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Finally - Life on Bitcoin is ready for our Backers

Posted by Beccy & Austin (Creator)

You probably didn’t think you’d ever hear from us again, did you?

Life on Bitcoin, a documentary project that started four years ago, is finally ready for distribution.

The film has a global distribution deal with an up and coming streaming platform. They’ll be actively engaged in educating a wide audience about bitcoin, just like our movie.

If you supported this project at a level to recieve a digital download, you should have already receieved the download link in your Kickstarter inbox.

Now a little bit about the film, and the path we’ve been on for the past four years.

A lot has changed for Bitcoin since we put our Kickstarter out there. The price! The fees!! Thankfully, the film focuses on the fundamentals of bitcoin and blockchain technology. Our story of living on an early digital currency in 2013 acts as a teaching vehicle, letting viewers know what bitcoin is and how it might change the way we all live. If you know people who don’t get bitcoin yet, this is a good place for them to start.

We began this project with a specific mission. Corporations and governments have PR firms, advertising agencies and all kinds of promoters. Bitcoin and its blockchain siblings are open source projects. They only have their communities.

We wanted to be a voice driving education and understanding on behalf of the vast majority of the world who will never understand blockchain technology on a technical level, but who nonetheless will be deeply impacted by it. Our little team failed to deliver this project in a timely way. We are deeply sorry for our failures. But we believe it can still have an outsized impact in teaching people outside this community about the technology in an accessible way.

According to the most recent and authoritative study we could find, published by the University of Cambridge in May 2017, there are currently an estimated 3 million to 6 million people using cryptocurrencies. That means 99.9% of the human race has never used a cryptocurrency. Eight years in since Satoshi’s landmark paper, we believe this technology is still in its infancy.

There’s a question a lot of our backers will be asking right now: What took so long? It’s a good question. We’ll give the short answer.

When we started this project, there was a small team committed to making and pushing it out to the world. We hired a production company to tackle the filmmaking itself, and assembled a team of marketers to make sure it got seen. But as with many ambitious creative projects, there were challenges we couldn’t have known beforehand. Team members dropped out, and with each departure, pressure mounted for the remaining team. It had a domino effect. Ultimately, it was left to just a couple of us to get this done, tackling every aspect of writing, editing, premiering, finding distribution, licensing outside footage, and more. Many hands make light work, but the opposite is also true. When it’s just a couple of us working nights and weekends in areas way outside our expertise… it took a while.

We could have and should have been better about communicating the struggles and delays we faced with the project, and for that we apologize.

We also faced fraud, attempted extortion, licensing complications, and more frustration than we can go into. Frankly, it’s a miracle this got finished at all, and we’re proud of the final film and relieved that it is finished.

We hope you like it too.

As has ever been the case, there is no way this project could have had any life, then or now, without the incredible support of the bitcoin community and you our backers.

Thanks for everything.

-Austin and Beccy Craig
-Theron Harmon, Producer

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    1. Missing avatar

      Vitor Menezes on

      Thanks for finally getting it out! I can't wait to watch t!

    2. Missing avatar

      Steve Hoffman on

      Quick followup. The platform allows a 1080p DRM free download. Thanks for coming thru! Better late than never. Can't wait to watch the film!

    3. Missing avatar

      Steve Hoffman on

      The reward was supposed to be:

      "DRM-free 1080p digital download of the feature length documentary. Includes your name in the film credits and on the Backers Wall"

      A Blue Ray, DVD or streaming are all DRM.