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1-4 player cooperative miniatures board game inspired by classic fighting video games, designed by Adam and Brady Sadler.
1-4 player cooperative miniatures board game inspired by classic fighting video games, designed by Adam and Brady Sadler.
1,249 backers pledged $156,929 to help bring this project to life.

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Level 63: Aftershock!

Posted by Blacklist Games (Creator)

Global Gladiators... We are LIVE! Street Masters: Aftershock is now on Kickstarter, but what does that mean for you?



With this campaign we’re offering new and exciting things for backers who have everything from this campaign such as:

  • 4 New Fighters
  • 2 New Enemy Factions
  • 4 New Stages
  • New Enemy Showdown Cards
  • New Mission Cards
  • More Loot Cards
  • New Story Decks
  • Exclusive "Essence of Evil" Expansion (A continuation of the "Legend of Oni")
  • Limited Edition Collector's Box to hold all of Street Masters


  • It fits all Sleeved cards, tokens, dice, snap-on bases, and maptiles from all sets and expansions INCLUDING content from this campaign and room for future growth. (Note: If you baggie your minis by faction, all of your minis can fit in the box with room to spare. But if you paint them, you might want a separate solution for the minis.)
  • Plastic Dividers for all Fighters, Enemies, Stages, etc!
  • Modular trays you can remove to store your tokens and components to make setup and takedown more efficient and easy.
  • Fits in the popular KALLAX shelf with room to spare, reducing your shelf space for all expansions from the first campaign dramatically.
  • This box is a Limited Edition Collector's Box so it will not go into mass retail.


Since our first Street Masters campaign, we found some cards that could use some updated text or tweaks to make the wording more streamlined. There were some cards that also benefit from minor edits to make them slightly easier to use. There's not a lot but we felt that since we wanted you to have the best version possible, we are offering these to you. Just go to our Aftershock Campaign and pledge $1.

  • If I'm interested in the Street Masters core game and expansion, is this upgrade pack also included? Since the goal of the Aftershock campaign is to reprint Street Masters, Twin Tiger, and the Redemption pack for mass retail (we ran out of inventory already), we will update all cards during the reprint so you will get them in your game automatically.
  • What do I do with the Upgrade Pack if I already have Street Masters stuff from this first campaign? Just replace the cards from your original content with the cards in the Upgrade Pack and that's it.
  • Does the Upgrade Pack come with the Aftershock Tier or do I have to get it separately as an Add-on? We'll actually include it automatically with every Aftershock Tier, packaged with the Stretch Goals. So basically, any tier you back in the Aftershock campaign will include the Upgrade Pack!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Although in this campaign our intention for the for Project X, Darius, and Mary Ann miniatures was to upgrade the tokens for anyone who bought the Redemption Pack or Twin Tiger expansion (which their rival/ally cards are in), we realize that our initial wording wasn't on point and it caused a lot of confusion so that it looked like those minis were missing their rival/ally cards. Because of this, we're including the Ally/Rival cards for Project X, Darius, and Marry Ann in the Upgrade Packs as well.


Miss out on this first campaign or need to add something but our online store sold out? You can get everything we offered during this campaign in our Aftershock campaign as well, including tiers, expansions, add-ons, and even the unlocked stretch goals. This limited run of the first campaign exclusives will be the last time we're printing them since they will not be in mass retail. So if you missed out once already, here's your chance to snag them!

QA Replacement Parts

We're still going through all of them but we are happy to inform you that we are on the last group in our queue. So if you're still waiting on yours, you should be getting some notification that they're on their way in the next couple of weeks. Because our first campaign was such a short production run, the factory didn't provide us with a lot of QA parts. So we've been salvaging them by opening our own reserve game copies to ensure everyone gets taken care of. Thanks for your patience!


Still an ongoing process but we are making progress! Our translators are extremely passionate about Street Masters and are doing what they can to get them done. They all have full-time jobs and are doing these digital translations as a side-project whenever they can, so things have been going as quick as they're able to. We're really excited about the work we've seen so far and will update you as soon as we get the new translated material in. Meanwhile, we do have Italian and Portuguese currently available!


Exclusive Expansion included in the Aftershock Tiers
Exclusive Expansion included in the Aftershock Tiers

Level 62: Online Store, Translations and GenCon!

Posted by Blacklist Games (Creator)

Global Gladiators! A few great updates going around today. New intel from the Citadel has forced The Kingdom on the run. Why? Well that’s because…

Our Online store is now open!

That’s right, if you visit us on our newly revampled Blacklist Games Website you'll see our new Online Store page and have access to our very remaining inventory from our Street Masters Kickstarter campaign. Be aware that whatever left in our inventory is extremely limited and might be sold out quickly.

