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Help Indy Comics publisher Blacklist Studios print their award winning series Robot 13 in a Trade Paperback & get awesome stuff!
Help Indy Comics publisher Blacklist Studios print their award winning series Robot 13 in a Trade Paperback & get awesome stuff!
314 backers pledged $9,630 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Morris Umali on

      Mine arrived today. Sydney, Australia

    2. edchuk

      Got this email in response to my still missing order:

      We will be making an announcement in a couple of days. We are not addressing individual orders at this time- it would take all day, every day to individually do that.


      Thomas Hall
      Blacklist Studios

      Sounds ominious.

    3. edchuk

      Still no product and still no word on delay. This is getting to be both irksome and tiring.

    4. edchuk

      I have not received my trade paperback or other items. Aware of issue with mini figures but no attempt to contact me about the delay has been made. Not the happiest of campers right now.

    5. Blacklist Studios LLC. Creator on

      Yep- that came out in 2010

    6. martynlesbirel on

      And it appears on phones before all the rewards are sent out?!…

    7. Tim Shadi on

      Any new updates?
      I'm located in NY and haven't gotten anything either.

    8. martynlesbirel on

      Still waiting for mine in the UK. :(

    9. Martin Bartlebooth on

      It took some time but my package finally arrived in Germany. It was very well packed - just as sgllama wrote - and therfore in perfect condition. I haven't had the time to read it, but I'm very proud to be part of this project. Well done and thanks a lot!

    10. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      My copy has arrived in the UK - it was very well packaged, which means that it is in lovely condition, thank you. Looking forwards to a quiet moment in which to enjoy reading it :-)

    11. Missing avatar

      evilsven on

      I received mine over the long weekend. Everything arrived in great condition.

    12. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      Just wanted you guys to know that I got my rewards and I'm thoroughly pleased with them. Thanks very much!

    13. Ian Christy on

      Received my shirt, buttons, trade and signed issue today, and everything looks great! Thanks for packing the contents so well, and just love the shirt design. Ace buttons, a couple will be going on my 2.5 year old's jacket, and he has very discerning tastes!

      Congrats on the funding and here's hoping for a second volume!


    14. Lawrence Cooper on

      Is everyone else getting the impression we have been stiffed

    15. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      Nothing has arrived here either.

    16. Kevin Pass on

      Still haven't received anything yet. Is there ever going to be an update?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      I haven't received my package yet either... An update would be appreciated!

    18. The Moomin on

      No updates forthcoming for those that still haven't recieved their packages? Very disappointed to see that comments made a fortnight ago about this haven't been addressed.

    19. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      When can we a update for does who have not gotten our packages?

    20. Missing avatar

      Doug Nolan on

      Were you unprepared for the fact that 300 people wished to preorder your work? or is it that you two just don't care? It is truly disappointing that we can all find this in our own comic shops months before receiving even a simple trade, or update. To have missed the estimated delivery date (even with some delays) by at minimum 7 months, while ensuring Diamond have their copies is a slap in the face to the people who have supported first.

    21. Missing avatar

      Julia and Mike on

      I just saw the trade paperback at my local comic shop so I'm glad it worked out... but I still haven't seen any of my goodies. Any chance of an update for those that haven't received yet?

    22. Missing avatar

      Brandon on

      Still haven't received my package and there hasn't been a single update for months. Kinda sucks.

    23. John Idlor

      Got my package today.

    24. Tom Mathias on

      Just got mine today, very stoked!

    25. Matt Fitzwater on

      Arrived today; thanks, guys! Looking forward to volume 2.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ahmed Aziz on

      I received all my items today; and, they look astounding. Quite Excellent. Thank you.
      Credit where it's due.

    27. Michael Clezie on

      Received everything today. All the items look great!!! Thanks for everything and look forward to the next project.................:)

    28. Jamison Dion on

      Sure would love to know where my book and figures are. :(

    29. Dziugas Matulevicius on

      Hi, would really love an update, if possible. Are packages still in the process of going out? I would simply like to know at what point I should become worried if I don't receive anything.

    30. Missing avatar

      Alan Voss on

      Got my packet today, Sat the 8th. Took a long time, but very, very awesome!!! Thanks guys!! Alan

    31. Lawrence Cooper on

      Katie - Change of Address form!

    32. Missing avatar

      Katie on

      I thought the items would be delivered sooner than this, so now I have a problem. I've literally just moved house, but the things are being sent to my old house. Any suggestions?

    33. Missing avatar

      Ahmed Aziz on

      You do try a person's patience. I now remember why I stopped looking for Robot 13 and King.
      Stumbled on to this kickstarter and thought I try to support the effort one more time.
      Not gonna happen again. Just keep the trade and tee. Skip it all together. Disappointing ... again

    34. Matt Menefee on

      Any updates on when the books are being shipped out?

    35. Brian Willis on

      How about an update guys? Projected delivery date was May 2012...

    36. Missing avatar

      TBolt on

      still nothing? Goal was met on March 13th.

    37. Terral Walters on

      Any updates or news?

    38. Jeremy Spurlock on

      Any word on the books?

    39. Martin Bartlebooth on

      A few years back I came across this comic and loved it from the first panel. Great story, great style. I even met the two guys at Big Apple Comic Con in 2009 and they are great. I can highly remommand this project and I guess 13$ is a fair enough price. (Even shipped internationally is okay - I'm from Germany and 18$ shipped is cool.)

      Good luck!

    40. Kelly aka MrMinos on

      I'm so very excited for you guys! You've worked hard to build Robo13 and t his project needs to go further! :)

    41. Missing avatar

      William Zeiders on

      This is one of the best comics out there. I seriously can't wait for the trade and the next chapter!

    42. Missing avatar

      malifer on

      This looks pretty great.

    43. Missing avatar

      DZ on


    44. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.