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Update #11

The update Gotham needs

Howdy! Some folks were (rightfully) wondering what we've been up to, so we've exited our hyperbaric work chamber to decompress a bit and give everyone an update. We hope you'll be happy with what you hear!

  • We got an Epilog laser! This thing is the bee's knees. A couple days into the Kickstarter campaign we decided everyone should get one of our wooden coins. Little did we know we were putting ourselves on the hook for about 8000. The only cost effective way to make these was to get the equipment ourselves. This (relatively) little guy is great to have on hand for prototyping. The video above is a test run.
  • Remee has moved production to larger facilities better equipped to deal with the volume - not to mention better equipped to make a product we're proud to send. There were some quality concerns with our original manufacturer that started to manifest themselves when our sample orders got larger. This *has* set us back a bit, but nothing to be too terribly concerned about. We weighed our options and decided that, in the end, most people would rather wait a bit longer for a quality product anyway. We hope you'll agree.
  • We've removed some of the weight from the circuit board and even added an *extra* flexible hinge in the middle. Our mission from the beginning was to make a mask you wouldn't even know had electronics in it. We got pretty darn close! The electronics are now so low-profile and flexible that we were able to remove a layer of foam from the inside, making the mask lighter, more breathable, and easier to wear while sleeping.
  • The heavy zig-zag stitching on the top front has been removed - it was a necessary evil that was disguised as a design element. Thankfully better methods have allowed us to eliminate it altogether.
  • We found some low-profile, strong 3/4" hook-and-loop closure that we're happy with. That means Remee's strap is now adjustable without having a bulky hump that might cause discomfort while sleeping. We've been sleeping with the new strap for a while now and can report that comfort was not affected whatsoever!
  • We've been toying with a new light pattern - most of our patterns have been very steady back-and-forth, in-and-out type patterns, but Duncan in particular has had a lot of success with 'Scatter' - which is more or less what it sounds like. This is a great example of why having pattern options is good - different patterns may work better for different people.

That's all the news that's fit to print. We'll be back as soon as we have more to say. Thanks, everyone, for your support!

Duncan & Steve
Bitbanger Labs

Update #10

Absolutely, positively the last update about the William McShane Fund (Unless we win)

Hey everyone! Just a quickie - we're taking a much needed 48 hour break from the world in the beautiful Delaware Water Gap, but the William McShane Fund contest ends shortly and we need your help to stay on top! If you'd like to see Remee on the shelves in stores all over the world, please take a moment to vote for Remee here. Thanks for your time, and a pleasant holiday weekend to those of you from the US. 

Duncan & Steve
Bitbanger Labs

Update #9

Onward and Upward


^ Our own Duncan Frazier speaking on a panel at Tech Crunch Disrupt.

After a harrowing couple days, all seems well with the payment issues - nothing more than a small glitch on Amazon's side that was quickly corrected once normal business hours resumed following the weekend. Thanks, everyone, for staying patient while it was worked out. A couple things:

  • A lot of folks forgot to add international shipping to their pledge - not a big deal. Many of you have already corrected this through our website, Others have been asking how we are going to match up the two payments. When the survey goes out we'll ask international backers who didn't add shipping in their pledge to provide their Paypal transaction ID so we can match up that way. No worries. A bit manual, but nothing we can't handle.
  • If your payment failed you should have already gotten an email about it from Kickstarter. The email contains instructions on how to fix your payment. 
  • By the way, wow! Remee seems to have exploded in popularity since the end of the Kickstarter. We've been mentioned on and guests on dozens of radio shows around the world, including KTLA in Los Angeles, WKTU in New York, Radio 2UE in Sydney, and CJAD in Montreal. We've also gotten write-ups in The Daily Mail and a bunch of other sites. Very exciting but also very time consuming to have your phone ringing and your inbox filling up quicker than you have time to empty it. We're staying on top of it and on the phone every day with our manufacturers and suppliers making sure everything is on schedule. 
  • People have been asking about the surveys. We're working on it, but we want to make absolutely certain they're perfect before sending out. Better to insure we have all the information we need to make sure everyone gets exactly what they want as soon as possible.
  • Due in no small part to the vigilance of you, our backers, we have graduated to Round Two of the William McShane Fund contest, by Buckyballs and Brookstone! The voting has reset to zero for the 6 remaining projects, so if you think Remee is worthy of shelf space at Brookstone, please feel free to vote and share as often as you can! Thank you very much!

We'll be back soon with more. Stay lucid!

Duncan & Steve
Bitbanger Labs

Update #8 - For backers only

Payment stuff


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Update #7

The End of the Beginning!

"And you can dream, so dream out loud." - Paul Hewson

Our Kickstarter has ended! We are absolutely knocked out, floored, flabbergasted at the response, support, and encouragement Remee received on Kickstarter and from places like Reddit. The words simply aren't there. In our final 72 hour push we were able to reach a point even we never envisioned for this phase of Remee. Thank you all! Without you Remee might still be a prototype that never saw the light of day.

A couple of issues that are cropping up:

  • I am an international backer and I forgot to add international shipping! Oh no!
    Fear not. Go to and add International Shipping to your cart to make up the difference.
  • I got here with zero seconds to go and now I can't get one, darnit.
    No worries. We are accepting pre-orders on Be sure to also add International Shipping to your cart if you live outside the United States.

  • Where do I pick my color? I want a Red one! Red! RED!
    You will receive a survey from us (via Kickstarter) soon - that's when you'll choose your color and enter shipping information.

That's all for now! We'll continue to update you with more info, but right now, we're both late for a wedding! Congratulations, Jake and Steph!

Duncan & Steve
Bitbanger Labs

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