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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 13 2012
Bladepad, LLCBy Bladepad, LLC
First created
Bladepad, LLCBy Bladepad, LLC
First created
pledged of $55,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 13 2012

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    1. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      Thanks for the feedback, Roger. It will be difficult to reduce our MSRP without degrading the quality of our product, which we would not want to do. We realize that not everyone out there wants to pay for a premium product, but we hope to manufacture a device that is worthy of the Apple products it will be used with. In any case, we will keep your comments in mind as we move forward.

    2. Roger on

      I believe the reason why this project didnt get funded was the price of the unit and the lack of support from game developers. $99 retail is a bit steep seeing how you can get a PS3 controller, Xbox 360 Controller for $59. Maybe lower the cost of the unit and pledge goal. You could of got a OUYA from Kickstarters for $99 and that included a console and controller though I know that's not the MSRP once it gets released to public. Just my 2 cents

    3. Missing avatar

      Itouch4thgen on

      Bladepad, what are you going to do if the goal isn't reached?

    4. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      That's interesting to hear. Thanks for sharing that!

    5. TychoQuad on

      the toucharcade guys talked briefly on third party controllers in their latest podcast in the middle of yet another icade conversation. They even went so far as to mention there are approximately 4 iPhone controller projects on kickstarter at the moment and all of them use an incompatible app api.

      they see the icade as a stop-gap measure that came at just the right time before developers had properly figured out touchscreen controls and were still primarily trying to jam console style controls onto idevices and feel that touch controls in games have gotten good enough to the point where people arent as interested in these sorts of controls as they once were.

    6. Connor on

      I think part of the reason funding has slowed is because people think the bladepad won't be compatible with there idevice and don't want to upgrade to the latest version just to use the bladepad.
      I'm thinking it might be a good idea to inform people that compatibility with older idevices could be added if there was the demand for it.

    7. Roger on

      Well let me know cause I would still luv to buy one if your goal isn't reached on here! Maybe lower the goal amount? $55,000 seems a lot for a controller being made. But I know you got your costs and all so. Try putting it on Shark Tank than if Kickstarters doesn't come through LOL :-p

    8. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      @ John

      We've recently learned that there are some Kickstarter projects who actually lose quite a bit of money trying to advertise and get their product out there. We don't view losing money on our Kickstarter as a good business decision just so that we look good to everyone else, but we believe in our product and we will be exploring other possible opportunity if we do not reach our goal by a reasonable means.

    9. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      @ CK
      Thanks for the tips! We're working hard and looking into some marketing opportunities to breath some life back into this project as well!

    10. John Getty on

      What's the plan for this case if the goal is not reached? I'd certainly still like one.

    11. CK on

      I think a demo on playing the gamepad and stream over apple tv may help boosting the funding. Since it also works on iPad 3, perhaps a reward pledge for iPad as well.
      A comparison using touchscreen control and game pad control experience for some nice 3d game demo may help as well.

    12. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      Thanks Nike!

    13. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      @ Chris
      Thanks! As for the games, we think will enjoy what we plan to offer.

      And yes, if the project doesn't reach the goal, no money is taken and no one receives a product.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nike on

      Understandable, and probably well considered too. I agree landscape is the way to go :-) Continue the good work!

    15. Chris Anzalone on

      Questions for Bladepad.. If the project doesnt reach 55k, the project is scrapped and then no money is taken and no would receive the product because there isnt enough to fund it intially right? Or everyone who preoders gets one and then its scrapped?

    16. Chris Anzalone on

      I sincerely hope the project gets funded, and while I wont have an Iphone 5, I do have a Iphone 4s which I love. I hope gamepad supports especially all shooters, like N.O.V.A 3 and especially RPGs like Order and Chaos due to limited screenspace for abilities and such.

    17. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      @ Nike, Other Tom, & Roger

      It would be nearly impossible to design such a feature and keep the overall unit a reasonable thickness. I assume you are referring to a feature similar to the iCade mobile, which is great, but also makes for a non-pocketable unit. We will have to work with developers of such games to provide a landscape mode that activates when you select the Bladepad controls profile.

