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An expansion to Street Masters, the cooperative minis board game for 1-4 players, designed by Adam and Brady Sadler!
An expansion to Street Masters, the cooperative minis board game for 1-4 players, designed by Adam and Brady Sadler!
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A Closer Look at Aftershock (Part 1)

Posted by Scottie Mick (Collaborator)

Global Gladiators, it’s been another exciting day! We’ve seen many new backers join the campaign, and with their help, you’ve all uncovered some pretty amazing loot!

To all our awesome new backers: thank you so much for the support! Welcome to the Blacklist Games family! Make yourselves at home in the Comments section, we’ve got some good people in there. 

Now then! We’ve got a big update tonight. First up: a look at all your shiny new toys! Then, we’re going to take a closer look at the Aftershock expansion! So, pull up a chair, grab a soda/energy drink/fully-cooked turkey platter, and let’s get started!

The Cifarelli Family Showdown Deck

Another Showdown Deck has been unlocked and added to the Aftershock Stretch Goals Box: The Cifarelli Family Showdown Deck! The Don thanks you for your service.

Just like the Showdown Decks included in Aftershock, this deck will give the Cifarelli Family their own unique narrative to insert into your Story Mode games, making them recurring enemies and providing them with upgrade cards with which to better defeat you! Watch out, because these wiseguys were tough cookies to begin with!

Pier Pressure

Ah, it’s a beautiful night down here at the Ransom City docks. The moon is full, the sounds of the waves are soothing … perfect time to get into a melee with miscreants, which is exactly what you’ll be doing in Pier Pressure, the newest stage deck/tile you just unlocked!

It seems the bad guys are trying to prep their ship for a quick getaway, and your fighters are the only ones standing in their way. You’ll have to fight on both the docks and their boat to keep them from escaping! Everyone knows there’s always something going down at the docks; just make sure it isn’t you. Stay on your feet and don’t get wet!

Fallen Angel Story Deck

This is a big one, guys! You should be proud! You’ve unlocked the Fallen Angel Story Deck, bringing together Jack, The Plumber, Tommy, Bonnie, the Don, and Genesis!

Their story is an incredible one, and we cannot wait for you to experience it! Into the Aftershock Stretch Goals box it goes! And with that, we close the book on the Kickstarter Exclusive Fallen Angel story and move on to our next Stretch Goals.


It’s been an amazing first 48 hours, so what better time than now to take a closer look at Aftershock, the highly-anticipated expansion for Street Masters that is the main focus of this Kickstarter campaign!

It adds a ton of new, exciting content to the Street Masters universe, and comes in an amazing Limited Edition Collector’s Box with deluxe components to provide players with a single, convenient storage solution! It not only makes storage easier but, with its provided token trays, makes setup easier too!

There's actually so much content in this box, that we're going to split our closer look into multiple parts! So for tonight's update, let's take a look at the new fighters and the new enemy factions!


Aftershock introduces players to four new Fighters that really shake the status quo! From a thief who masterfully handles and distributes loot among her allies to a janitor that transforms into a rampaging beast, you’ve definitely got some incredible new options to wield in your fight against your enemies!  

Each Fighter comes with their own highly detailed miniature(s) and unique 25-card Fighter Deck, giving them attacks, abilities and tactics that are unlike any other Fighter in the Street Masters lineup. Each has a unique flavor that makes them stand out and truly adds depth and replayability to the game thanks to the countless combinations you can perform based on who you’re facing off against, where the brawl is taking place, and who’s fighting alongside you!  

These Fighters also come with their own unique Hero Story decks, allowing you to play through exciting adventures that unravel their stories piece by piece. In between the stages of their stories, you’ll earn upgrades, perks, and penalties based on your choices, so make sure you give it your best!  

Let’s take a quick look at who we’ve got in the Aftershock roster.


Leeta’s survivalist fighting style is represented by her optimal use of stray loot. She specializes in equipping herself and her allies with Loot cards, and uses them to her advantage. In addition to dishing out damage to her foes with her unlimited inventory, she also provides lots of stage utility by giving fighters additional Interact abilities to claim objectives or prevent the enemies from achieving theirs.


Having grown up on the mean streets of Ransom City, Ronny has adopted street boxing as her style of choice. Players will find that her father’s legacy as a boxing circuit underdog has influenced her approach to fighting, allowing them to thrive when foes have the advantage (such as having more defense tokens). Her powerful punches can also completely stagger minions, making her great at setting up attacks for herself or allies.


