted, and can also improve the life of those with with motor disabilities.
Power Laces- a cool piece of "Future Tech" that every kid of the 80s wanted, and can also improve the life of those with with motor disabilities.
278 backers pledged $25,024 to help bring this project to life.


I have returned from Germany, having picked up a lot of information, and a bit of a cold. Though a bit under the weather I wanted to post an update.

Regarding the keychains that got chewed up by the USPS, I ordered some new, bubble padded envelopes and will send out the replacements this week for those that had contacted me or left comments here on Kickstarter.

If there's anyone else with damaged merch, just leave a comment here or send me a message and I'll send it out right away.

Just got the sample print for the shirts and this one is better, save one detail. Just in case, I'm insisting on seeing another sample with the update before I authorize the full run. It'll add a few more days but I want to avoid more issues later on.

Regarding the Germany business trip, it went really well. I met a great group of people who gave me tours of their operations and we talked, brainstormed, and met with investors and such.

Very productive, everyone seemed pleased with the new prototype and though there are a few hurdles to refining the design, they are not insurmountable. They have a lot of resources in place, including engineers and product designers, and experience with production and such.

I can't say too much more right now, but I hope to have a big update within a week or so.

Talk to you soon!


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    1. Blake Bevin Creator on December 20, 2010

      Hey Catherine, I resent yours on Thursday. If you don't receive it by next week let me know, and I'll use something more secure like FedEx.

    2. Catherine Morris on December 20, 2010

      hey Blake been away from conmputer for too long! Still ahvent received my Keyring :(

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Barrows on December 13, 2010

      Hi Blake, I was one of the 20 that pledged 200.00 or more and was just curious....does this: Be one of the First to receive Power Laces right off the assembly line (in Mens sizes 9-12 for the first manufacturing run)
      mean that I will be receiving one of the pairs of shoes when they are officially complete? The 200.00 already paid for my pair? Just checking.. ;) Also is there a place we can view the "new prototype" you mentioned in this latest update?

    4. Blake Bevin Creator on December 11, 2010

      Heya Sean, sorry about that! I'll be mailing out yours (and the others) on Monday!

    5. Sean Mc Bride on December 10, 2010

      Mine were also destroyed. Could you please resend mine, Blake? Thank you very much!

    6. Blake Bevin Creator on December 8, 2010

      Heya Adam, yeah, that's pretty crazy. Ordered some more stamps and envelopes on Monday, as soon as I get them in the next couple of days I'll start mailing them out again with a lot more protection this time!

    7. Missing avatar

      Adam T
      on December 8, 2010

      I also got half an envelope (return address almost completely gone) but I've already sent a message. The half-envelope had one slightly-torn sticker in it. Would they have delivered the envelope if it were empty? :-)

    8. Missing avatar

      David Byrne on December 8, 2010

      Hi Blake. Just received my sticker. The logo looks great, and putting it on the envelope was a nice touch. I'm glad you're doing this and showing the big guys that they can't innovate as well as the lone wolf!

    9. Blake Bevin Creator on December 8, 2010

      @Catherine K, let me know if you still don't have it Friday and I'll resend.

      @Jonathan Yup, I have your info and will resend this week!

      @Brad Sorry about that Brad, I will resend it!

    10. Vision on December 8, 2010

      Chiming in on the mail thing; I ended up with half an envelope and a torn sticker. I guess the sorting machine snacked on the keychain.

    11. Jonathan Ostrowsky on December 7, 2010

      Hi, Blake.Thanks for the updates - it's exciting to hear all the news. I didn't receive a keychain. Do you have my info? Many thanks!

    12. Catherine Morris on December 7, 2010

      Hey Blake I still Haven't received my key ring. maybe it was one of the chewed up ones too or maybe its taking a little longer to get over here. Cat Morris UK

    13. Blake Bevin Creator on December 7, 2010

      Apologies, Chad- it will be replaced soon!

    14. Missing avatar

      Chad Thomas on December 7, 2010

      Hey, sounds great, Chad Thomas here from bay city Michigan, I never did receive a key chain in the mail maybe I'm one that was destroyed, Thanks Chad

    15. Blake Bevin Creator on December 7, 2010

      Hey Randy- Norwalk, CT right? Yup, got your info. Thanks again!

    16. Randy on December 7, 2010

      Same here, let me know - thanks!

    17. Blake Bevin Creator on December 7, 2010

      Heya Crystal, yes, I have your info. Oceanside, CA, size Small, correct? As soon as I get the shirts back from the printer I will begin sending them out that day. Thanks for your patience!

    18. Crystal Taylor on December 7, 2010

      Hello! I'm not sure where I'm supposed to put in my address to get the stickers and tshirt....Sorry maybe I missed an email?