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$36.00 pledged of $2,000 goal
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$36.00 pledged of $2,000 goal

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Dominic - £10 or 16 USD an hour
Oxygen room studios - £30 or 49 USD an hour (including mixing)
3 hours per song to record

· – Universal Mastering studio’s
1 Song: £75.00 or 121.50 USD
8 Songs: £525.00 or 850 USD
( or Dave Poler)

· #5 - Dj shaw-t - *NEW* Just love me $24.99
· #45 - Dj shaw-t – Drink the pain away $24.99
· #10 - Speaker Knockerz – Not tonight $24.99
· #36 – Flashbeats – Paperboats $29.99 / Premium lease: $74.99

· Rockitpro – Just dance – Basic license: $24.99
Premium license: $54.99
Synch license: $99.99

Total Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Leasing Cost:
1145 GBP or 1855 USD

MUSIC VIDEO’S - Morgan Keyz
From £350 or 567 USD

Crystalynn Photography – £20 or 32.40 USD


CD Artwork
154 GBP or 250 USD

· Threw it away
· Hear me out
· Imagine
· Paper boat
· Go
· What they say
· Drink the pain away (lets dance)
· Burning feelin

Aaliyah Latifah

Risks and challenges

The Challenges for me will be getting to the recording studio. I go to school Monday thru Friday. Most studios record during the week. I don't want to miss school to record. School is my #1 priority now. Also, paying for the mixing and mastering of the tracks. My manager, David DuPree, has been helping me try to find a sponsor for my project or funding. He found Kickstarter for me. Recording in the UK is very expensive and I don't have the money to pay for it. I'm only 16 and I'm left to do this on my own.There are a lot of engineers but finding a good one is hard. Especially ones that have the equipment to record to today's industry standards. I also need to trademark my name and it's really expensive. Most girls my age have a supportive family to help them with all of this. I don't unfortunately. I have been doing this on my own since I started. I stick with the few good friends I have that support me and my career. Kickstarter, I hope will help me achieve my goals for recording the EP and showing everyone and myself, I should continue to pursue my dream of singing.

Aaliyah Latifah

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