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1-4 player cooperative miniatures board game inspired by classic fighting video games, designed by Adam and Brady Sadler.
1-4 player cooperative miniatures board game inspired by classic fighting video games, designed by Adam and Brady Sadler.
1-4 player cooperative miniatures board game inspired by classic fighting video games, designed by Adam and Brady Sadler.
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Level 58: Homeward Bound


Global Gladiators! Since our last update many of our International friends have been receiving their tracking numbers and games. We're excited to see more and more posts of backers playing Street Masters and hearing how your epic battles against The Kingdom went. Be sure to post any links to pics of your games, paints, or just tell everyone your first and second impressions :) For International backers who have not received anything, Blackbox has confirmed they are on track to complete shipping by the end of day Friday (our time). Based on their progress so far, there's nothing to prevent us from thinking they won't, but we'll keep you posted otherwise. We haven't heard of anyone in the US who hasn't received their tracking numbers or games yet, but if you do fall under this category, please contact us via our Kickstarter Inbox and we'll see where it's at. 

Canadian Backers 

Earlier this week, we were very surprised/shocked to hear that Blackbox decided to ship from their EU/UK hub rather than from their CAN or US hub. Our assumption was that if in an event they came from the US, Blackbox would invoice us on any duty fees so you could receive your package smoothly. Unfortunately, because of it oddly coming from EU/UK, we heard from backers that FedEx suggests you pay VAT before being able to claim your package. We've since contacted Blackbox and they are looking into why this happened, but more importantly, are going to give us a solution ASAP as to how to proceed. Currently, they are seeing if it's not too late for them to get charged for VAT to release your packages, then invoice us separately. That would save time and would be an immediate solution if they can pull it off. If not, we have discussed 2 other options which would either require sending it back to the shipper (Blackbox) and have them resend it, or have backers pay for it first, send photos of the receipt then we would reimburse you via PayPal. BUT.... please do not do either of that now until we receive final confirmation from Blackbox what the best procedure will be. We'll let you know as soon as we get the info straight from the source. 

Miss the campaign or add-ons? 

For anyone who missed the campaign or missed the chance to add something, we will be starting up a mailing list for this to consolidate those interested. While we're getting a database together and awaiting fulfillment to finish, so that we can tally up all of our remaining inventory, send us a message to if you would like to be notified when we have something ready for you. As well, we are planning for something in the near future for Street Masters for both backers who already have some or everything and for those who want to become a Global Gladiators for the first time. More on that in future updates! 

Level 57: Now Global, Gladiators


Global Gladiators! As more and more backers are receiving games, we're really happy to hear that you've been enjoying the minis, art, and more importantly the gameplay! We look forward to seeing the cool photos/videos you submit for the Street Masters Unleashed event (you can find more info on our Facebook or Website if you missed it in the last update).

For some exciting news for our international backers, we have an update from Blackbox that all the issues with the missing container has been taken care of. Everything is now checked in, sorted, packed, and currently being primed and ready to send out. They said that starting the first thing next week, they will begin sending out all international packages, so expect tracking numbers that may or may not be caught in your spam/junk e-mail folder (with the exception of certain regions with restrictions to tracking). Canadian orders will also start back up simultaneously if not sometime today.

A really big round of applause goes to Blackbox for identifying the issue early on, and rather than trying to temporarily sweep it under the carpet and not tell us, they got in front of it and stopped what they were doing to focus on finding us the quickest solution so we wouldn't have suffer mismanaged packages or incomplete orders. They are the real MVPs!

Any US backers missing tracking numbers?

A few of you have reached out to us about missing tracking numbers after already checking your spam/junk emails for the email from Blackbox. What we've been doing is grouping all tracking number requests together and sending them to Blackbox to have them check. If you want to directly inquire after exhausting all options or if you have any other issues arise, you can send a message to them here:

Keep in mind that they are pretty swamped trying to get orders out so if we can help you with something, we'd rather you first give us a try (we promise we won't go into Oni mode or anything!)

We'll continue to monitor fulfillment, give you updates and be here for you for whatever you need. Meanwhile, if you're excited about your game session or want to show off Street Masters, we'd love to hear/see it! As well, if you have any gameplay questions or want to chat up some Street Masters, Adam and Brady frequent these comment sections, BGG, and Facebook.

Level 56: The Journey Begins!


Global Gladiators! Many of you in the US have already begun receiving your games and some have already been facing off against The Kingdom. Special thanks for those who've been keeping us all up to date with unboxings, gameplay recaps, and photos! One thing to note is that we've heard that many tracking number e-mails from Blackbox are going to Spam/Junk mail folders so if you are in the US/CAN and have not received your tracking yet, please check there first. Then you can shake your fist at Kemono or contact us for assistance (the later probably being more helpful.)

For those in the rest of the world, we had a meeting with our fulfillment company today and though everything has been sorted at Blackbox, they found some discrepancies with the quantity of the inventory. They ended up being short large quantities of units from each of the 10 SKUs the factory palletized for the freight forwarder to send to them. Our inner Governor Max almost came out in our meeting but..... the good news is that after scrambling to find our lost inventory (after confirming that the factory did indeed send the correct amount) they located the missing items. I stress that this was no fault of Blackbox. 

