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"Damien Vennar used to be a god." -- BIRTHRIGHT is a science-fiction/fantasy novel by B.J. Keeton.
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B.J. Keeton

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5 Days, $500. We can do this!

Hey, folks. I hope everyone had a fantastic July 4th. I know we did--Amazing Spider-man in 3D, sushi, and fireworks make for a pretty great holiday, if you ask me. 

Kickstarter is winding down, and we're still going strong. We have until July 11th at 10am CDT to raise another $500. That's 5 days to get $500 in pledges. That's so doable, it's not even funny. We just have to get the word out. So Tweet your hearts out, folks! Please. :)

I made a Facebook event for the Kickstarter campaign, so if any of you would like to share that with your friends and family, I'll love you forever. You can find the event here: 

Also, don't miss the guest post I made over at We Fly Spitfires titled "Geeks vs. The World." You can just guess what it's about. ;)

Until next time, folks. Keep fightin' the good fight. And again, thanks. Y'all are awesome. :)