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POLARIS RPG, an exciting post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG, now in English!
POLARIS RPG, an exciting post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG, now in English!
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New Quickstart Guide + Adventure available!

Posted by Black Book Editions (Creator)

For those of you who can't wait until the finished products of Polaris RPG ship out, we updated our Quickstart Guide that is available for free on our website and on DriveThruRPG! It now contains a brand new quickstart adventure: Havoc on Irminger.

Players are sent out on a mission on an isolated station and face something far more terrible than expected... Start playing Polaris RPG with this introductory adventure!

This adventure will also be added to the Core Rulebook: 2 and is an all new creation by authors Philippe Tessier and David Burckle.

Check it out and let us know what you think! :)

The Polaris RPG Team

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    1. Black Book Editions Creator on

      File updated on DriveThru :)

    2. John M. Kahane on

      Hullo, BBE Creator, Franck,
      I noticed that those were missing in the archetypes in the new Quick-Start archetypes materials, but thought that the character sheet formatting might have been changed. I much prefer it with the Skillname (A + B) C format, but...eek! This means I'll have to reprint those character archetypes out! Eek! :)


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      deleted on

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    4. Black Book Editions Creator on

      @Jonas: Good point, the Mastery Levels do seem to be missing on those archetypes, the PDF will be updated ASAP!

    5. Jonas Schiött

      Hmm. I might be missing something since I haven't read the entire pdf from cover to cover, I've mostly been curious about the mechanics, but there seems to be something missing.

      Under Critical Success (p 13) you talk about a Mastery Level that's supposed to be listed on the character sheets. But I can't find anything like that?

    6. John M. Kahane on

      Hullo, BBE Creator :),
      I thought the Character Files would be something along these lines, but I really hope that you have a more extensive character sheet on-line and downloadable somewhere for use. Soon. (Just please don't stretch it too 3 or 4 pages, if possible.) :)

      Thanks. :)


    7. John M. Kahane on

      Hullo, Franck (BBE),
      My enthusiasm for the game is contagious, I suspect. :) I know several gamers who are eager to get to play POLARIS, so that may happen for me sooner rather than later.

      No, I won't be able to get to GenCon this year. :( And it's doubtful in future, just because of the rising costs of making the trip down, and some of the health issues I have with my diabetes. Wish I could. *sigh*

    8. Black Book Editions Creator on

      @John: The Character Files will grand you more space for all the Skills and we will probably also have a more extended Character Sheet available online (space is limited in the books, so we do our best!) :)

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      deleted on

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    10. John M. Kahane on

      Hullo, folks,
      Very nice revision of the Quick-Start materials, and the adventure looks all right.

      Just one wish... I hope that there will be a revision made to the character sheets, as from what I can tell having created a sample character and seeing the six Archetypes here, there's no room for the Science skills, no room for putting too many of the Special Skills (which some players are bound to take for their characters in character generation), and a couple of other little things like that.

      Otherwise, a really nice booklet. Look forward to running it sometime soon. :)