Vada harnesses powerful psychokinetic powers, giving her the ability to move objects with only her mind. She is a strong support fighter, using her talents to move herself or other fighters around the environment. She is also adept at disrupting enemy defenses, able to create just the right opening at the right time for a fighter to strike the most vulnerable spot. With her control of the environment, and those within, Vada is a warrior you want to bring along to any fight.


Murphy uses his sheer strength to command the battlefield, relying on his supernatural abilities to survive the deadly transitions his body goes through. In human form, Murphy is a subtle fighter that strikes only when it’s opportune to and opts to aid his more able-bodied allies. Due to the unstable chemicals that created him, Murphy’s transformations come with an unpredictable price, represented by his Shift abilities. However, careful planning can lead to devastating outcomes that will often benefit the fighters... assuming Murphy can keep control long enough to stick to the plan, that is.


Heroes are nothing without villains to face, and Aftershock contains two of the most villainous enemy factions in Street Masters to date!

Parasol, Inc.

Parasol, Inc. is a powerful pharmaceutical company that seems benevolent and philanthropic in nature, but are, in reality, dabbling in forbidden science and scheming in the shadows to impress their Shareholders. The world thinks they’re in Ransom City to help clean up the mess the missile made, but the survivors inside know better. They’ve seen things that prove they’re in town for more nefarious reasons!

The Parasol, Inc. enemy deck represents their corporate strike team, led by The Proxy and focused on cleanup, obfuscation, and aggressive downsizing. The Proxy is a formidable foe, with 30 health per fighter, and is backed by a team of efficient killers. While he hits hard and generates plenty of defense, his one weakness is his corporate interests. If the fighters can interfere with his agenda by discerning his plans (represented by the Itinerary effects on all the enemy cards), they may be able to seize Parasol’s assets and send The Proxy back to the Shareholders with a less-than-encouraging report.

The Abandoned

The Abandoned are a group of (mostly) mutated misfits led by the enigmatic Project X, who fans will remember as being a freshly-escaped lab experiment in the Street Masters: Redemption expansion! Ever since the missile hit, she’s amassed an army of V.A.N.D.A.L. victims and, with its help, plans on making the world feel her pain!

Project X is a unique boss that doesn’t have scaling health based on the number of fighters in the game. Instead, each fighter will begin the game with 1 of Project X’s Mutation cards in their threat area, giving Project X deadly reach and additional abilities. Fighters cannot defeat Project X until they get rid of these Mutations, which is no easy task as her minions will stop at nothing to protect their master!


Alright, let's check those numbers and see where we're at! If you'd like to help us get brand new Hero Story decks for these fighters, check out the Social Stretch Goals section on the main campaign page for the links you need!

Up Next

Waiting for us at $155k, we have a Showdown Deck for The Cartel! Everyone’s favorite shotgun-toting bad boy, Juan, is going to learn all sorts of new tricks!  

Then, at $160k, we … wait, do you hear that? In the distance. Sounds like … nah, can’t be.  

Keep fighting!

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    1. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      I'm guessing either Felicia from Darkstalkers or Cham-Cham from Samurai Shodown. Could be wrong though, my knowledge of fighting/beat'em up game characters are a bit rusty.

    2. Scottie Mick Collaborator on

      @Lifeofcecil: yes indeed! Two Project Xs for you!

    3. Missing avatar

      Lifeofcecil on

      Is the original Project-X miniature part of the reprint? Does that mean I get two Project X miniatures from the super Street masters combo? (Which would be AWESOME)

    4. Fabian Roth

      +1 to Ylfa looking like something from Darkstalkers. :)

    5. Elias Deros on

      I just love the theme of theme of this expansion . The characters look great, and the villains menacing. Cool!

    6. Olaskos on

      Ylfa looks like Felicia from Darkstalkers

    7. Bickwick

      Excellent update, thank you!

    8. MEQQA

      Awesome campaign so far, these SG add so much value. Can't wait for this one.

    9. Scottie Mick Collaborator on

      @Mike: more exciting for us too! lol

    10. Crabby on

      Love the update, and what an epic game!

    11. Mike A. on

      Thank you for maintaining the double SG reveal. More fun for the community.

      Toxic Avenger is not an underated movie. =p