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A documentary about a six year old boy named Jeremiah and his father, the drag queen superstar Tyra Sanchez. Read more

Brooklyn, NY Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on July 27, 2012.

A documentary about a six year old boy named Jeremiah and his father, the drag queen superstar Tyra Sanchez.

Brooklyn, NY Documentary
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About this project

Wow! We have met our goal! Thank you all so very much for making this happen. The support and love we've been feeling has been overwhelming.

But we're not done yet! Because our $16,000 goal was set conservatively, we do encourage our supporters to keep spreading the word and pledging. Our budget estimate was set to the absolute minimum to make Drag Dad possible, and we could still use more help. Any funds raised beyond our goal would go towards making the film even greater, including:

  • Expanding our shoot schedule to capture more material with James and Jeremiah.
  • Upgrading our equipment rental package to include the very best tools with which to make this film.
  • Hiring an award-winning post-production team to to make the final product something we can all, as backers and supporters, be proud of.
  • Purchasing Errors and Omissions Insurance to be able to move the film into the theatrical and broadcast medium.
  • Submitting to more high profile international film festivals (this is costlier than you'd think!).
  • Strengthening our marketing and distribution efforts to help this film and its message reach as large an audience as we can.


"Having Jeremiah when I was 17 saved my life." -James William Ross, IV (aka Tyra Sanchez)

Drag Dad is an independent documentary project about a six year old boy named Jeremiah and his father, the drag queen superstar named Tyra Sanchez. In 2010, Tyra Sanchez won the popular reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race, propelling Tyra and her creator James into stardom.

Capturing both the everyday and the sensational aspects of James’ dual existence as a drag queen and a parent, the film will examine James’s experience of leading these two contrastive lifestyles. What is it like for Jeremiah to have a dad who is sometimes a man and sometimes a woman? Is James any different a dad because he works as a female impersonator?

Filmed in an observational cinema verité style, Drag Dad will combine interviews with James, Tyra and Jeremiah, and footage of their everyday domestic lives in Atlanta to gain an in-depth view into this unique LGBT family.

"It's like Will Smith's father-son flick, The Pursuit of Happiness, only in lipstick and a bigger wig."

"We're falling in love with Drag Dad!"

Also featured on,,,, Los Angeles news KTLA 5's Sunday Edition Show, Icelandic News Morgunblaðið and RUV, and the Twitter feed of the queen of queens, RuPaul!


Most Americans today still believe children should only be raised by a man and a woman. As filmmakers, we feel a need to break down the idea that some parents are somehow better than others because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We think it’s important to show those who hold prejudices against LGBT families that these things do not define what makes a good parent. It shouldn’t matter whether you’re gay, straight, a Wall Street broker or drag performer. Love and dedication to your child defies all labels. We’ve seen James and Jeremiah together, and the sweet nature of their relationship. We want to bring that relationship to the screen.

James stopped by in New York City recently to perform as Tyra Sanchez, and we were lucky enough to tag along and film Tyra’s adventures for a couple nights (some of which you can see in the above videos). Most Drag Race fans will grant that James is an electric presence on stage. But, from having spent time with him for this first part of filming, we have seen that he is an always engaging, always entertaining character-- and such a great subject for the kind of documentary we want to make.


To make this film, we need to raise money to travel with a small crew to Atlanta to film James and Jeremiah in their home environment. We have worked out that $16,000 is the absolute minimum amount to make this film possible. This all goes towards making the film, not to the filmmaker himself. The Kickstarter goal covers the production of the film, post-production, promotions, festival submissions and everything in between.

Your contributions will go toward:

  • Production: equipment rentals, insurance and taking a small, dedicated team of filmmakers to Atlanta (budget travel, economic lodging and cheap food)
  • Post-production: editing, sound mixing, grading
  • Promotions/distribution: marketing the film, reaching out to press and communities, film festival submissions and travel. We want this film and its message to reach as large an audience as possible!


For making this film possible, we have arranged a fabulous set of rewards for contributors to show our appreciation. With the generous cooperation of Tyra Sanchez herself, we are able to offer you exclusive goodies such as signed photo books and posters, limited edition DVDs, video drag lessons from Tyra, Tyra memorabilia, and even the opportunity for Tyra to personally “dragatize” you and perform at your party, which we’ll film! All contributors will receive a password to stream the film, and all pledges $10 and over will receive a digital download of the film upon its release.

We hope you can tell how very excited the filmmakers and James are about making this project happen, and we hope you are too! 

Thank you so much for your support! If you are unable to financially support the project, we understand, but we do hope you will be able to help us spread the word! Here's where we're at:


From family albums and footage we shot with Tyra in New York.

to include the very best tools with which to make this film.


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    A personal Thank You email from Director and electronic smooch from Tyra + Digital download of the film.

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    All rewards above + One printed production still (8x10) + A digital Drag Dad eBook for iPad or iPhone: 20 page eBook containing production photos and still frames from the film, along with some notes from Director and general musings from Tyra.

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    All rewards above + Printed Production Still, Autographed by Tyra + A Tyra Autographed Drag Dad movie poster (12x18) + Password for "How To Drag" makeup video lesson from Tyra.

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    All rewards above + Limited run, Special Edition DVD with bonus features + A very special Thank You in the credits of the film + Wrap party invite (New York City): An opportunity to meet filmmakers and Tyra + Personal Skype chat with Tyra or filmmakers (contributor’s choice).

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    All rewards above + Autographed, bookstore quality “Drag Dad” Photobook (10x8): 20 pages (printed version of the eBook) + Associate producer credit in film and on IMDb page + A piece of Tyra memorabilia! (personal items).

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    All rewards above + Executive Producer credit in film and on IMDb page + Your bio and photo in the Press Kit and on web site + Copy of the press kit + Upgrade to Executive Producer’s “Drag Dad” top quality Hardback photobook (13x11) with Matte Finish pages, director’s production notes and Tyra’s musings (40+ pages) + Deluxe framed large Drag Dad movie poster, autographed by Director and Tyra.

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    In addition to our AWESTRUCK AND ETERNAL GRATITUDE, you will receive all the rewards above + A personal appearance and performance by Tyra at your party or event (anywhere in the Continental U.S.) where Tyra will “dragatize” you. To be filmed by the Director. A custom-made DVD of the event will be shot, edited and delivered to Contributor upon completion.

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