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An expansion to Street Masters, the cooperative minis board game for 1-4 players, designed by Adam and Brady Sadler!
An expansion to Street Masters, the cooperative minis board game for 1-4 players, designed by Adam and Brady Sadler!
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A Closer Look at Aftershock (Part 2)

Posted by Scottie Mick (Collaborator)

Global Gladiators, time to finish taking a closer look at Aftershock! But first ...

Super Secret Milestone Stretch Goal UNLOCKED!

Wow, we surpassed the original Street Masters Kickstarter campaign funding amount! This is amazing, and the amount of love we feel from you guys makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  

We heard you all wanted an add-on to buy colored defense tokens for use in Street Masters ... but we thought, hey, let's give them out for free! So, behold, Global Gladiators! Our way of saying thanks for helping Street Masters reach the next level:


We said it earlier, but again, thank you all for your unending support and your passion. YOU made Street Masters a reality, and we're thrilled to have you with us again on this new adventure!

A Closer Look at Aftershock (Part 2)

In our last update, we took a look at the new fighters and new enemy factions that come in the Aftershock expansion. Now, let's take a look at everything else!

New Stages

With Ransom City in ruins after a disaster, we just had to let players experience what this post-apocalyptic playground felt like! Aftershock comes with four brand-new stages to test players’ skills, bringing with them new, unique mechanics and surprises!


In the deteriorating ruins of a nuclear facility, Parasol, Inc. plans to engineer fallout for their own corporate interests. The fighters will have to tread carefully on the catwalks, or risk dangerous exposure to unstable nuclear material. Even with the V.A.N.D.A.L. serum nullifying the most deadly aspects of nuclear radiation, it won’t take much to become overwhelmed by the hazardous waste!  

So, grab a hazmat suit, step into the muck, and put an end to this mutually assured destruction!

Bogged Down

The V.A.N.D.A.L. mutagen has interesting effects on specimens that have been exposed to nuclear radiation, and those effects can be plainly seen in this stage. On the outskirts of a city devastated by a nuclear blast, a local wetland is now home to severely mutated wildlife, serving as the perfect testing site for the latest iteration of V.A.N.D.A.L.

Fighters need to take over the cleanup effort here and shut down the industrial pumps that are spreading even more V.A.N.D.A.L. into the wetlands. But they’ll need to also watch their steps, because the toxic predators that lurk in the bog are on the prowl!


All aboard for direct conflict! This abandoned rail yard holds an important secret that the Kingdom wants, and you’re here to stop them. If only you knew what they were after… 

The Derailed stage is all about a mad dash to take out the boss before they get what they need, and the only way you can slow them down is by investigating the hazardous tracks looking for clues about what they’re after. So not only will you have to watch out for the incoming horde of foes, you’ll also need to keep an eye out for incoming trains as well! 


Many safe havens have been turned to ruined husks thanks to the Kingdom’s endless assault on civilization. What was once a place of healing is now an ill-stocked infirmary that has drawn the ire of the Kingdom’s allies.

Triage has the fighters attempting to both prevent the enemies from arming explosives around the hospital while also keeping the healing residents alive. It’s a tough balance to strike and you’ll need surgical precision to survive this operation!

New Modular Element: Showdown Decks

One of the brand new modular elements introduced in Aftershock are Showdown Decks, a new type of story deck that can be used in any Story Mode game, adding a villainous character working in the shadows against the fighters. Each showdown deck introduces a unique story for the associated enemy deck, as well as upgrade cards that will truly test the fighters! Players can also choose to include these enemy upgrade cards in their Arcade Mode games to increase difficulty and customize their games even further.

In Aftershock, you get a Showdown Deck for each of the two new enemy factions: Parasol, Inc. and The Abandoned!  