But if you miss it, don't worry! On October 23rd, we will be launching Street Masters: Aftershock and you will have one last chance to get all the exclusives, extras and games from our first Street Masters campaign, plus for those of you who have all of the original content, the campaign will offer New Fighters, New Stages, New Enemies and something really special.

Beyond the online store, we want our website to be the go-to for great information of all of our current and upcoming games, constantly being updated for you, our backers and fans. As we continue to modify it, expect a consolidation of reviews, stories, news, and possibly some fun things that expand our Blacklist Games universe!

Italian and Portuguese Translations Available!

Rather than waiting for all translated digital files to be completed, we’re proudly releasing Italian (translated by: Max Fraulini) and Portuguese (translated by: Ricardo Jesus). Please give them a round of applause for their hard work and dedication in helping Street Masters extend its reach to their parts of the world. As we get more translations finalized, we’ll be posting them in future updates! In the queue are Spanish, French, German, and Korean.

GenCon 2018

Scottie, Brady, and Adam rocking the Blacklist Games booth!
Scottie, Brady, and Adam rocking the Blacklist Games booth!


GenCon 2018 has come and gone, and what a ride it was! During its 4 jam-packed days, we demoed Street Masters and previewed Brook City non-stop, from opening to closing, creating new fans and friends along the way! We even got to meet many of our fellow backers, which was the highlight of the convention for us. It was great being able to put faces to many of the names we’d been interacting with in the comments section for so long! We loved being able to hang out, getting to know each and every one of you and your families! It was also heartwarming to hear how much you loved Street Masters, and how much you were looking forward to Brook City! It reminded us how great Blacklist Games’ fans truly are, and it further encouraged us to keep creating exciting new games for you.


The Sadlers running one of the MANY demos that took place during GenCon!
The Sadlers running one of the MANY demos that took place during GenCon!


Of course, another of our favorite GenCon memories are from the Oni Kyoryu Unchained event! Many of you came by to try your hand at defeating the punishing new Oni Kyoryu enemy deck, featuring Kyoryu having a really bad day, and the unforgiving new Reigning in the Rain stage deck, which takes place on The Ceremony tile… during an unnaturally brutal lightning storm!


Some of our Oni Kyoru Unchained participants trying their luck!
Some of our Oni Kyoru Unchained participants trying their luck!


We ran multiple events throughout the four days, and each saw a team of two fighters trying to best the hardest challenge the Sadlers had created for Street Masters to date! The players could choose any of the 6 core Global Gladiators … except Kyoryu! This led to some dilemmas for a few veterans, who had come to accept the Storm Caller as their favorite! Eventually players made their choices and the game was on!

We saw a team featuring Gabriel and Megan jump into the ring … only to be knocked out by round 3! Another duo tried to run a Brandon/Gabriel combo, but didn’t fare much better. Another brave fighter went into it on his own, wielding Megan and her feet of fury! He made it further than most other competitors, but even he couldn’t withstand the might of a darkness-infused Kyoryu. Many others came and fell … but only one team, made up of the unlikely duo of Ying Hua and Natalia, managed to overcome this ultimate challenge and defeat Oni Kyoryu!


The only team to survive the Oni Kyoryu Unchained event!
The only team to survive the Oni Kyoryu Unchained event!


Brady was quite sad to see someone defeated his ultimate challenge!
Brady was quite sad to see someone defeated his ultimate challenge!


Of course, regardless of the outcome, we couldn’t let such brave attempts go unrewarded! Every participant took home a copy of the Oni Kyoryu enemy deck, and the Reigning in the Rain stage deck. Needless to say, Brady and Adam will be taking the lessons learned during the event to make these two new decks even more difficult for their official debut during the Aftershock campaign in October. 

Until then, keep practicing at home with your favorite fighters! You’ll need to master all their moves if you hope to defeat what’s coming!

Level 61: GenCon Debut

Posted by Blacklist Games (Creator)

Global Gladiators, after having survived San Diego Comic Con, this year is our first year exhibiting at GenCon! For those of you attending, please visit us in the Entrepreneurs' Avenue Section of the hall at Booth#2907. Being our "soft" debut, we'll only have a limited number of items for sale, not surprisingly a limited number of Street Masters inventory, expansions and our remaining Kickstarter bundles. Adam, Brady and Scottie Mick will be demoing Street Masters and giving some insight of what's to come! 

Face Your Fear at Booth#2907!

Since Street Masters is the main focus at our booth, we wanted to do something exciting to commemorate our first year at GenCon.


That's right, attendees can stop by our booth and sign up for this special event. We'll have one event each of the 4 days, in the afternoon where you will go up against something brutal that Adam and Brady have been working on to tease the upcoming Aftershock. Once the slots for the day have been filled, you can still sign up for the next day. Let's see if your training so far has paid off, because this is one fight that will take everything you've got to win. But if you do, believe me... it'll be worth it.

