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This Documentary is about the revolution that has already begun. Who will become the next Cryptocurrency Billionaire? Read more

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This Documentary is about the revolution that has already begun. Who will become the next Cryptocurrency Billionaire?

Sina Ghashghaei
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Sina Ghashghaei

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About this project

Hello! Welcome to our Kickstarter campaign. We are a group of entrepreneurs looking to create an extremely important documentary about the emerging world of Bitcoin.

The variety of things you can purchase with Bitcoin is going to increase dramatically in 2014. How can young entrepreneurs take advantage of this trend? What different types of businesses can you start satisfy this new demand? Who is already making an impact in the Bitcoin community?

In our documentary we explore the answers to these questions, interviewing pioneers of our future, and digging deep into the fabric of the community. We want to raise awareness of Bitcoin in order to inspire the masses.

What you can expect to see:

- In-depth interviews with entrepreneurs. 

 - Layman's explanation of virtual currencies. 

 - The economic impact Bitcoin can have on finance. 

- Who are the movers and shakers? 

- The opportunities that virtual currencies bring to entrepreneurs. 

- What are investors looking for in new startups? 

- Which companies have already made huge impacts to the success of Bitcoin? 

And much more...

We have some big plans beyond this documentary:

- A YouTube channel with weekly shows. 

- An initiative to help get technology in the hands of people in third world countries. 

- Help incubate cryptocurency startups. 

 - Encourage small businesses to adapt to cryptocurrency. 

- Educate consumers about the benefits of using cryptocurrency.

If you want to know more, please request more details by emailing us at: 

Risks and challenges

The Team:

We have a team of 7 people working on this Documentary, each of us have experience in:

- Film
- Marketing/Advertising
- Animation
- Social Media
- Graphic Design
- Mobile Application Development
- Programming

Much More...

We are an experienced team capable of creating a truly inspirational Documentary.

Risks and Challenges include:

- Not being able to get bankers in the documentary (Conflict of interest).
- Politicians may not want to be part of the documentary (Reputation).
- The public may not have enough knowledge about Bitcoin sufficient enough to conduct in depth interviews.
- We may encounter push back from groups that do not want to see Bitcoin succeed.

How we will overcome these challenges:

We are a passionate and determined team, we will be as resourceful as we can be. Education is a big part of our Documentary, through the process of filming the Documentary, we hope to educate everyone that we come across. Our passion for the movement of what Bitcoin represents, we hope is going to be the "wrecking ball" that brings down the wall of scepticism that is currently surrounding Bitcoin.

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