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POLARIS RPG, an exciting post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG, now in English!
POLARIS RPG, an exciting post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG, now in English!
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A bit more detail on Character Creation, the Character File and the GM Screen!

Posted by Black Book Editions (Creator)

There are two Add-Ons currently available through this Kickstarter that we'd like to tell you a bit more about!

The first is the Character File. These nifty little 16 page softcover booklets let you keep track of your character's abilities, gear and progression. They also include a brief overview of most important factions in the Polaris setting, so your players will be ready to dive right into the adventure! Players also get a the Map of the Deep, plus some handy tables for combat actions AND a recap of character creation!

The Character File
The Character File

The booklet pages are printed in full color on woodfree paper. This type of paper lets you easily write and erase on the pages to easily fill in and modify all the information needed!

So what does character creation in Polaris RPG look like?

There are different ways to handle this, depending on the amount of time and detail you want to spend in creating you character. The basic steps are:

  • 1. Determine your Base Abilites by using one of the templates or by spending Creation Points.
  • 2. Choose which Genetic Type you want your character to be: Human or Hybrid, who are capable of moving freely in water (there are three types of Hybrids: Natural Hybrids, Geno-Hybrids, and Techno-Hybrids).
  • 3. Pick some Special Abilities like mutations or Mastery of the Polaris Effect
  • 4. Think about your character's past and the professions he might have had. This experience has a direct influence on his Skills, but also on his savings, the equipment he can get, and even on his professional Advantages and Disadvantages.
  • 5. Add even more flavor to your character by choosing some Advantages or Disadvantages.

You're now ready to roam the oceans!

Another very handy Add-On available through this campaign will be the GM Screen! Every RPG gamer knows them, they are the perfect way to keep your GM's space safe, and come with lots of useful tables on the backside to use while gaming. The Polaris RPG GM Screen features the epic illustration of Equinox by Simon Labrousse. This sets the tone of the adventure right away!

The Neutral City of Equinox by Simon Labrousse
The Neutral City of Equinox by Simon Labrousse

 It is hardcover quality in portrait format and folds in four. It comes with approx. 16 loose pages that contain more handy tables for use in game detailing combat actions, random tables, gear lists and more!

We hope you will like these two playing aids! And don't forget that there is also this shiny Dice Set available :)

 The Polaris RPG Team

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    1. John M. Kahane on

      Hullo, Laura,
      I'm sure you will. :) I'm just hoping for the expanded character sheet, you know? :)


    2. Black Book Editions Creator on

      It is a bit tricky as there are many Skills that are not all necessarily needed. On a light Character Sheet Players might want to just fill them out with the Skills they need. But we'll get this sorted out :)

    3. John M. Kahane on

      Hullo, Laura,
      If you do the sheet that way, without the Skill names, how do players even know what Skills their characters can potentially add to the character they're creating?

      That said, if nothing else, there should be sections for the various different Skill types so that players have spaces where they can add the groups of Skills.


    4. Black Book Editions Creator on

      John, we are thinking of not writing the Skill names directly onto the Character Sheet so people will be able to fill out just those that they need for their character!

    5. John M. Kahane on

      Hullo, Laura, Franck,
      I really hope that an expanded character sheet is available for download sooner rather than later, simply because there are so many skills that just didn't fit on the character sheet that's in the book (Beta 0.5, of course) when I did up my two sample characters to test the game. I mean, vraiment, you can't even fit half the skills from the Archetypes that were in the Beta onto the character sheet. Not enough space for certain types of skills, more than anything else, and where do you put all the Special Skills? :)


    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    7. Black Book Editions Creator on

      Yes! The basic Character Sheet that is included in the Core Rulebooks will be available on our website. Most likely there will be more versions following up later.
      We will first concentrate on getting everything in print though, and afterwards try to build up a nice section on our homepage where you can find all sorts of helpful download files :)

    8. Ryan Blackstock

      Will there be any kind of downloadable Polaris character sheets?