Apparently what happened was that all of our international products were consolidated accidentally at the port and sent to UK/EU instead of different "Rest of the world" hubs. Because of that, the number was different and somehow someone thought a great fix for this was to satisfy EU/UK inventory into one truck and the remaining ones (that should have gone to a different hub) into another truck. Blackbox was notified and expecting that after the freight forwarding error, they would just receive all international inventory in one fell swoop and just send them all out from there. Unfortunately they only got partial items, namely the first container. Blackbox felt something was off and because of this confusion, they stopped the process for recounts. After a few days of back and forth, they found the container and is having it trucked back to them urgently. I will receive an ETA from them tomorrow. I asked if maybe they can start shipping out the games first to as many backers as possible but unfortunately, the stretch goal boxes and Legend of Oni are on that nomadic container.

Once we get an ETA tomorrow, we will immediately post another update so that you will know when you can expect your games. I'm not sure what could have been done differently on our part or our fulfillment partner since this was a case of someone at the ports dropping the ball. But, what we will do is ensure that container gets to Blackbox quickly so that they can efficiently send everything out to you. (I think I'm going to blame Mr. Apple for this. He was last seen at the docks).

Show your Spoils

For those who have received your games or are about to, visit the Street Masters Fanpage or Our Website for a chance to participate in something exciting. We have it split up into 2 parts, one for US/CAN and one for Rest of the World in order for everyone to have a chance to be a part of something pretty exciting as soon as you receive and open your games! 

(Special thanks to Scottie Mick who reached out to us to arrange this event for all of our backers).

We're looking forward to the next update and hearing how your play sessions have been. Who is your favorite characters? Which moves won you battle against The Kingdom? What was your favorite stage? The Jackal is taking notes.

Level 55: Bringing the fight to you!


Global Gladiators! Getting back to back updates just 24 hours apart means that either we've sent The Kingdom cowering in fear or...... shipping has officially begun! From Blackbox late this afternoon, the US hub have just completed sorting, picking and packing, boxing, and are starting to print labels to send off your games. They said that tomorrow they will start the shipping phase and by the end of next week, all US shipping should be complete (they estimate a bit longer duration in case of unforeseen delays).

Blackbox Hubs
Blackbox Hubs


Rest of the world hubs are being sorted, picked and packed at this moment so once they complete it, shipping will not be far behind. I should hear another status report tomorrow or the day after about their progress.


Yes! Blackbox said that all US, CAN, UK/EU, and most of the rest of the world will receive them unless the carrier in your country has specific restrictions that prevent them for these particular items.


Blackbox has been extremely kind to us, offering their customer service support during the duration of shipping. If you run into any issues during the shipping process, you can contact them here:

Keep in mind that their goal is to get your games to you quickly and safely so daily e-mails to them outside of an emergency will probably slow down the entire process. I mean, they probably get enough e-mails from us as is!

As we enter the shipping phase around the world, we'll keep updating you on news as we receive them. Don't be shy to let us and fellow backers know once you receive your games and of course, what you think of Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom!

Level 54: Picking and Packing


Global Gladiators! We just received word from Blackbox that they are almost done with picking and packing, then will follow with making labels and distributing tracking numbers. I’ll keep you posted as we’ve been requesting ETAs daily. Per their last correspondence this morning, they are ramping into shipping, not just in the US but worldwide. This week should continue to have more great news as we anxiously await word that tracking numbers and packages have been sent out.

Brook City Launches

As some of you have seen or heard, today we’ve proudly launchd our Brook City kickstarter!

Only after very positive news from Blackbox in our last update and confirmation yesterday/today that shipping would begin shortly, we decided it would be ok to finally launch. This enables us to coincide with our deadlines for the reviewers and ad rotations for Brook City since we already pushed back the campaign launch date a couple times to ensure that Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom made it safely to Blackbox (our fulfillment company). If we felt there was something on our end holding things up (like production, manufacturing or development) we would make sure our responsibilities were completely finished before launching a new campaign. Since all we're doing is waiting as well (and we're at the finish line), we felt it would be a compromise to launch today.

This also gives you the chance to experience Street Masters during our Brook City campaign and check out its component quality and gameplay to see if Brook City will be worth you keeping your Brook City pledge. We’re excited to hear what you think about Street Masters and will continue to pester our friends at Blackbox daily, up until they let us know that all shipments went out.

Brook City is a cooperative miniatures board game of blockbuster action for 1–4 cops. Taking on the roles of heroic cops inspired by classic action movie stars, players take their cop decks up against sinister criminal decks and cryptic case decks. Gameplay focuses on a sprawling game board depicting the mean streets of Brook City. Players must use their chosen cop's unique deck to race across the city—both on foot and behind the wheel—busting up their chosen criminal's machinations while simultaneously piecing together the clues to the chosen case.

Brook City thrusts players into a world of big budget Hollywood action, where they can take down dangerous criminals, bust crimes with custom dice, commandeer a variety of vehicles, and solve complex cases inspired by classic cop stories.

Brook City utilizes Adam and Brady Sadler's "Modular Deck System (MDS)," which they introduced in Street Masters. The MDS focuses on quick setup and elegant, card-driven gameplay, while allowing players to customize their game experience by mixing and matching fixed decks to create truly unique match-ups.

The game features 69 highly detailed Miniature Figures; 6 Unique Cop Decks; Criminal Decks; Lead Decks; Case Decks; Vehicle Cards; 6 Custom Action Dice; Tokens; and a detailed fold-out map tile depicting milestone locations of the Brook City. Brook City offers great price points and exclusives for backers and retailers worldwide.