So, as an example, the players decide to play through the Rise of the Kingdom story from the Street Masters core game. They can now also choose to make The Abandoned their “Showdown” villain by adding in their Showdown Deck. This means that throughout the course of the Rise of the Kingdom storyline, they’ll also be reading The Abandoned’s story cards, seeing how they interfere with the fighters’ plans! Then, between each stage, The Abandoned will get to upgrade their enemy faction deck with new versions of their cards depending on your performance, possibly becoming more powerful as the fighters progress through the narrative! Of course, players are encouraged to throw their Hero Story Decks into the mix so they can upgrade their own cards in order to even the playing field!

New Modular Element: Mission Cards

Mission cards are included to speed up multiplayer games by adding additional ways to support your fellow fighters. Mission cards allow fighters to gain powerful mission tokens that can in turn be used to assist fellow fighters during their turn. Of course, they can always spend them on themselves too.

If you choose to play with this optional element, each fighter draws 1 Mission Card at the start of the game. Then, when they accomplish said mission, they gain the rewards listed and then draw a new Mission Card! These are simple to use and keep the game flowing at a lightning pace.

A great example of a Mission Card is “Wait and See”. Its text reads: “During your draw phase, you may choose to draw 1 less card to heal 1 damage and complete this mission.” A player with this card can follow its instructions to gain benefits and complete the mission which, as stated earlier, grants them a mission token.

Players can then reference a handy “Mission Reference Card” to know what mission tokens can be spent on. Here are a few examples:

  • For 1 mission token: Before a fighter’s attack, you may add +1 die to that attack
  • For 2 mission tokens: Choose a fighter to draw 1 card or play 1 Tactic card during their turn
  • For 3 mission tokens: During your turn, each fighter may draw 1 loot

There are more effects to spend mission tokens on, but we’ll let you discover those for yourself!

New Loot Cards

Everyone loves loot, and in Street Masters, loot helps you beat up your opponents! As a reminder, you get loot by either walking over crates on the stage map, or defeating a minion.

Aftershock is adding 20 new loot cards to the game to make your drops even more exciting, and here a few examples of what to expect in the ravaged wasteland that is Ransom City:  

  • Survival Rations
  • Riot Shield
  • Tear Gas
  • Flare Gun
  • Adrenaline Shot 

New Story Decks

As with all fighters in the Street Masters core box, each fighter in Aftershock will come with its own unique Story Deck, comprising not only an enthralling narrative with branching paths that reflect your performance, but also Upgrade Cards. These Upgrade Cards can be used between Story Mode stages to replace cards of the same name in your Fighter Deck, making your fighter more powerful as the story progresses!

Additionally, a brand new Story awaits, taking you through the Aftershock itself. Can you survive and uncover the truth behind the disaster that befell Ransom City?

Limited Edition Collector’s Box

And now it’s time to talk about the piece de resistance, the Limited Edition Collector’s Box! This deluxe storage solution was designed by the Sadlers themselves (self-proclaimed storage box aficionados) to not only hold all your Street Masters content in one convenient box, but to also make Street Masters’ legendary setup time even quicker.

It will fit all cards (even with sleeves), tokens, dice, snap-on base rings, and map tiles from the entire Street Masters line up, including all content from this Kickstarter campaign, and will still have room for future growth! There is also room to store miniatures if you bag them; painters might want a separate solution if they like to store miniatures individually.

It will come with tons of sturdy plastic dividers for all Fighters, Enemies, Stages, and more (including unlocked content in this campaign), and contains modular trays you can use to not only store your tokens and other components, but also quickly remove and place on the table for quick setup/teardown!

Lastly, before we get to exciting pictures of the whitebox prototype, we’re happy to announce that it will fit inside the popular KALLAX shelving unit with room to spare, reducing your shelf space for all expansions from the first campaign dramatically. Although the box is still being finalized in order to accommodate all unlocked content this campaign, rest assured our goal is to make sure it holds everything while also being compatible with that shelf.

Oh and of course, as its name suggests: this Limited Edition Collector’s Box is limited and will not go to mass retail. If you want to guarantee yourself a copy, this is your opportunity!

