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Foreverendia: a new, wintery tragicomedy's video poster

When the whole town is covered in snow up to the chimneys, three children come together to found a new land: Foreverendia. Read more

Chicago, IL Theater
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This project was successfully funded on October 21, 2012.

When the whole town is covered in snow up to the chimneys, three children come together to found a new land: Foreverendia.

Chicago, IL Theater
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About this project

STRETCH GOAL - Help us hit $6,000!

If we reach our stretch goal, EVERY SINGLE BACKER will get a new reward: an awesome, limited run rendering of the set design! As someone who has seen the early sketches and knows what's coming, trust me - you're gonna want this!

Why do we need to get to $6,000?  To help us bring the set to life, and to make it as excellent as the design deserves to be! It will also help us up our game when it comes to promoting the show and putting butts in seats - after all, what is theater without an audience?  

The Black Ship Co. is getting ready for our second season, and we've got an excellent play selected to kick it off. We need your help to make it happen, and if our impassioned plea via video doesn't have you convinced, you can read on for some more info, and of course the details of the reward levels!

Foreverendia is a new play by playwright Brian Tuttle. It has had one production in Boston, and we're looking to bring it to life in Chicago this December.

But what is it about, you ask?

When a blizzard turns their neighborhood into a snowscape, three young adventurers climb out of their chimneys and create a new land; conceived in the Imagination and dedicated to the proposition that animals speak French (mostly). Come explore Foreverendia - just don’t let your imagination get the best of you!

Here's what some people who saw the first production had to say.

" of the most tender and thoughtful pieces I have seen in 2010."
- Shannon Rosa, Boston Theatre Review

"We need more plays like this."
- Kenny Steven Fuentes, Artistic Director, The CoLab Theater

Who are we? We're an itinerant new-play theater company in Chicago. We are devoted to bringing new plays, by many routes, and we try to do everything in our power to aid in the development of new works. Sometimes that means producing them as a part of our reading series, and sometimes that means giving them a full blown production. 

Like we have with Foreverendia, we take special care to consider works for second and third productions, as those are some of the toughest hurdles for a new play to clear in it's path to entering the contemporary canon. Even with many quality works, once the allure of the world premiere is gone, many new plays never find the stage again. We aim to set that right, as often as we're able to.

Jen Walker ............................ Bailey
Megan Captaine .................... Nim
Kalina "Kitten" McCreery ..... Allana
Christine Jacobs ................... Maureen
John Stiens ........................... Lawrence
Andrew Tardif ....................... Sir Babbles

Brian Tuttle .................... Playwright
Nicki Mazzocca .............. Director
Kathleen Henderson ...... Production Manager
Bridget Lachowsky ........ Stage Manager
Joe Klug ......................... Scenic Designer
Hunter Koerner .............. Lighting Designer
Janet Howe ................... Costume Designer
Sean Howlett ................ Photographer
Andrew Coil .................. Company Member
Mike Mazzocca ............. Company Member

Thanks for taking the time to check out our project! Even if you can't give, we'd really appreciate it if you'd take the time to share it with your friends & family via Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media you might be into! Every little bit helps.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch! You can leave a comment, or email us directly at

Risks and challenges

Of course with any live theater production, there's a number of inherent risks and challenges we'll face even after we've achieved funding. This Kickstarter is designed to give us enough juice to get going, but then it is going to be up to us to roll up our sleeves & make it happen. That said, we're not worried - we've got a track record of producing quality theater on a shoestring budget (, and we've done (and are still doing) a ton of prep work for the show. All we need to make it happen now is your support!

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    SERF >> We do more than just express our sincere gratitude for your help - we express it on Facebook, so it's official. We'll also post an awesome 'fact' about you that will make you sound really really good. If that wasn't enough, you'll also be listed as an official supporter in our programs, and those things are going to be pretty excellent.

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    SCULLERY MAID >> All the above, plus you'll get a signed poster for the show.

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    JUGGLER >> You'll get all the above, but you'll also get a ticket to any regular performance of your choosing, and a signed production still of your favorite character from the show.

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    STEWARD >> You'll get all of the above, except you'll get 2 tickets to any regular performance. You'll also get signed production still of each & every character!

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    Pledge $250 or more

    5 backers Limited (15 left of 20)

    SQUIRE >> All of the above, but your 2 tickets can be to the Opening Night. You'll also get a proper invite to the Opening Night party, which promises to be pretty excellent, and a prop from the show. These will vary, but could be anything from a fake snowball to a proper fighting pillow!

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    KNIGHT >> All the above, but you'll get 4 tickets to the Opening Night performance. Plus, we'll compose a ballad about YOUR adventures in Foreverendia & perform it live at the opening night party. After that, Lady Nim herself will perform the knighting ceremony, forever raising your station in Foreverendia.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

    0 backers Limited (3 left of 3)

    KING / QUEEN >> All of the above, but obviously you'll receive a coronation rather than a knighting. Your crown will be awesome (read: construction paper), and a special button will be created featuring your crest. This button will be distributed to ALL of the show's supporters so that they may pay proper fealty to you.

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