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AE-WWII: European Theater – Retro Sci-fi & Occult Horrors in WWII for the table-top.
AE-WWII: European Theater – Retro Sci-fi & Occult Horrors in WWII for the table-top.
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    1. Century 31 on November 17, 2013

      When will the SS Vampire and the Draugr be generally available - I thought I'd added them to my pledge - but I don't seem to have them :-/!

    2. Blackball Games, Inc. 2-time creator on May 21, 2013

      Sorry to hear that Drew, we'll check on that and see what we can do on our end.

    3. Century 31 on May 21, 2013

      How many backers in the UK have received their Stuff, mine and Simons hasn't shown yet!

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian Fowler on May 7, 2013

      Great book, I'm glad I pledged for it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Brian Fowler on April 25, 2013

      Awesome, can't wait!

    6. Blackball Games, Inc. 2-time creator on April 25, 2013

      Picking up the books from the printer tomorrow and packing pledges Saturday. Expect an update tomorrow evening.

    7. Missing avatar

      Brian Fowler on April 25, 2013

      Any news to report, are you guys still on for the next week or two?

    8. Blackball Games, Inc. 2-time creator on March 15, 2013

      Busy getting everything put together for the second edition rulebook! Expect an update early next week!

    9. Infamous B on March 14, 2013

      Tap Tap Tap......

      Anyone home?

    10. Infamous B on February 10, 2013

      How do we look for the project?

    11. Blackball Games, Inc. 2-time creator on February 6, 2013

      Lawn Dart - Email me at with your new address.

    12. Lawn Dart on February 6, 2013

      I need to change my shipping address...does anyone know who should I contact in order to do this?

    13. Infamous B on January 12, 2013

      Thanks, can't wait to hear more! :)

    14. Blackball Games, Inc. 2-time creator on January 7, 2013

      Once the second edition book is launched, all Over the Wire articles will no longer be considered 'official'. We're going through the OTW articles for items to include in the second edition rulebook, but many will be dropped entirely and others will have to wait until future expansions.

    15. Infamous B on January 7, 2013

      Does the old material from the old site still count for this game?

    16. Infamous B on January 7, 2013

      Excellent looking stuff!

    17. Richard Logue on December 16, 2012

      Gratz! Now where's my book and minis???? ;)

    18. Infamous B on December 15, 2012

      sorry gang, had to drop mine a little for this holiday stuff.


      come home for a vacation and people want them to buy you...... stuff. :P

    19. Matt S. on December 13, 2012

      Not even the Tumbleweed? That's disappointing, would like to make use of mine.

    20. Blackball Games, Inc. 2-time creator on December 13, 2012

      Vehicle rules will change to make them much easier/clearer to use. We plan to only tweak the available vehicles slightly, but expect all the vehicles from the core rulebook to be there.

      No tanks.

    21. Infamous B on December 13, 2012

      Any word on vehicles in the book?

    22. Metodi Markov on December 13, 2012

      May be a new goal on 12,5k will help to rise some more interest? :)

    23. Darksteed on December 12, 2012

      Went for the rulebook for now. Would of gone for a Detachment. Though couldn't find one that I liked the look and feel of all the figures in it.

    24. Bob Nolan on December 12, 2012

      Hi all, I'd like to invite all of you to the Facebook page where some other discussion is going on. Follow the link:

    25. Blackball Games, Inc. 2-time creator on December 11, 2012

      Nice work all! 105% down!

      @PJ - no need to wait for expansions, they'll be in the book. AE-WWII: European Theater includes the occult units.

    26. Bob Nolan on December 11, 2012

      Yes, we made it!!!!!

      Sweet mother of pearl!

    27. Infamous B on December 11, 2012

      Come on, you apes!!! Take that hill!!!


    28. Infamous B on December 11, 2012

      Hey there!

      I've got a few of these guys from back in the day. Are the extra stuff from the old darksun website still in for this game?

      Hard to choose the extra stuff with which I'd like to get in on. I've got a jonesing for some of this type of gaming, and really want to get a bunch, but I'm in the middle of traveling right now.

      GRRR..... Heck with it, here's a few more bucks, we'll sort it out later. :P

    29. Pj Byrne on December 11, 2012

      Will that are rewards and stretch goals be placed into the expansion books, I''d hate to see the Vampire, Hoodoo Conjurer and Draugr go to waste.

