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POLARIS RPG, an exciting post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG, now in English!
POLARIS RPG, an exciting post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG, now in English!
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60k - Free PDF for the sourcebook "Creatures" unlocked!

Posted by Black Book Editions (Creator)

Hey, we did it and unlocked the free PDF of the upcoming sourcebook "Creatures" for everyone! WOW!

This is one big book full of creatures and monsters from the deep to spice up things in your adventures! Including more than 180 creatures!

As already announced, this book is currently in translation and we do not have a set date for the PDF yet, but we'll keep you updated as soon as we have more details on that :) And then you'll be some of the first to get its PDF version when it releases!

To give you a taste of what kind of creatures you will find in there, check out this mini-preview of the Proteus, who will be presented in the Creatures section of the Core Rulebook:2 and detailed more in the "Creatures" sourcebook!


Proteus and his "host" by Chris Knight
Proteus and his "host" by Chris Knight
The proteii are strange creatures that look like amoebae that drift in the oceans. As soon as they find a victim, they hurl themselves onto it and try to envelop it. Once the victim has been killed, the proteus dissolves it entirely and takes its appearance. Many proteii are said to have already infiltrated human society. It has become more and more obvious that these creatures are particularly intelligent, but their goals and motives are dictated by a mysterious force.

Special abilites

Shell 7 (H) (its Shell level represents the difficulty in affecting both the soft and hard matter from which these creatures are made, even when transformed. A proteus can neither be knocked down nor pushed back. These creatures benefit from these protections in human form as well)

Swallowing (If the target is protected by a watertight armor or is equipped with a respirator, the Proteus will secrete an acid dealing 1D10 Damage per Round, plus 1 point per Round, doing 1D10 in the first Round, 1D10+1 in the second Round, 1D10+2 in the third Round, etc.)

Immunities (whatever its form, a proteus is completely immune to the cold, fire, and the effects of pressure) Regeneration (even when transformed, a proteus has no weak spot. A blow to its head has the same effect as a blow to its arm. If it loses a limb, it will replace it in 1 Round. It does not suffer any penalties due to wounds, even though they will have to be written down).

Vulnerability to sonic attacks (Sonic attacks deal double damage against proteii and are not reduced by the shell)


Thank you all!

The Polaris RPG Team

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    1. Malcolm on

      The anticipation is so real. I can't even right now, my ability toucan just flew out the window.

    2. John M. Kahane on

      Hullo, folks,
      Hooray! Love that the KS reached the 60K Euros so that we'll get the Creatures PDF when it becomes available. Proteii are...yuck! :)

    3. Austin on