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An expansion to Street Masters, the cooperative minis board game for 1-4 players, designed by Adam and Brady Sadler!
An expansion to Street Masters, the cooperative minis board game for 1-4 players, designed by Adam and Brady Sadler!
2,946 backers pledged $422,647 to help bring this project to life.

You Asked for It. You Got It!

Posted by Scottie Mick (Collaborator)

Global Gladiators. What. A. Day. You unlocked four new stretch goals! And we aren't slowing down! You guys are awesome! We're totally gobsmacked over here.

With so much content unlocked, we need to celebrate. How? Well, read on ...

Soul of the Cherry Blossom Story Deck

You've unlocked the deck that will explain the motivations of both Clan Hattori and Chan Chan: the Soul of the Cherry Blossom Story Deck!

Clan Hattori seems like a benevolent family. Chan Chan should be a docile, lovable creature. What happened to them to make them go bad? Why are they at each other's throats? What do The Kingdom and The Citadel have to do with either? You'll find out in this exciting new Story Deck!

As a reminder, Street Masters offers both an action-packed “Arcade Mode”, where players completely customize their experience with any desired combination of fighters, bosses, stages, and allies/rivals to create a "one-shot" gaming session, as well as a narrative campaign “Story Mode,” where the fighters’ victories, defeats, and choices help unravel the lore of the game while carrying them through exciting adventures.  

In “Story Mode,” you'll start by choosing one of many possible Stories to play, and, after reading the introductory narrative, set up its first stage according to instructions. At the end of this first stage, you'll read the results section to see how you did. Generally, victory will result in boons, while defeat inflicts dangerous penalties. Either way, these results will follow you through the story, so be careful! The results will also dictate which stage of the Story's branching path you will take on next. Therefore, your actions will determine how you progress through the Story, and you won't see every possible stage on your first play through!

The Kingdom Showdown Deck

Now you've done it. Kemono's gonna getcha! You've unlocked the Showdown Deck for The Kingdom, meaning all four enemy factions from the Street Masters core box now have ways of upgrading their decks and chasing you through Story Mode!

As a reminder, Showdown Decks are a new type of story deck that can be used in any Story Mode game, adding a villainous character working in the shadows against the fighters. Each Showdown Deck introduces a unique story for the associated enemy deck, as well as upgrade cards that will replace certain cards in said enemy deck. This means that as you and your fellow fighters try and complete the main Story, as well as any chosen Hero Stories, an enemy faction using its Showdown Deck will continually pop up, each time wielding an upgraded deck! Players can also choose to include these enemy upgrade cards in their Arcade Mode games to increase overall difficulty and customize their games even further.


You've unlocked a brand-new Kickstarter Exclusive Fighter, ladies and gents! Say hello to Wildfire!

As with all her fellow fighters, Wildfire comes with a highly detailed miniature, a unique 25 card Fighter Deck, and a Hero Story Deck.

Biskane never understood her people’s inability to fully embrace the modern world. As the village chief’s daughter, she respected tradition just as much as everyone else, but refused to let it dictate the flow of her life. She’d been groomed since a young age to take over as the local “spirit caller” when the time was right, but not only did she not believe in spirits, it wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to make her mark on the world, wanted to make a difference. This led to Biskane moving away and becoming a regional police officer, much to the chagrin of her family, who claimed she was “walking away from her birthright and sacred duty.” It pained her to disappoint them, but she knew this was a better way of protecting them and the land.  

That changed the night the great spirits came to her in a dream. They spoke to her, told her to migrate southward in order to help the needy, to find her true calling in life. When she awoke, she realized she could still hear them. She could feel their presence inside her. The great crane. The powerful bear. The almighty thunderbird. She felt her body catch fire from the inside as these beings flowed through it like the blood in her veins ... and then nothing. They were gone, but she knew they'd return. She hurried home to her village, hoping her father had answers. His only words to her, delivered with a hand on her shoulder and a proud look in his face, were: “We knew this day would come. Your journey has only just begun, my Wildfire. Go. Let the spirits’ words guide you.”  

