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An expansion to Street Masters, the cooperative minis board game for 1-4 players, designed by Adam and Brady Sadler!
An expansion to Street Masters, the cooperative minis board game for 1-4 players, designed by Adam and Brady Sadler!
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Detailing Add-Ons (Part 3)

Posted by Scottie Mick (Collaborator)

Sunday is a day to relax, Global Gladiators, but you clearly will not rest until you've caused the Aftershock Stretch Goals Box to explode! We've added yet another goody to your treasure trove; let's take a look!

Spring Break

You've unlocked a new action-packed Stage: Spring Break!

Hanami is Japan's tradition of getting together with friends and family to look at flowers, and when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, you can expect some great festivals. Unfortunately, looks like some bad people want to crash this party, and the only way to keep them from destroying the scenic beauty of this park is to teach them some manners ... with your fists! 

Detailing Add-ons (Part 3)  

We've already covered most of the add-ons in previous updates (Part 1, Part 2), so let's take a look at what's left!  

Street Masters Compendium  

The gorgeous Street Masters Compendium is a deep dive into the Street Masters universe, being both a collection of amazing artwork from across the series as well as a comprehensive compilation of all the fighters, enemies, stages, and events that comprise it.     

Lore and gameplay tips

Inside this lovely hardcover book you will find detailed backstories and descriptions of your favorite fighters, helping you understand their motivations, ambitions, and rivalries. You'll also discover strategy tips for their unique decks, allowing you to fully master their abilities, skills, and overall styles to maximize your gameplay experience. 

Similarly, you'll learn the history of every enemy faction in the game, as well as the backgrounds of their individual members. If you've ever wanted to know how Dmitri formed The Brotherhood, or where Kemono came from, you'll get your answers here! Of course, just as with the fighters, gameplay tips to help defeat their decks will also be provided, allowing you to confront them with confidence!

You'll also discover the nature of each stage in the game, from the locations in which they take place to the events taking place within. Additionally, gameplay tips will be provided to help you navigate their unique hazards and how to use them to your advantage. 

You'll get an overview of the timeline and geopolitical climate of the Street Masters universe, explaining the ongoing conflicts between organizations such as The Kingdom and The Citadel, or a closer look at the circumstances surrounding the Ransom City incident that led to the Aftershock.


In order to facilitate looking up rules on the fly, the compendium will also feature all the rules from Street Masters! This will be great for those moments where you don't want to dig through your board game collection to find the Street Masters box and open it up. Just grab the Compendium off your library shelf and browse through it!

Art Gallery

While the numerous lore/gameplay pages will feature tons of great artwork, there will also be a gallery section dedicated to showing off more of the amazing Street Masters artwork you've only been able to glimpse on small cards so far.

You'll be able to feast your eyes on pages upon pages of beautiful artwork spanning the entire Street Masters line, many of the selected pieces shown in their totality for the first time.

Page Count

Page count details are currently unavailable, as the size of the book is constantly in flux based on the performance of this campaign (as we said, the book will cover everything in the Street Masters Universe, including what's unlocked here), but we can say that we are currently well over 96 pages.

WIP Samples

Here are a few images to give you a better idea of the layout. Please keep in mind that everything here is WIP, therefore subject to change, including the placeholder text featured here (which is from our internal notes; final text will be professionally written).

Sample Fighter Profile (WIP)
Sample Fighter Profile (WIP)
Sample Enemy Profile (WIP)
Sample Enemy Profile (WIP)
Sample Gallery Page (WIP)
Sample Gallery Page (WIP)
Sample Gallery Page (WIP)
Sample Gallery Page (WIP)

This amazing book is a Kickstarter Exclusive that no true fan of Street Masters can be without. It will look amazing in your book shelf or on your coffee table, and will undoubtedly grab the attention of anyone who lays eyes on it. Who knows, you might just draw them into a game of Street Masters too!

Neoprene Fighter Mat

If you want to play Street Masters in style, this is the add-on for you! 