For those not attending Gencon, we'll make sure to give you a play by play and update you on new reveals!


After our return from GenCon, we will be uploading all the translated files that week online for you to download. We are still waiting on a couple of languages to finish, but we'll make sure to upload what we have so you can begin to share your Street Masters experience with those around the world.

Mr. Apple Put In Charge?

Our kickstarter emails have backed up due to the recent shows and preparation for them. Once back from GenCon we will once again begin shipping out the remaining replacement pieces. Some of our friends have sent us numerous emails about the same issue, and rest assured that if it was sent to our Kickstarter messages, we received them and will update you as soon as they are sent out. We hope to get all of them out the door within the 2 weeks after our return.

For the few international backers who are still missing games, we are on it. I do know that we had found alternate solutions for you and have sent them out for pickup. We'll update you after GenCon and push even harder to ensure they get to you more diligently.

Canadian Backers

For those who have shipping charge refunds after our last payment submission, please make sure that you have e-mailed with a photo of the paid invoice as well as your PayPal e-mail, so that we can reimburse you. 

Those who wanted their reimbursement as credit towards the Brook City Pledgemanager, you might not see them applied yet. Rest assured, we will manually enter your credits right after GenCon or sooner. 

Ok, it's 4:00am in Indianapolis and we need to be at the Gencon booth at 7:30am. For those attending, we'd love to see you there and say thank you in person. As well, you can pick up some expansions, games, or add-ons you missed from the campaign while supplies last. Those who can't make it, don't worry. We've put aside the rest of our inventory to offer you when we finalize our temporary online store upon our return. And of course, when those run out we'll give everyone one last chance to get them (and more awesome and exciting things) during ......

Level 60: So Much Info!

Posted by Blacklist Games (Creator)

Global Gladiators! We have some updates on a few ongoing topics. It's been really exciting seeing many of you talking about your gameplay experience and showing off end game scenarios and some awesome paint work! Be sure to continue sharing and bringing even more life to the Street Masters universe.


Our translators have worked really hard on these and we're almost ready to release them to you for download. Currently Italian and Portuguese are complete, French and Spanish are waiting on us to get back to them to finalize, and German and Korean are still in the works. It's been exciting to see this progress and we are looking forward to doing the same for all of our future games. 

Canadian Backers

Great news! Our Canadian friends should have already received PayPal reimbursement for the FedEx charges or a confirmation for any special requests we're honoring. For those who have not received reimbursement yet, please make sure you had e-mailed us your PayPal address or else we could not process it. For the two backers who are not able to use PayPal nor would like credit towards games items, we are waiting to hear back on a secondary solution for you. We'll get back to you in a couple of days with instructions for you.

Replacement Parts 

It's been slow, like SUPER slow I know. As some of you have already inquired, our QA parts are handled in-house as a one-person show. Blackbox isn't able to help us with these so there's literally only one of us who is doing it by their lonesome. We're trying to put together as many as we can during the week, then send them out on Saturdays. Because of the limited QA pieces we were given by the factory, some of the requests require us to open brand new inventory boxes for 1 part so we're trying to sort through to see how we can maximize the utilization of these parts. That means we're only able to get to a chunk in at a time so please continue to have even more patience with us during this process as we'll make sure to get to all of you as soon as possible.

Street Masters Unleashed Reminder

From the Street Masters Fan Page on Facebook: We’re seeking some amazing gameplay photos and videos in order to help spread the word that Street Masters is now unleashed upon the world! What that means is that you’ll be competing in two different categories:

“Best Photo”: Take a fun photo of you and your friends playing the game, or take an artistic shot of the game components in action! We want some awe-inspiring pictures! 

“Best Gameplay Video”: Record yourself playing the game with friends, or solo! We aren’t looking for long-winded setup or how-to play videos; just jump straight into the action! Of course, you can explain rules for the audience at home as you play! Oh, and a full playthrough is preferable, but not mandatory!

A winner will be chosen for each category! Yes, that means that 2 lucky participants are going to win the grand prize!

Wait, what IS the grand prize exactly? Well, how about the chance to be A CHARACTER IN STREET MASTERS? That’s right! If you’re one of the two winners, you will work with Adam, Brady and Blacklist Games to create:

  • 1 custom Ally/Rival card, featuring original art depicting YOU as a character - matching tokens so you can use your character in-game

Think you’ve got what it takes? To enter, you’ll need a Board Game Geek (BGG) account (and a YouTube or Vimeo account if you want to submit a video). Then, follow these easy steps:

1- Upload your photos to the Street Masters page on BGG (…/street-masters-rise-king…/images); make sure the image tags contain “Street Masters Unleashed” 

2- Add your video to the Street Masters page on BGG (…/street-masters-rise-…/videos/all); make sure the video tags contain “Street Masters Unleashed” 

3- Using the same email address you used to back Street Masters on Kickstarter, send an email to with the subject line “SM Unleashed Contest entry" containing the following:

  • Links to a maximum of 2 of your BGG photos you’d like to submit as entries
  • Link to a maximum of 1 of your BGG videos you’d like to submit as an entry

Note that emails with links to more than 2 photos and 1 video will be asked to resubmit following the rules. Also please remember that additions to BGG can take up to 24 hours to appear, so give yourself plenty of time to add them!