With that, Biskane quit her job as a police officer and became a drifter, venturing from town to town on her motorcycle, guided by the spirits she could now call at will. Her travels recently brought her to Ransom City, where her first encounter with its citizens was during a street clash between rival mob families. She helped innocents to safety, but as the conflict quickly grew out of hand, she began to fight back. The numbers quickly grew against her ... but then a young man bravely threw himself into the mix and began to fight at her side. The great Nooke spoke to her and told her this man was important, that they were bound. 

As the street fight raged on, the two of them stood back to back. “Thought you could use a hand," said the young man. "Name’s Jack.” 

Biskane paused for a moment. "Wildfire," she said with a grin. 

Clint Hero Story Deck

Wow, nice shootin' Tex! You've unlocked Clint's Hero Story deck!

There have been reports of a lone gunman taking out drug cartels around Juarez. The gunman’s skills are uncanny and he acts almost like a grizzled Robin Hood, taking out gang members and giving their loot to local orphanages ...  

Clint is a wealthy philanthropist who happened upon a lot of money from owning several acres of land with rich oil coursing through it. He's also a vocal protester against guns and the right to conceal weapons. 

Having grown up in an orphanage, Clint often investigates cases of missing children in his spare time. He recently discovered that a mysterious organization known as The Kingdom has been the source of many disappearances, and decided to investigate warehouses that were supposedly under their control. 

Unfortunately, they caught him snooping around. He tried to escape, but when he was cornered by guards ... he instinctively knocked one over, grabbed his pistol, and, as if in a trance, flawlessly took out six nearby assailants before running out of ammo. He immediately snapped out of it, dropping the pistol and staring at his hands. How had he done that? He'd never touched a pistol in his life ... 

Redemption II

You asked, we listened! Ladies and gentleman, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that Redemption II is now available as an add-on!

In this absolutely incredible, Kickstarter Exclusive pack, you will be able to play not 6, not, 7, not 8, not 9 ... but 10 of your favorite bosses as Fighters! That's right, in this pack each boss receives his own unique, 25-card Fighter Deck! 

Who is in the pack, you ask? Take a look!

  • The Proxy (from Aftershock)
  • Project X (from Aftershock)
  • Ikuchi (from Essence of Evil)
  • Tlazolteotl (from the Street Masters KS1 SG Box)
  • Shin Yokai (from Legend of Oni)
  • Mack (from Twin Tiger)
  • The Don feat. Genesis (from Aftershock SG Box)
  • Selene (from Aftershock SG Box)
  • Kenshin (from Aftershock SG Box)
  • ??? (to be revealed!)

This pack increases the replayability of Street Masters to astronomical levels, and allows you to use your highly detailed boss minis in new ways!

Oh, and did we mention each new fighter comes with his own unique Hero Story deck? That's right, just like in the original Redemption pack (also available in our add-ons), you'll be able to follow these misguided, misunderstood souls through twisted tales in Story Mode, and upgrade their decks between stages! 

Adding Add-ons to Your Pledge

If you're curious about the other add-ons available this campaign, please check out our in-depth looks here:

If you'd like to add any of the available add-ons to your pledge, you can do the following after pledging for one of the tiers:  

1 - Click on "Manage Your Pledge"  

2- Click on "Change Your Pledge"  

3- Add the total value of your desired add-ons to the current cost of your pledge tier.

Example: You have pledged for the Street Masters Tier, which will display $109. You want to get the Twin Tiger add-on (cost of $30) and the Redemption Pack (cost of $20). To do so, you will change the total of your pledge tier to $159 (which means $50 of add-ons on top of your $109 pledge tier).  

4- Click "Continue".  

5- Click "Confirm".   

When the campaign is over, you will eventually be invited to the pledge manager. It will be at this point that you will tell us what you want your extra money to go towards.

Social Stretch Goal Updates

With both Max and Clint out of the way, it's time to see how our final two social stretch goals are coming along.

Remember, if everyone shares/visits/subscribes to these links, you'll not only unlock these incredible Hero Story decks, but also help bring more backers to the fold (netting you more loot)!