This gorgeous, 24" x 10" (approx.) neoprene play mat is what a true fighter uses to keep his play area organized and tidy. Featuring clearly defined areas to place your Fighter Deck, your Fighter Card, your Threat Area, your Play Area, and all the tokens you'll be manipulating, it's the best way to keep track of everything your fighter is doing! It's also the perfect tool for teaching Street Masters to newcomers, allowing them to fully grasp how their play area functions at a glance.

You'll also notice spots to make use of the Simultaneous Play variant, allowing for use of the tokens included in Aftershock, or a way to track steps using other means!

For a closer look at the Fighter Mat, click here.

Adding Add-ons to Your Pledge

If you'd like to add any of the available add-ons to your pledge, you can do the following after pledging for one of the tiers:

1 - Click on "Manage Your Pledge"

2- Click on "Change Your Pledge"

3- Add the total value of your desired add-ons to the current cost of your pledge tier. 

Example: You have pledged for the Street Masters Tier, which will display $109. You want to get the Twin Tiger add-on (cost of $30) and the Redemption Pack (cost of $20). To do so, you will change the total of your pledge tier to $159 (which means $50 of add-ons on top of your $109 pledge tier).

4- Click "Continue".

5- Click "Confirm".

When the campaign is over, you will eventually be invited to the pledge manager. It will be at this point that you will tell us what you want your extra money to go towards.

New Avatars to Show Your Support

Looking for ways to help show your support for Street Masters Aftershock? Well, how about some sweet-looking avatars?  

Head over to and pick your favorite! We just added a few new ones, so go take a look! 

Reminder: FAQs  

If you have questions about the campaign or its content, we recommend you check the "FAQ" section on the main campaign page. We have multiple FAQs listed and they might even answer a question you didn't think of asking!

Up Next ...

At $255k, we have the Soul of the Cherry Blossom Story Deck, allowing one of the most alluring mysteries in the Street Masters universe to be unraveled!

Then, at $260k, we have a Showdown Deck for the final enemy faction from the Street Masters core box: The Kingdom! Are you sure you want this? Kemono is already a handful!

 Keep fighting!


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    1. Lars on

      Fantastic to see the book! It shows you are listening to the fans. And the mats on top of that... Such a great idea. Well done!

    2. Missing avatar

      Brian O'Koon on

      Will the mats fit into the aftershock box?

    3. Ben on

      yep keep the mats as is

    4. pagoda79

      Neat and clean for the playmats is great: keep them as is. I'll only be adding on two though.

      I didn't think I'd want the art book, but . . . now I kind of want the art book.

    5. Stefan Tymoshyshyn on

      I agree with the playmats as they are. They don't need art that is going to distract from the cards. This looks much more functional. Let the cards shine.

    6. Missing avatar

      Yan Bertrand on

      I agree with Logus Vile: having the mats in the players colors would help. ;-)

      Different question: if I'm.not mistaken, the art shown in the example is bigger versions of.the one from the cards. Should we expect this to be the guideline?

      Third question since I'm at it: would you consider making the powered up version of the characters "colored" (object source lighting) by the flowing red-and-orange energy in the background? (Probably a costly question, sorry. ;)

    7. Jackal on

      Haha, I was straining my eyes to read the placeholder text and realised Megan's text had been placed under the Brotherhood's. I know it's WIP and it's well, a temporary placeholder. It's just funny when reading it. Anyway, yes I'm sold! Gimme one of these please.

    8. Scottie Mick Collaborator on

      @Logus: we toyed with artwork, but it made things too busy (i.e. hard to see) for a mat that had "functional spaces" laid out like this one. We wanted to create something that was easy to read, see, and use.

    9. Ray Dexter

      I couldn't help noticing a certain Brook city cop in the After shock logo on your web site ;)

    10. Logus Vile on

      I'm quite interested in the adding the playmats during the pledge manager however I find them functional but a little bland. Am I the only one? I'd love to see some art on them, maybe a collage of heroes or bosses, or variants of each hero. I know you place cards on them and would cover up most of the art but they would still be cooler to put on the table.

    11. J Dean

      The binding for the Compendium, will it be glued or stitched?