      Otherwise, you would have to detach the case and set it down in portrait mode in order to be able to play it, but many 'Warblade'-style games will still be very playable while attached to the gamepad and it is unlikely that a game developer would want to add support for a title like 'Temple Run' without making it a better user experience by adding a landscape mode. (Note: these games are only provided as examples)

    18. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      @ CK

      Our tests indicate that it will be approx. four hours of continuous play. Bluetooth smart devices are supposed to last longer, but when you are playing games, you typically are sending signals out the entire time you are playing. This is a small device and the battery that powers it can't be as large as self-contained devices with both an LCD and gamepad. These self-contained devices have more space internally and do not operate over Bluetooth, but the larger battery is consumed by additional components such as the LCD, graphics processor, etc. Thanks for your support!

    19. Roger on

      I third like to know about Nike question!

    20. Other Tom on

      I would like to know Nike question as well, because it seems either the slider won't be able to hold the weight or the slider would cover some of the buttons.

    21. Missing avatar

      Nike on

      If the game is only playable in 'upright' mode (not landscape), is there a way to adjust the slider so the iPhone is in a 90° angle?

    22. CK on

      @Bladepad, maybe I still don't get it about your last reply. Are you saying this controller has the same battery life as other controller with screen display?
      Isn't Bluetooth smart device can last a bit longer since it is using low energy and doesn't require any screen display?
      Anyway, really like your device compare to other design. Hope you can reach your goal.

    23. Other Tom on

      Have you guys talked to gamevil they make alot of games that some use virtual sticks for the iOS.

    24. Bladepad, LLC Creator on


      We reached out to touch arcade, but didn't hear anything back, which was pretty surprising to us. Any effort that you can make to send them a tip and tell them to check us out might help!! Thanks for the comment!

    25. Missing avatar

      Varyl on

      Of I might suggest getting ahold of the toucharcade.com people and getting them a demo unit to review, saw they posted news about your device in April, but some fresh news could do wonders, and that site is well respected among igamers.

    26. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      @ Roger, thanks for letting us know that there is interest in a conversion kit! It would be tough to just throw something together right now, but we will definitely take your feedback so we can develop a nice solution for iPad users in the future. (We don't want to create a reward that we know we will have a difficult time providing or that you won't be satisfied with, so we'd rather wait to we have the time a resources to develop a really well-thought out solution)

      Thanks for the compliments!

    27. Roger on

      Yeah but who wants to play with the slider on it if all they have is a iPad.

    28. Other Tom on

      On the video says it can be played with the ipad 3 because of the bluetooth 4.0.

    29. Roger on

      This is the best Gamepad I've seen by far. The quality looks like you guys really put some thought into making it and Bladepad looks exactly like a really good quality console controller! Apple has to be stupid not to buy you guys out. Hell there buying everything else out idk why not you guys :-p.

    30. Roger on

      Conversion kit meaning take the slider off and making a adapter to fill in the empty spot so that way they have a external controller feeling when playing on a iPad.

    31. Roger on

      May I suggest maybe to get even more users to buy have a conversion kit so you can play it in the iPad or something like that seeing has how this is for iOS first. Just a thought.

    32. Roger on

      Alright thanks a lot :-D

    33. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      Thanks again for backing us Roger! We really do appreciate it. We will have a one year warranty on defective units.

    34. Roger on

      This is my first Kickstarter that I've funded! Is there some kind of warranty on these if it stops functioning correctly done the line?

    35. CK on

      @Bladepad, I mean since those console have LCD screen, definitely it consumes more battery power. But for this controller, since it doesn't have any screen, shouldn't it have longer battery life, right?
      Do you have any test result of battery life on your current prototype?

    36. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      @ Roger

      Sorry for the delayed response. Things have been busy. If you like that case, then go ahead and buy it. That was just an example that we found and we have no intention of shipping that exact case. We are going to look into producing a custom case that fits Bladepad better, which will be more expensive and we will have to pay for shipping to US backers, so those are reasons for the extra cost. (We need to make sure that we don't lose money on it) Thanks!