Now, here are some photos of the whitebox prototype! Note that this is just a prototype and that things are subject to change. Also note that all cards shown in these photos are sleeved, and that the trays in the final version will be approx. half the depth for ease-of-use and to allow storage of tiles underneath.

If you’re following us on Facebook, you can check out a video the Sadler bros did using this prototype box! We’re working on getting it to YouTube for those of you who aren’t following us on Facebook (although you really should be, if only to get those great social stretch goals!)

Alright Global Gladiators, that does it for this update. Looking at the Stretch Goals, we're REALLY close to unlocking Ylfa! Keep sharing the campaign with friends and we'll reach her in no time! Then, we'll finally get to see what Dolores is all about!

 Keep fighting!

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    1. Demo

      I have a small concern about the EPIC box. While I really appreciate a way to store most of my SM content in one spot, I have concerns about the token storage. It appears from shots that this is simply folded cardboard book ended by the outer wall, and inner divider. I may be wrong, its a bit difficult to see with the pictures the way they are.

      I would like to suggest 3 independant (or more, up to you) insert boxes that can be removed from the larger tray to store tokens. 4 would actually be better, as then you could have one of each defense type, and one for "1's".

      Still though, super exited, and glad youre having such great success. Cheers, lads.

    2. Scottie Mick Collaborator on

      @Mario: I don’t sleep or blink! I just watch and wait to answer questions hahaha

    3. Mario Karcher on

      @Scottie Mick: thanks for the answer, that was fast^^
      Don´t have a Kallax or know the dimensions of that shelve. But do have the Street Master boxes from the first KS as a way to compare.

    4. Scottie Mick Collaborator on

      @mario: it’s the same dimensions as the main boxes in terms of width and depth. As for height it’s roughly 2 main boxes stacked on top of each other!

    5. Mario Karcher on

      What are the dimensions of the Storage box compared to the original street master boxes?
      Are the length and width the some? The height obviously isn´t^^

    6. Mark van der Upwich

      Haha, the fact that you explicitly stated that the box fits in a Kallax is about the best KS-promotional thing I've seen in a While! XD

    7. Mike A. on

      Kudos for the free colored tokens. =)

      Any chance we'll see an updated LE box prototype before the end of the campaign? I'm still not sold on whether I'd use it, which is holding me back from adding Aftershock to my SM $109 tier.

      It's tearing me apart like ugly white cardboard.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Clark

      I'm glad the idea was not to get rid of the original boxes as the artwork looks cool on the shelve.

    9. Thomas M

      @DM576Studios - They note that this is not the final version.

    10. Scottie Mick Collaborator on

      @DM576; as stated this was a prototype and the token holders will be half the depth, and maybe even less deep than that, depending

    11. BreezingThrough

      @DM576Studios Read the note on the picture about the depth... it was already covered.

    12. Missing avatar

      DM576 Studios

      No offence but your token holder in the box is a crap idea. If you going to do it do it right and make it easy to pull out and use on the table during gameplay. NO ONE wants to put hand in a small space to pull the stuff out. If you're not going to take the time and do the box right you should just use a normal size box like the core box.

    13. Missing avatar

      philip hindley

      i love when real though is put into storage solutions like this, a good storage solution always means i get the game to the table more often.

    14. Edgar Matos on

      That Dreamcast sure brings back memories ;p
      It's good news on top of good news from you guys!

    15. Patrik Bernhardsson on

      Wow! This must be the best Kickstarter I have backed. You guys rock! Listening, responding and so friendly.

    16. Pie on

      Kallax compatible, yessssssssss

    17. The Cardboard Family

      I didn't think it was possible to get more excited about this campaign, but I was very wrong. With more than three weeks left, I can't begin to imagine what you all still have up your sleeves.

    18. Gutris

      That's a huge box! Noice!

    19. Olaskos on

      Who da man??? You da man!! If you keep this up, you might become my favorite publisher.