Official Facebook post

Official Twitter Post

Official Blacklist Games YouTube Channel (click the "Subscribe" button)  

Official Aftershock Trailer (share with friends)

Up Next ...

We're closing in on $270, at which point Mack and the Onyx League will discover all sorts of new ways of making your life difficult!

Then, at $280k, we've got an obnoxious fellow named Pux ...

Keep fighting!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ryan Winters on

      Was wondering if anything is needed to play the bosses as heroes with the redemption packs besides of the mini from their original sets. I mean could I just use the hero deck and some other mini or do I need something else from whatever set the boss originally came from?

    2. The Laughing Man

      I need an archer superhero of some kind with trick arrows! Please!! lol

    3. Missing avatar

      Yan Bertrand on

      Will the stories of the fighters (such as the text you've posted in the update above for Wildfire) be readily available in the game rules (or somewhere else) in the Aftershock/core boxes? Or do I actually need the art book to have them all in one place?
      THANKS for making me wonder if I should be adding yet another 30 bucks to my pledge... (That chainsaw fighter... Hem.) :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Yan Bertrand on

      Will the stories of the fighters (such as the text you've posted in the update above for Wildfire) be readily available in the game rules (or somewhere else) in the Aftershock/core boxes? Or do I actually need the art book to have them all in one place?
      THANKS for making me wonder if I should be adding yet another 30 bucks to my pledge... (That chainsaw fighter... Hem.) I take it there's an extra boss minis add-on incoming, and the existing one won't just grow to add the minis from Redemptino 2, now, will it? :-)

    5. Scottie Mick Collaborator on

      @Olakos: of course, we have other cool stuff planned too, but the big reason was Redemption ;)

    6. Scottie Mick Collaborator on

      @Olaskos: the cool thing was Redemption :) Takes a lot to produce add-ins like that for so many backers

      Additionally, people have to keep in kind that we have a lot more backers to produce content for now, so a jump to 10k gaps was inevitable at some point :)

    7. Dan Ormond on

      Awesome!! $30 added to my pledge without pause. Thanks for a great add-on!

    8. Olaskos on

      @Demo I assume to off set some costs. We have got a lot so far, it’s a lot to come up with this many SGs for a single campaign. Plus, like
      He said Brady has something cooking.

    9. Jackal on

      @ Demo: when asked earlier in the comments section, Brady Sadler stated that "10k gap represents some very cool in store..."

    10. Demo

      All the prior stretch goals have been set at 5k it seems. These new ones are at 10k. Any reason? Just idly curious. (Insta back Redemption 2)

    11. Ray Dexter

      OMG! OMG OMG! I asked for project -X fighter and story deck add just WOW! Soooo happy! XD

    12. Jackal on

      I love how Wildfire and Jack meet up. It's how I would have pictured it in my mind too. So excited to be playing them both together.
      One question regarding Redemption II - Project X and Shin Yokai already have their Ally/Rival cards, but will the other eight bosses come with Ally/Rival cards in this pack?

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      I hope that Tlazolteotl has zombie summons in her deck!

    14. Olaskos on

      @Dan yes the PM will allow you to any all the add ons

    15. Dan Spezzano on

      Will we be able to add on during the pledge manager, I find it very hard to keep up with all these things during the campaign.

    16. Jason Nopajaroonsri

      Now we need another boss minis add on for redemption pack 2 for mirror matches of those characters!

    17. Scottie Mick Collaborator on

      @Kyle: sorry, to be clear, you can use 6 out of the 10 bosses with the Street Masters Tier!

    18. Scottie Mick Collaborator on

      @Kyle: while some of the bosses in Redemption 2 require other content (see the list in the update), you can definitely use a lot of the stuff from the Aftershock SG Box and the Street Masters Tier (Shin Yokai and Tlazolteotl).

      So that's 6 of the 10 bosses if you get only the Street Masters Tier.

    19. Olaskos on

      Come on!! Your killing me smalls!!! Another $30 on to the pledge. I’m gonna hit $400 be Campaigns end.

    20. Kyle LaBonte on

      Are the Aftershock redemption heroes compatible with the vanilla game? I'm backing at the core tier, but some of those folks look so neat!