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POLARIS RPG, an exciting post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG, now in English!
POLARIS RPG, an exciting post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG, now in English!
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500 likes on Facebook!

Posted by Black Book Editions (Creator)
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That climbed quickly! We just hit the 500 likes on our Facebook page! Welcome to all the new followers! :)

This does of course unlock another Community Achievement: Ribbon bookmarks for the Core Rulebooks! We're happy to add a ribbon bookmark to each of the Core Rulebooks (we're thinking about dark blue, what do you think?) to make the reading experience even nicer. As the Deluxe version of the books already has one ribbon bookmark, they now come with TWO of these! :).

This also means that we need more of these community achievements! Here we go: If we hit another Community Achievement (who said Twitter?), all our books get shiny Spot UV varnish! That means that parts of the covers will be covered in gloss varnish to highlight some spots (this does not apply to the Deluxe covers though, as they will be different!).

Anyway... You = Awesome!

And don't forget, in just a couple of hours we can all meet up for the Q&A over at #rpgnet!

Cheers and well done,

The Polaris RPG Team

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    1. Black Book Editions Creator on

      @Minarkhaios: The spot varnish does not probably not apply to the Deluxe edition as it will already have its share of special effects :) More on this ASAP!
      It does contain the illustrations of the Core Books on the interior pages, but no spot varnish on them (this is only possible on the book case).

      @David: These upgrades will not at all affect delivery times! All quotes have been made with these specifics as options, so we would get production estimates depending on which upgrades we can unlock. There will be a news with more info on the production schedule soon as well :)

    2. David Andrews on

      Although these "upgrades" sound cool, I'm a little wary as in the past Kickstarters that have had corebook upgrades as part of stretch goals or achievements have seen these upgrades affect the production timescale and the cost of producing the book and shipping. Sometimes to quite a drastic effect.

    3. Minarkhaios

      Will there be something at the "Spot UV varnish" achievement's level for the deluxe edition ? I've read somewhere that the standard cover will be found inside the deluxe edition. If so, will we find the same UV varnish on it ?

    4. Black Book Editions Creator on

      I think so too ! :) - Laura

    5. John M. Kahane on

      Hullo, folks,
      Congratulations to all on unlocking the Ribbon Community Achievement! Well done! :)

      In answer to your question, I kind of like the dark blue ribbon. Very...fitting, n'est pas? :)