Street Masters Unleashed closes Saturday, June 30th, 11:59PM EDT. Should give everyone enough time to receive their pledges and shoot something! Please read the Contest Rules below for extra details, and post any questions here! Good luck, gladiators!

(Street Masters Unleashed hosted by Scottie Mick via the Street Masters Fan Page)

Looking for Street Masters?

For anyone you know who are kicking themselves for not backing our campaign, we have a few solutions for them that we're working on now.

Limited Online Store: We tallied up our very limited remaining inventory for the campaign and will have items available on a temporary online store. We'll post a link once it's ready but essentially it's the same offering as the items from our Street Masters Kickstarter.

GenCon 2018: Yes! We will be at GenCon this year. Our booth number is 2907 and we'll be by one of the two entrances to Exhibit Hall F. At GenCon we've reserved to bring whatever we have left of our initial Street Masters inventory. We'll have Street Masters and Brook City available for demo and for veteran Street Masters players who are attending, we'll have daily events you can attend that will give you an exciting NEW challenge you won't forget! (But more on that later).

Aftershock: Rumors are flying around about some form of Street Masters Kickstarter coming after the production of Brook City. While not an official update to get into the details of what to expect, because of the high demand and exciting exposure we've been getting, one of the main purposes of Aftershock is to create more inventory for mass retail distribution. Because of this, anyone who missed our previous campaign will have a second chance to get in on it and help unlock new stretch goals. Those of you who already have everything and are looking for ways to expand your game, Aftershock will have this and more (we've been listening to your wants and needs!) Keep an eye out for more spoilers as we get closer to the launch.

Press Coverage

Street Masters has been hitting the tabletop industry hard with all 4 of Kemono's fists. Check out some of the great press we've been fortunate enough to have recently:

And for anyone who missed Brady at Origins (2:23:16):

Fulfillment Complete

Per Blackbox, with the exception of those who have contacted us, all shipments have been fulfilled. If yours have not, and you have not already contacted us, please send us a Kickstarter message immediately and we'll see what we can do to get you your games. For those who Blackbox are investigating solutions for, we are working closely with them this week and next to take care of you so you can start playing soon!

Got Gameplay Questions?

In addition to our Kickstarter comments section, if you have any questions on cards of errata, Board Game Geek is a wealth of knowledge and support from Adam, Brady, ourselves and our backers. As well, if you're a facebook person, subscribe to the Street Masters Fan Page and you'll be able to connect with other Global Gladiators where you can share your stories, get tips against bosses or stages, ask questions or see some really amazing posts!

Looking forward to hear how you take down The Kingdom!

Level 59: Canadian Shuffle

Posted by Blacklist Games (Creator)

Global Gladiators! This message is specifically geared towards our Canadian friends. While Blackbox is still trying to provide a solution for us this week, some of you received notice about your games already arriving and are anxious to start beating down The Kingdom. Though we'd like to see what solutions Blackbox has for us, we completely understand the urgency of this and would like to give you an alternative option.

If you would like to pay for your duty fees now to have customs release your games, go ahead and do so and e-mail a copy of your receipt or documentation to and we will reimburse you personally for it, hopefully settling things with Blackbox on our end as well. Keep in mind that we can only reimburse you through PayPal so if you do not have the ability to receive funds that way or if you prefer to see what Blackbox is planning on doing, you can wait along with us to see what the next steps are.

The third option is if you want to pay the duty fees and use what we would reimburse you as credit towards more Street Masters items that you missed pledging for, or future game campaigns we run. Just let us know and we will accommodate you in the way that makes getting your Street Masters pledge a better transition.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work with Blackbox to fix this issue.

Not from Canada but have shipping concerns?

Just message us via Kickstarter message and we'll look into it with Blackbox. We speak with them daily and will make sure to bring up your questions or concerns during our meetings with them.

Quality Assurance (QA) Pieces

We've just finished going through our QA inventory and for those who have contacted us about them, it looks like we'll be sending them to you near the end of this week. 

Don't forget about the contest!

For those who have received your games or are about to, visit the Street Masters Fanpage or Our Website for a chance to participate in something exciting as soon as you receive and open them!

(Special thanks to Scottie Mick who reached out to us to arrange this event for all of our backers).

We're looking forward to hearing how your play sessions have been. Who are your favorite characters? Which moves won you battle against The Kingdom? What was your favorite stage? The Jackal is taking notes.