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Become part of "Thunder." Be one important rain-drop in telling Ferron's story: from runaway to one of Canada's most famous folk musicians.

Ferron is one of Canada's most famous folk musicians. She has made over a dozen albums and been an inspiration to artists such as Ani Difranco, The Indigo Girls, Tori Amos and others.
Hi I'm Bitch. And I’m Billie.

As a couple of feminist artists, we feel we see very little of 'our people' up on the big screen. We want to change that with our muscles, time and inspiration. We believe that all people, regardless of homo-ness or not-homo-ness, female or not, will benefit from experiencing Ferron's story.

We want to film and interview Ferron in 4 different seasons, starting this Summer. We want to tell the story of her life, how she went from a 15-year-old runaway to become one of Canada’s most famous folk musicians.

We want to show the artist in her current environment—talk to her about her relationship with the women's movement, how her dreams have changed or not changed, the current state of the world, environmentalism, feminism, gender lines, Native struggles, politics and hope.

This Kickstarter project is where you can become part of “Thunder.”

We have one Executive Producer already, who has thrown in enough cash to start us off. (Thank You--Leslie Gearhart for being our first!!) We need either 3 more Executive Producers, or a bunch of beautiful hope-filled patrons to let us spend our year making this thing.
Imagine the year we could have!

With 300 or so backers + a coupla rich-Bitches who wanna join Leslie’s ranks as Executive Producer, we can make our goal of $15,555, we can make a killer documentary, spend our year doing it, while still hustling to play a bunch of shows to supplement it. We will call that the SHADOWS-ON-A-DOCUMENTARY-ON-A-DIME and will love you forever, and probably nag you next year for post-production costs.

With 400 or so backers + a coupla rich-Bitches, we could exceed our goal, maybe not have to nag you next year—and possibly spend more time with Ferron at the river, getting inside the soul of what it means to be her. She once said, 'I'm not in the music industry...they sell songs. I write prayers. How do you sell a prayer?' We will call that the PRAYERS ARE PAYING YOU NOW, SISTER- DOCUMENTARY ON A DIME, and ear-mark some money to give to Ferron to continue her “Fen Sanctuary” a retreat space where she offers writing workshops and a cabin or two for a world-weary artist to come to write and rest.

Dang, with 500 or so backers + a coupla “RBs” we could hustle a little less, and could take our year to focus, get more footage, nag Ferron left and right. We will call that the DANG! THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR DOCUMENTARY ON A DIME! and you will never have to hear from us again, except for at our opening night screening, or our witchy celebration in some remote woods as we revel in knowing that, DANG, the world needs our voices!

Our goal is to be able to make this whole thing on $30,000. In the film world, that’s nothing. In our world, it’s a whole lot.

So this is where you come in. Add your name to herstory! Bring together the high-rollers of CASH with the high-rollers of HOPE to BECOME PART OF THUNDER.

Your grand-babies will thank you for it. And so will we.

In Bitch's words:

I (Bitch--yes, my mother named me that) first heard of Ferron through Ani (Difranco) with whom I had the honor to tour quite a bit. When she told me that Ferron was coming to our show one night, I admitted to not knowing who Ferron was. She gasped, clutched her heart and proceeded--along with her band-mate Julie Wolf--to rattle off song titles and albums that had obviously not only effected her, but moved her in some sort of religious way.

I got to meet Ferron again at a festival we were both playing later that year. She didn’t say much, and was maybe annoyed that our friend (June Millington) was insisting we connect. Somehow, I charmed her, and she said in her very matter-of-fact way, "you wanna play your fiddle on one of my songs later?" "Sure," i said--"anything in particular you want?" "No, just be you and I'm sure it will come out all right."

And so our relationship was born. Someday I’ll tell you the rest of that story—how that show went, which was very funny, but we may have to save that for, ahem, the film.

I had never heard "Girl on a Road." Looking back, that is almost impossible for me to believe, and proof of our culture’s lack-of-legacy. While I was on stage with her, I heard that song for the very first time. My heart sank, filled and exploded all at once and I felt a huge 'something' shift inside.

In 2008, I produced "Boulder"--an album that pays homage to Ferron. I wanted to make an album that expressed my deepest love for her music. Amazing artists like Ani Difranco, The Indigo Girls, JD Samson (Le Tigre), Samantha Parton (The Be Good Tanyas) and others stepped up to be part of this herstorical recording.

I spent a whole year of my life making it--simultaneously recording an ep of my own music, starting my own record label, learning Pro-Tools as fast as i could to keep up with this sense of destiny that was pushing me forward--dying to tell not only my own--but my elder’s--my poetic idol's--my new friend's one too.

This film will be a continuation of that project.

wanna read more?

Directors: Bitch and Billie Jo Cavallaro
Executive Producers: Leslie Gearhart and Lisa Deaton (Your name here!)
Music: Ferron



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