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A choose your path Gamebook of Dwarves, honor, glory and war! Pathfinder compatible add-ons.
A choose your path Gamebook of Dwarves, honor, glory and war! Pathfinder compatible add-ons.
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Victory Belles: Battleship Girls of WW2!

Posted by Black Chicken Studios (Creator)


Trickling down into the caves like the waters of Spring comes rumor of the next great Kickstarter:

 Victory Belles!

"Waifus and Warships? It's something I never knew I needed."

Ahoy there! We are writing to introduce you to our awesome new Free-to-Play Web/iOS game and battleship dating simulator – Victory Belles! We've been developing Victory Belles for the last two years and our Kickstarter has launched this morning to finish off the artwork and casting for the 120+ voices in the game.

There comes a time in every gamer’s life when they ask themselves, what would it be like to command a fleet of gorgeous and fearsome battleship girls against an invading alien force? We had the same question, obviously! The personified shipgirls, or Belles, of 7 nations are just waiting for their valiant Captains to take command – from the fiery Soviet Profintern to the mysterious HMAS Vampire, these lovely and eager ladies are ready to let their powerful cannons and stockpiles of torpedoes loose!

Victory Belles is a fun and exciting story-driven collection role-playing game based on authentic World War II warships and realistic naval physics. Our players will have the chance to collect the Belles, level them up, prepare them with mighty weapons and innovative technology, and save the earth in the midsts of torrid romance or professional comradeship. Or both.

We're looking to secure $30k in funding so that we can finish translating and voicing the Belles, produce advanced UI functions and create tons and tons of equipment illustrations. We already have an amazing cast of voice actresses including, Natalie Hoover (Dangan Ronpa 2, Sword Art Online), Marissa Lenti (One Piece, Fairy Tail) and Kira Buckland (Sailor Moon, Dead or Alive 5), and we are excited to add more!

Kickstarter: Actress Reel:

Holdfast, Revised & Updated, on DriveThruRPG!

Posted by Black Chicken Studios (Creator)


The revised and updated Holdfast main gamebook has now been released on DriveThruRPG! At the present moment, only the main gamebook is available; however, we will be releasing the add-on material slowly over the new few months as well, in case you missed any.

You can find the link here.

We will be sending each backer who pledged at $10 or higher a code for the DriveThruRPG version (1.1.1), which includes several updates, clarifications and text streamlines. Note that this will be sent to the e-mail which you provided to Kickstarter back in May, 2013.

Thanks in particular to:

Bruno V.
Graham Hart
Riidi WW

...for their feedback and suggestions.

The DriveThruRPG version will replace the DropBox version, which will be longer available after February.

Now, the deep-lanterns dim, and the songs begin: a new tale is being spun in the tavern, and soon it will be a time for axes again...

Great News for the App!

Posted by Black Chicken Studios (Creator)


Let the kingsilver trumpets sound! Let the boots of dwarven armies thunder in the Deeps!

Though the darkness stretches ever longer, the Clan of Morse has sent us all the reinforcements we could want: Choice of Games will take up the fallen banner and create the Holdfast App! It will be available for iOS, Android, PC or Mac, and has a tentative ship date of 2Q 2015.

Indeed, at the time of this update, their smiths have completed 1/3 of the conversion, excepting the mechanics, and may reach a December alpha.

Tin Man has graciously agreed to a third and final batch of gamebook apps, by way of consolation, so if you have not filled out the survey, you have until 12/5/14 to do so.

To everyone: thank you so much for your patience, and thank you for standing with us. It's been a long, bitter slog, but at long last there's a magical light at the end of the tunnel!

Final hours for Maelorum 2!

Posted by Black Chicken Studios (Creator)


The final hours of Maelorum 2 are upon us!

Tidings from the surface speak of a sinister menace, rich treasures and feats of glory, and it is not yet too late to lend an axe:

...for Gamebooks, rings the cry!

News from the surface: Maelorum, volume 2!

Posted by Black Chicken Studios (Creator)


From the great stair, from the realms of men, an urgent missive has arrived. It is a call to action from our allies, for a grave threat now haunts the surface world:

Maelorum is a Gamebook that needs YOU!

Dear backers, we teamed up with Holdfast last time to bring you some of the best Gamebooks ever written. Well, the Maelorum series concludes with Volume Two, and it is funding right now. I'll keep this brief: this project represents the culmination of 15 years of work, so of course we want everyone able to support us to know we need you now! There's only a few days left, and we have an awesome Late Bird deal!

An offer from the surface world
An offer from the surface world

If you have never read Maelorum, there are reviews and backer testimonials you can read here.

If only a few more backers join us, it will definitely tip the scales! I look forward to seeing you over there!