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bklyn boihood's calendar features over 20 models, photographers, artistic directors and designers in the LGBTQ community. We need you!

bklyn boihood film editing: adrienne mcneary; filmed by: anna barsan; music by: THEESatisfaction


the calendar

12 Months never looked so good!

Featuring models from all over the country, bklyn boihood's annual calendar does so much more than keep time. We build confidence through visibility, empower artists to develop their work, turn Brooklyn into a canvas and most importantly, celebrate our presence in the community. Join us in creating the opportunity of a lifetime for over 20 models, photographers, artistic directors and designers.

2012's calendar will be shot through the month of July. While on set, models and participants are immersed in an experience that is meant to champion their confidence, celebrate their beauty and produce groundbreaking images that rock the world. 

The money raised will fund printing the calendar,  the production team, photographers, editors, fillmakers, on set supplies/food, and wardrobe/hair (and yes, even) makeup.

This year we're building on the energy of 2010's inaugural production and investing in a month-long celebration of ourselves. The outcome will certainly represent the journey and we look forward to bringing you a 2012 Calendar that will make you proud to be/know/love/support bois everywhere.

We've put together great rewards and look forward to sharing our journey with you through our calendar and accompanying short film that will document the process.


Dig deep into those fresh pockets and help us accomplish our mission! We've got great rewards for your generosity and look forward to showing the world what can be built with integrity and community.

With love,

the bois

For more info on bklyn boihood check out our mission and vision. For questions and ideas hit us up anytime: or on fb/twitter: @bklynboihood.


  • Give what you can!! Bklyn boihood has always tried to keep the policy that you pay what you can to our events and activities. Our Kickstarter Campaign is no different. We've got goodies to share when you donate $5 or more but we'll even take your dollar and stretch it as far as we can. If you're interested in donating, say, several thousand dollars--go right ahead! We'd be so honored and have great rewards for organizations and individuals interested in that level of commitment. Donate today!!

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  • Because we exist all over the world and self-love is hard work. Because while some of us have been surrounded by loving and supportive people many of us have not and this is a space/project to remind us of who we are and that we are valuable, beautiful and worth the effort. We have heard from each other, parents, children, allies, men, all thanking us for the work we're doing. Calendars are a way to embody and commemorate our journey towards self-love and acceptance. Join us by donating today.

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  • BBH is always interested in allies, supporters and friends! Check out our website and/or facebook for ongoing events, opportunities and creative ways to donate more than just money. You can start by donating today!

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  • Click the link on our webpage and kickstarter will take you step-by-step. If you're having trouble or would like to connect with one of the bois before making your donation, email us: and we'll get back to you ASAP with instructions/support/etc. Try by donating today!

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  • GREAT! We'll come and pick up your donation (if it's over $50 and in NYC/Brooklyn) or you can mail it in. For address info, email us: We take cash and checks!

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  • Of course! We'd love to challenge organizations that are well-established to give generously. For questions on rewards that could directly benefit your organization, email us:

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  • We have calendars posted on walls in Cape Town, SA, Germany, Toronto--litearlly across the world! You don't need to be close to us to feel our presence. We're hoping to build upon projects like this and take our work far and wide! DONATE DONATE DONATE and send us a shoutout on our website telling us where you are and that you supported us!

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  • Absolutely! Our facebook and both have links to our kickstarter project. If you have trouble finding out where, send a quick email to and we'll help you out.

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  • We are a collective that uses social media, workshops and parties and events to build community. We've partnered with organizations in Oakland, Toronto, Philly, greater NY and beyond (with more coming soon!). Check out our website to learn more about each of our projects.

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  • We've just closed casting for the 2012 Calendar. Look out for an announcement for 2013 around this time next year. For now, if your cousin/friend/sister is doing something noteworthy in their community, nominate them for the boi of the month on our website

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  • Please email Mo @ for a press kit and/or press inquiries.

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  • Because of you. :) We'll be sure to continue to do our best work knowing your support and backing is what drives us.

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