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Finally, an era of WW2 shipgirls dawns on our shores! Fleet combat F2P Web/iOS rpg collection game & warship sim for the West!
Finally, an era of WW2 shipgirls dawns on our shores! Fleet combat F2P Web/iOS rpg collection game & warship sim for the West!
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Captain's Association Q&A: On Holding Political Office

Posted by Black Chicken Studios (Creator)
Blue Eyed Belles
Blue Eyed Belles

Hullo, Captain! How was the poetry session? Was it lovely?

Sorry. Of course it was lovely. The Japanese Belles have tasteful autumnal readings; my side has Perth, Orion and [Redacted] trying to trip each other up over quotations from Homer. I need to get out more.

Moving on!

We have an unusual question and answer session scheduled for today. You see, it... 

...oh, hello, Miss Boise! Welcome aboard!

Hello the ship! Hey, Belfast. Hey, Cap. Are we talking about the poster yet?

Just coming to it. 

People want me in high office, Cap. It's on account of my learnings.


What's that supposed to mean? 

Well, it's the "high" part that's questionable, isn't it? People apparently think you're a foot shorter than Orion and Nautilus unless you're standing on the tips of your toes. 

Wha-? Shut up. 

I'm pretty sure that's canon now, by the way. 

Hey! I'll give you cannons! 

Heya, Cap! Hey, Belfast! Hey, tiny! 

No. Not you, too. 


You're a submarine! You're half as long as I am! 

Sorry. I can't hear you so well from way down there. 

... I know a place off the coast of South Africa where a submarine might go under and never come back. That kind of water, no one would ever find her.

Cap, I think Orion will be checking in in a minute - looked like she's just lookin' for a place to park. So to speak. 

Anyway, Captain, our friend Captain lazarusdw wrote... 

"Old lore question that I didn't get a answer to."

I am sorry about that, by the way. 

"As we know from past update that the United States government has decided that Belles are close enough to human that they can be taxed. Are they able to run for public office - like, could we see Senator Boise? And, in case anyone says that Boise would solve political problems with gun fire, all I can say is it would not be the first time political differences were solved with guns. Also, how are belles viewed in other countries - are they foreign soldiers fighting under their flag or are they citizens?"

Captain lazarusdw went so far as to commission a mock-up piece of Boise campaigning for the U.S. Senate - while Nautilus flogs sandwiches and Orion... um... 

...inspires us all? 

You weren't here for the "lewd picture" conversation, were you? It... well, that's neither here nor there, really. 

Anyway, while we're in active military service, I think the question of holding civilian public office is moot for all of us. And even outside of wartime, I'm not sure how those of us who serve countries with residency requirements would.... 

Permission to come aboard? 

Hullo, Belfast. Boise. Emulous

Not this time around. Food's too good in the USN.

We feast on Duty in the RN, you know.

Um. We were just talking about Belles in political office. After the War, like.

Do you mean, as some kind of punishment? 

Admiral Laz wants me to be a senator.


Do you mean, as some kind of punishment for the American people? 

Oh, come on! 

Boise, I think you and I are rather a lot alike, which means I would give you about a week before you blew up the United States Capitol Building. 

Y'know, actually....

Don't say anything seditious, now. 

Are women able to be senators? In the States?

Yup! We got ourselves a Hattie Caraway!

I don't think Belles could really claim to have a constituency, could they? That would rule us out, wouldn't it?

Besides, you're hardly likely to plant yourself in the Cotswalds and take up gardening when the War's done. 

What if you had a permanent station at a dock somewhere? As a museum ship or something? 

Oh, that would be lovely!


I suppose if you had a permanent address, you might be eligible for office, although they would have to call upon us to have meetings, wouldn't they?

As to the other Nations, women can't vote in France, let alone take a position in civilian government. Besides, I think someone like [Redacted] might be more likely to overthrow the Third Republic than end up in elected office. 

The same applies for Italy, as I hardly think we'd qualify for the rural housewives.

It is much too early to speak about Japan, as traditional roles and rites have to be applied to a set of very diverse Belles. I'm sure some would like their roles to ultimately be as circumscribed and formalized as the Emperor's...but it hardly seems possible.

Germany? The Nazis are making all kinds of exceptions for someone strident and blonde enough. Even if it is ninety percent propaganda. But real power? That's a laugh.

Even if it started as a fiction, once you get your foot in the door....

I rather think that attitude is what led to Hitler's ascent.

Well, unless they let us all vote by wireless it's going to be a moot point. I don't see them tearing up London so that a bunch of warships can pull up close enough to...

...say, I heard the old place burned up?

…anyway, so you guys could get near enough to Westminster to go in and give speeches. Especially not when Morganas could just sweep in and eat the place. 

I think we could do it! We'd hold special sessions of the senate on-board. 

Where you could hear everything everyone from the opposition party said at any time?

Well, they wouldn't exactly have to know that. Obviously.

Oh yes, obviously.

I can see the Soviet Belles having political careers. Nothing that would require them to be in the Kremlin, but in many ways they would be ideal. Rather resistant to bullets and show trials.

Well, now we GOT to find a way. We can't have the Soviets having Belle senators, and we don't!

You know, you *would* hate the Senate, though. 

Not if they did what I said! 

On that note, let's get back to the second part of the question:

"How are belles viewed in other countries - are they foreign soldiers fighting under their flag or are they citizens?"

You mean, like, countries without their own navies? Heck, if they're landlocked they probably think we're myths. 

I thought it sounded more like, "If the Captain is American and the Belle is French, what do Americans think of the Belle?" 

Oh, I can answer that. It may not be fair, but as far as John Q. Public is concerned, it's the Captain that matters. That makes us the same team, and honorary citizens. And, heck, maybe that's the way it should be.

I know that's an Emulous-y thing to say, but I don't think it's wrong.

There's that word again. Okay, I give up. What's an Emulous

Ancient history, from back when I loved big, grand words. I talked a whole lot prettier back then, too.

Captain, would you like a tot of rum or something? I think our meeting is officially breaking up, and it's just about time to toast the King.

Yours Affectionately, Belfast

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    1. Lazarusd Walking on

      changed my mind i'm now all for a Boise/New Orleans ticket

    2. Lazarusd Walking on

      Also I love how into this Boise is

    3. Lazarusd Walking on

      And actually my citizen question was about how we know that US belles are US citizens. But how are belles viewed in other countries like is a British belles citizens or something else same question for the other nations

    4. Lazarusd Walking on

      Technically there may be a belle in the constitution USS Constitution does fit all the requirements to be a belle. Running mate for Boise perhaps

    5. Black Chicken Studios 3-time creator on

      @Lazarus - Bah!!! We missed that, somehow. Well, Admiral David J deserves his place in this Update too. :)

    6. Lazarusd Walking on

      David J commissioned it

    7. Black Chicken Studios 3-time creator on

      @Lazarus - Hahaha! Oh, well. :)

    8. Lazarusd Walking on

      Just to be clear I did not commission the senator Boise