    37. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      @ CK

      We haven't approach any app developers other than game developers, but it is possible to integrate with all types of apps.

      We compared the battery life with popular handheld consoles so to give people a good reference point. How often to you type on your Bluetooth keyboard for 4 hours straight?

    38. Roger on

      $11.85 is the price for the zipper case in the link you provided below but yet your charging us $25 hhmmmm. I can just order it myself on that website.

    39. Roger on

      What's the Zip-up carrying case looks like? Is it the one you provided a link for down below?

    40. Missing avatar

      Nike on

      @CK: *International Shipping Rates Apply: Please add $15 for shipping to Mexico or Canada and $20 for shipping anywhere else outside of the United States.*

    41. CK on

      Another question, why compare the battery life with vita and 3ds since this controller doesn't have screen and also using Bluetooth low energy? My Bluetooth keyboard can last very long even months on standby.

    42. CK on

      What is the international shipping charge for single controller?

    43. CK on

      Cool, I hope it can support some of the major titles such as shadowgun, street fighter, Dead trigger and so on, I find those games are hard to control via touchscreen. This will be good to play via apple tv without looking at the phone for directional control.
      Perhaps a demo on this can attract more backers.
      I think it looks cool if the ring is blue color instead of red. Of course I respect your design, just my 2 cents.
      Btw, besides controlling games, can it be used for other functions such as Siri triggering, camera trigger and other HID control?

    44. Missing avatar

      Laurik on

      @Roger Light Jr.

      You do realize Apple has nothing to do with developing the games, right? Apple just distributes them through the App Store, nothing else. They can't just say "We support all games to work with gamepads!" and make it happen, it's still up to each and every single developer to patch their game to work with the pad. And it's the exact same scenario with Android, it wouldn't magically be compatible with everything, it's up to the devs to make their games work with it.

    45. Roger on

      I'm not trying to down this project, I love it and all! But seeing as how Apple doesn't support universal game pads for all there iOS games it's gonna be really hard to get to $55,000 in that short time. You need at least 800 backers if they only pledge for $69. Yes granted if Apple did allow iOS games to run on game pads than yes it would be way passed the request pledge soon. It's just hard for people to dish out $69 + on a gamepad for just a couple of games it runs for. I don't want to use it as a paper weight once I'm tired of playing the same games that suppose the Bladepad. I'm a Apple Fanboy but for Apple not supporting 3rd parties I would of took a chance starting with Android phones! At least with Android it will work with all games.

    46. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      @ Jose

      What games do you want Bladepad to work with? Let us know some of your favorite games and we will reach out to the developers if we haven't contacted them already. We contacted major developers right when we started this project because we didn't even want to make Bladepad if it could work with the types of games that people would really want it to work with. The exact number of games is still under negotiation, but as we've already mentioned, expect support as if this were a popular console.

      As for emulators, our relationships with major game developers is very important to us and we wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize those partnerships. However, provided that they don't have a problem with support from emulators, we're all for it!

    47. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      @ Nike and @Roger

      Unfortunately making the slider removeable would make the whole thing really flimsy and it would likely break very easily. But, thanks to your feed back, we will take the idea of a stand alone gamepad into consideration once we have had a successful iPhone launch. Thanks for providing us with your thoughts.

    48. Bladepad, LLC Creator on

      @Nike we won't be able to support PC initially. We may be able to add support via an update to the firmware in the future, but our developers are very busy right now and won't have a chance to make that addition by our launch date.

      If the iPhone 5 is wider than the iPhone phone 4S, then yes our gamepad will match the iPhone 5's shape.

      Thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate it and we will be sure to contact Stainless Games about Carmaggedon! We'd also love to partner with Onlive, if they are ever able to get an iOS app approved. Great idea though!

    49. Missing avatar

      Nike on

      I won't be using it, but maybe try to integrate it in OnLive as well?
      Just a train of thought: Bladepad --> iPhone --> OnLive app --> Airplay = more backers? :-)

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