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It's not Beer! It's not Wine! GOT MEAD?

It's not Beer! It's not Wine! GOT MEAD? Read More
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Bob Lasseter
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Bob Lasseter

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What is mead you may ask. Mead is the oldest known alcoholic beverage to all mankind. It dates back thousands of years before beer and wine ever came on the scene. It is a beverage using honey as the fermentable base. Wine uses grapes. Beer uses barley malt. Mead uses honey. It has many styles and varieties. It may be sweet, medium or dry and can be served still or sparkling like champagne. Mead made with fruits is called a melomel and mead made with herbs/spices is called a metheglin. Is it a beer? NO! Is it a wine? NO! - It is it's own unique beverage and is undergoing a resurgence in popularity and growth. Check out the below articles in Forbes and Time Magazine.

The craft beer has grown by leaps and bounds as more consumers want new and unique beer varieties to try. The same for the flavored spirits market as flavored spirits (think of Red Hot Whiskey by Sazarac- Tastes Like Heaven, Burns Like Hell) have actually grown at a faster rate than the craft beer market. Mead is the next big product to enter the market place and will probably grow at a rate equal to or faster than craft beers or flavored spirits.

Our brand name is Saint Bartholomew's Mead. Saint Bartholomew was the Patron Saint of the Honey Crop and one of the 12 Apostles of Christ.

Saint Bartholomew
Saint Bartholomew

I made my first batch of mead in 1990 (see original recipe at bottom) and have been experimenting and perfecting every since.

Our meads are hand-crafted in small batches.

We use only top quality ingredients including raw honey (numerous varieties), fresh fruits and spices and premium yeast cultures. We take no short cuts either in the production or aging (our meads are allowed to age one full year to develop the full flavor and smoothness).

We are very creative with our recipes. For example we recently made a Mango with Cracked Black Pepper using Brazilian Pepper Honey ..Yum! Yum!

We plan to be the leader in the production and sales of premium meads and need your help to go forward.

1990 Recipe
1990 Recipe

Risks and challenges

Mead is a very historic and unique beverage and stands apart from beer, wine and other spirits. As most of you know the craft beer market has grown exponentially and the flavored spirits (vodka, whiskey, etc.) has experienced even more rapid growth. Consumers are seeking new and exciting products and our product line will have tremendous appeal. We will be breaking new ground with our meads as they are neither a craft beer or a flavored spirit but something totally unique and different and at 14% alcohol content it packs a pretty good punch. Just check out some of the varieties we have made recently:
Mango with Cracked Black Pepper
Roasted Oak Chip

We developed a 3 step 3 year process to produce the best meads available.
In Year 1 we planned to produce a test batch of mead every week using a different recipe each week. The goal was that after the first year we would select 10-12 of those (based on tasting, flavor profile, etc.) to include in our basic inventory and would then start producing those in larger quantities. We are now concluding Step 1 Year 1 and now ready to move on to Step 2 Year 2 whereby we will now being making the selected recipes in larger quantities - hopefully at least 25 gallons per week and that is where we need your help.

We have had several meetings with Pepin Distributing - Tampa Bay's Leading Distributor of Craft Beers and Wines and they have expressed a very high degree of interest in distributing our product as well as introducing us to other potential Distributors.

Our goal is now to make 25 gallons per week utilizing the recipes developed in Step 1 above. In order to do that we need to purchase larger quantities of honey, ingredients and equipment. We have self-financed our progress the first year but now need additional funds to go forward to achieve our goal of having the first Nationally recognized mead brand - Saint Bartholomew's Mead.

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    All of the other rewards plus will will make a Specially Blended Mead and name it in your honor.

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