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$92,848 pledged of $290,000 goal
$92,848 pledged of $290,000 goal

Your Monday morning Ars Magica update: The Combat UI!

23% and 6 days remain!

Winter has arrived, and the end is nigh!

Thanks to everyone that has promoted us- by all means please do continue helping us to get the word out! In today's update, we’ll revisit Combat.

In Update 4, we discussed how Combat will work in the game- today, we have a concept screenshot to show you graphically how that will work.

The center portion of the UI is the map, and this displays not only the position of the combatants but also the various features available. You can mouse over these for more information, and click on them to take contextual actions or move characters to them. As noted previously, unused features can come and go as the rounds passed, so you’ll want to be looking at the map for additional options as time goes by.

You’ll also notice the little icons for the combatants which ring the map’s edges. You can click on these to change targets or focus on a feature, if you do not want to navigate by map.

Above and below the map you have information related to the currently selected character (top), and the active character (bottom.) Here you can review known information about the characters, generally contextual to the actions available. You can also click on the main portrait to see a more detailed character sheet, where appropriate.

To the right of the map is the general features list, for easy reference. Some features, as for example the Chesnut Limb and Hollow Trunk, are parts of a larger feature, in this case a Chesnut Tree. This list, like the map, is updated as features become available and/or move out of the flow of combat. You are also able to close this pane if you prefer to work directly on the map.

On the left of the map is the contextual action list for a specific target. The top portion of this pane shows actions which are directed at the target, and the bottom shows actions which are directed towards yourself. You can expand this pane to show more options, or you may close it and work directly from a larger map.

The Cycle of the Seasons

Winter is now here, and with few days left in the campaign, we hope you will join with us to let people know about this project. This kind of game, based on a unique tabletop experience, is the quintessence of the promise of indie gaming. Nothing like this exists in the video game market, and nothing like it can exist without the help of patrons, fans and gamers. We fervently hope that we can get enough peoples to realize that if they really do want something fresh, unusual and original, they have the power right now to make it happen.

A huge thanks to all our patrons!


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    1. Black Chicken Studios 3-time creator on November 12, 2012


      Not a bad thought- we could definitely use a power-up. ;)

    2. _Journeyman_
      on November 12, 2012

      Another thing you could try is cross-promotion with other game related kickstarter project, contacting other projects that need some "extra power" like Hero-U or Antharion, promoting them with an update and asking them to return the favor, attracting their backers who are unaware of awesome this project is.

    3. _Journeyman_
      on November 12, 2012

      Well to gain new exposure you could try submitting your game to indiegamemag and, which are the 2 biggest sites of indie related news.

    4. Black Chicken Studios 3-time creator on November 11, 2012


      Hopefully we'll get there! If there's anything you can do to communicate us to others, we'd appreciate it. :)

    5. Julien
      on November 11, 2012

      Damn we would need a huge effort, that only be made if you gain new levels of exposure ...