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The retro-style White Elephant Card Game simulates the classic holiday gift exchange game. Give White Elephant as a White Elephant!

UPDATE: A ginormous thank you to everyone who helped reach our funding goal! We are excited to have the game printed and get it sent out to everyone. And YES, you can still pre-order the game through Saturday, July 23 to ensure you have the keenest Christmas and the niftiest New Year ever!

It happens every year…

The annual White Elephant Christmas Party is coming up and you want to take the best gift ever. But you put it off until the last minute (again) and end up taking a box of mac & cheese wrapped in newspaper (again). Lame.

Well, this year is different. This year, be the first on your block (or office, or family, or whatever) to bring the most sought-after gift ever! Some lucky partygoer will take home the excitement with their very own copy of the White Elephant Card Game. Better yet, grab an extra copy for yourself and relive those classic gift stealing, backstabbing moments all throughout the year!

Some may know the classic White Elephant gift exchange game as Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa, Thieving Secret Santa, or Parcel Pass. The retro-style White Elephant Card Game simulates this classic holiday game. It's a jolly good time for three to six players aged eight and up and plays in about 15-20 minutes. It’s perfect for families and anyone in the Holiday spirit all year ‘round!

In the White Elephant Card Game you play the part of a no-good cheapskate, unwilling to spend a measly dime on the people on your gift list (hey, just like real life!) However, you will be attending several White Elephant parties. You can take some junk from your attic and exchange it for treasures to give as gifts. If you “play your cards right” you could fill your gift list for free and no one will be the wiser!

Each player has a Gift List Card, a list of three people for whom to acquire gifts. The Gift Cards in their hand constitute their “attic”. There is one “White Elephant Party” for each card in a player’s attic.

For each “party” a player “brings a gift to the party” by placing one Gift Card from their hand facedown on the table in front of them. The first player begins by selecting one of the gifts and “opens” it by turning it face up. The next player may then select a new gift, or “steal” an opened gift by taking a face-up Gift Card from a player who has an open gift. When a player steals an open gift they hold it in their hand until a new gift is opened. This way a gift may be stolen only once until a new card is turned over. When a new card is turned over all stolen gift cards are placed face up so the next player may steal any opened gift.

This continues until the last gift is opened. At this point each player keeps the gift they have and a new party begins. This continues until all of the Gift Cards have been played.

At the end of the game each player counts only the one highest-numbered Gift Card they received that matches each color on their gift list. The total of these cards is the player’s final score. The player with the most points wins. Ties are resolved by the player who looks the most like an actual white elephant claiming victory.


  • 36 gift cards, 6 gift list cards
  • Seven-player expansion (13 gift cards, 1 gift list card)
  • Rules
  • Tuck box

So why the Kickstarter campaign? The answer is simple…we need the cabbage. We are asking for your help to finish all of the artwork and have the White Elephant Card Game printed. The game consists of a standard poker-sized deck and a short set of rules in a lovely little tuck box.

But wait, there’s more. Every game will include the seven-player expansion. The seven-player expansion is truly amazing because it allows you to…wait for it…play the game with seven players! (I’ll bet you didn’t see that coming.)

But wait, there’s even more. Some of the backer levels include special one-time offers that will only be available by supporting the White Elephant Card Game through Kickstarter (like the awesome Mystery Box promo cards). Please read through the levels for more information.

So what are you waiting for? No really, most people don’t make it this far down the page. Select a pledge level on the right and give it a click. Your co-workers (or neighbors, or family members, or whoever) will be glad you did!

Thank you for your kind support!

*No white elephants were harmed during the creation of this game.


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    The Mystery Box Promo Cards. This promo includes seven “Mystery Box” cards, and is ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH KICKSTARTER. Add $5 to any level to receive an additional set of promo cards. (Does not include main game.)

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    The Vanilla Ice Cream Level. One copy of the White Elephant Card Game. EACH game on every level includes the seven-player expansion! (US shipping included in all levels. For international shipping please add $5 per game.)

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    The Garden Gnome Level. One copy of the White Elephant Card Game and one set of Mystery Box promo cards. Add $10 to any level for an additional game.

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    The Stocking Stuffer Level. Five copes of the White Elephant Card Game.

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    The White Elephant Club Level. Five copies of the White Elephant Card Game and five sets of the Mystery Box promo cards. You will also be listed as a member of the White Elephant Club in the rules. (I give you the fame; you’ll have to find your own fortune.)

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    The Aunt Edna Fruit Cake Level. The White Elephant Club Level benefits, plus SEND IN A PICTURE OF YOUR OWN WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT TO BE INCLUDED IN THE GAME! (Remember, this is a family game. Please don’t submit photos of anything that I couldn’t show my five year old. No “adult” oriented, racially offensive, or otherwise objectionable photos will be printed.)

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    The Polyester Leisure Suit Level. The White Elephant Club Level benefits, plus you will receive one of the actual White Elephant gifts pictured in the game. (I know you have your eye on that sweet 1983 Kodak Partytime Instant Camera…)

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    The Ultimate White Elephant Extravaganza Level. All of the White Elephant Club Level benefits plus your name on the box as “The Ultimate White Elephant Partier”. As an added bonus I will send you the special White Elephant Party Box, full of white elephant gifts and a signed copy of the White Elephant Card Game for up to 20 guests.

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