    30. Blackball Games, Inc. 2-time creator on December 10, 2012

      @Metodi - Thanks! We'll send out a survey once the kickstarter closes. That survey will have your selections, etc... Thanks again.

    31. Blackball Games, Inc. 2-time creator on December 10, 2012

      @Richard: No - but he's an add-on. Also, the April date is as solid as we can make it for now. There is always a slight risk of schedule slip, but we'll keep everyone informed along the way.

    32. Metodi Markov on December 10, 2012

      Hi, I am new to the world of AE-WWII. I like the models very much, like as well the gameplay and I'm looking forward to have even more fun. I just want to know how or where I have to state what I want for my pledge? Good job people, I'm sure we will make it!

    33. Richard Logue on December 9, 2012

      By the way, how solid is the April date estimation? I'm planning to move to another state in May, and I'd hate for there to be any issues with it all.

    34. Chris Cassino on December 8, 2012

      The lab rat was a hero option in the 1st edition. I'm sure it will continue to be a playable model in the 2nd edition.

    35. Richard Logue on December 8, 2012

      Does everyone above Private level also get the German Lab Rat model? And is the Lab Rat a playable unit/character?

    36. Matt S. on December 8, 2012

      There's also a missing SS model that would be nice to see...the Krieghexe!

    37. Bryan Blundell on December 5, 2012

      woudl it be possible to get some of the other minis as options?? like the mechanic, greenman and golem?

    38. Richard Logue on December 4, 2012

      I wish the Brits got some lovin' in the first book. Even if it was just the break down for regular units. they don't necessarily need ray guns, roots, and mad science, just a presence. A little something, kind of like the MI-13 guys from Incursion. Hunters.

    39. Bob Nolan on December 3, 2012

      Just upped my pledge! This is gonna be close!

    40. Blackball Games, Inc. 2-time creator on December 3, 2012

      @Gregory Each $10 base pack add-on gets you 10 bases.

    41. Gregory Zuniga on December 2, 2012

      is it 10 bases or for all the models at the particular level. I just want to add as appropriate.

    42. Blackball Games, Inc. 2-time creator on December 1, 2012

      Hi Ian, great to have you onboard! We can definitely add a detachment pack as an add-on if folks think it would be a good idea.

      Right now, only the Recruit and Private levels get a lab rat. They are for sale right now at the Blackball Games store though.

      We did get AE-Bounty and have some great plans for that line as well. Thanks for joining Operation: Kickstart!

    43. Missing avatar

      Ian ONeil
      on December 1, 2012

      Howdy guys! Been an AE fan for a while. I didn't see detachments as add-ons, just starter sets. I'd like to add on the detachments as some of the figures in the detachments didn't seem to be included in the starter sets.
      Do the higher support levels also get a Lab Rat model like the recruit?
      Did you guys get AE: Bounty also?

    44. Blackball Games, Inc. 2-time creator on December 1, 2012

      Matthew - We're still tinkering with the role of the Schutzkommando. Right now he'll most likely unlock any units while the Krieghexe will unlock Supernatural Beings and the Vril Engineer will unlock Occultists. So he's still useful (and with a 'lethal' StG45, pretty awesome)!

    45. Matt S. on December 1, 2012

      I see the Schutzkommando has been offered as an add-on. Since (apparently) one is no longer needed to field a Vril Engineer, can you clarify what its role will be in the second edition of the rules? My speculation is that the Vril Engineer unlocks Occult units for the SS, while the Schutzkommando unlocks the supernatural units, but that's just a guess.

    46. Missing avatar

      Brian Fowler on November 30, 2012

      @Matthew Senkow. I'm a veteran wargamer but new to the AE-WWII. Love the alternative universe setting, how can you go wrong with chumans, nazi vampires, and mechanical walkers on the sme table?

    47. Blackball Games, Inc. 2-time creator on November 30, 2012

      The models in the starters come with all the options available.

      If you wanted to exchange a detachment pack for two starters, we can definitely allow folks to do so.

    48. Azazel A on November 30, 2012

      *2 starter-sets - miniatures only, no rulebook.

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