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Shrink to the size of an atom. Teleport to Mars. Bowl with John Lennon & Liz Lemon. Free your dreams!
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With apologies to Danny Elfman

Posted by Bitbanger Labs (Creator)

This is an actual-speed representation of the last 14 days at Bitbanger Labs. We're excited to announce that nearly all of our Backers should have received a shipping notification by now - many of you have received Remee already. A few people have contacted us about their tracking numbers not showing any movement - again, this is simply business as usual for the wonderful US Postal Service, and the vast majority of you should expect to receive Remee any day whether the tracking information has been updated or not. The problem was made worse by cyber Monday postal traffic and the fact that the PO was still recovering a bit from Hurricane Sandy. 

We put together a quick video below to demonstrate using Remee out of the box, as well as some of the customization features. Hopefully this will help out anyone who is having a little trouble getting started with their Remee!

A few of you are probably saying "Hey, I never got a shipping notification!" - The most likely reason for this is because we never received any survey information from you. Kickstarter sent out a survey for you to choose which color Remee you'd be receiving and also to supply us shipping information. The survey is still live and a few of you have filled it out over the past couple days, so we'll get these out as they come along.  

Thank you for all the feedback! So far there have been relatively few issues with production - of those few, many have simply been a case of our instructions not being as clear as they could have been, and in at least one case, no instructions existing at all. Lots of early success stories, and we're looking forward to hearing more as people spend more time with Remee.


Duncan & Steve
Bitbanger Labs


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    1. Manuel De Jesus Fernandez on

      Yes i filled the survey and i havent gotten anything yet i pledged $80.00 dollars i hope i can get a remee soon

    2. Greg on

      Hi, I realize it's been more than a year since my Remee was supposed to ship, but I never received it. I just checked, and I definitely completed the shipping survey (May 29, 2012). Am I likely to get one at this point?

    3. Missing avatar

      Piero BJ on

      I haven't received anything yet, what's going on?

    4. Bitbanger Labs 3-time creator on

      Hey Anna! We're not entirely sure what happened here, but expect it to be rectified shortly.

    5. Missing avatar

      Anna on

      Hello, I received the email about which design I wanted and submitted it November 9th, 2012, but have not received anything yet. My friend who ordered his around the same time got his Remee a few months ago. I'm not angry, but at this point I would really appreciate either a Remee or my money back please.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andreas Loof on

      Thanks to the team! After my post on January 11th they solved my problem in a very smart way!!!

    7. Bitbanger Labs 3-time creator on

      All below issues seem to have been resolved, except for Michael DiMinico - hope you have received our email that you didn't fill out your survey, Michael!

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael DiMinico on

      Never got a shipping notification and never recieved a remee. how do I follow up?

    9. Missing avatar

      Andreas Loof on

      I am really unhappy with your service. Received my Remee as a "dead on arrival". Two email messages concerning what to do now were ignored. Is this just a "fire and forget" sale??? My order number is 13907.

    10. Missing avatar

      Lucien on

      I got my shipping notification on november 23rd, received the Remee today. Anyone else outside the US still waiting that has received their notification: In my experience the USPS takes forever to get something to my house. Usually 4-6 weeks.

    11. Missing avatar

      Darvin Melton on

      I backed the product several months ago. I did not receive a survey my emails have not been answered. How do I get my product? Please. Help

    12. Missing avatar

      dnaiel on

      hey i still havnt received my remee...been waiting 6 months now...anyone else from melbourne receive theirs yet?

    13. Missing avatar

      Fred Bouquet on


      I still have not received my remee. (snif) ! I sent an email ( )two days ago without answer. Who knows how to contact the Bitbanger Labs ? I've not found any form or email on the website. Help would be appreciated.

    14. Carlo Iannone on

      Hey Guys, I never received a survey as far as I know and hence did not select. Can one still do so? Happy to see your success.

    15. Missing avatar

      G. S. on

      I didn't receive my Remee neither. Tracking says it's still in NY.
      Destination is The Netherlands. I hope the delivery is just late...

    16. Till on

      never receive my remee... waiting since month for a good dream:(

    17. Lori Bisbey on

      Hi received my Remee but it doesn't work :(
      There was no tab to pull on the battery so maybe the battery is dead? Please advise

    18. Bitbanger Labs 3-time creator on

      Hey Chris! Internet Explorer appears to be the problem in your case - we're working on a fix, but in the meantime, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari work superbly.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Anyone else having a problem with the website when trying to update settings? The squares dont do any flashing at all for me. The left one stays black and the right one stays white. The default settings are so bright they immediately wake me up.

    20. Alejandro Catalan on

      Hey guys, I'm STILL waiting for my unit !!!..... Pleasee!!!!!!!! I need an update!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Anna M Greco on

      1st nite I yelled at husband to stop flicking the light in the bdroom at 3:30AM. It was Remee... but have not figured out yet to set it to earlier alertness... When you are making improvements on future models, please CUP over the eyes and even perhaps have some wire or bendable something to help keep on your face, but not press on your eyes/eyelashes, and maybe make more breatheable??? I didn't know my eyes could sweat so much.......... But I'm staying with my Remee!!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      laurie vinson on

      hey guys,can't find the page that comes up are sites for sleep number beds.Saw the video as to how to program,but cannot find anyway to program.Frustrated

    23. Greg Ortega on

      okI got mine today! !. cant wait to try it!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeremy D on

      I take back my previous statement; my package is actually on its way now according to USPS. My apologies to Bitbanger.

    25. Brad Lucky Le on

      at least ya;ll got a status... i filled out the survey on 5/29/12 and i havent gotten a tracking email or anything...

    26. Missing avatar

      Jeremy D on

      Nothing has arrived, and the shipping notice only says "electronic shipping information received" as of November 25th. I know you are busy, but this is way past the due date.

      I live in the contiguous US, so I don't think a package shipped "First Class Mail" would take over nine days to arrive. As I was one of the first backers, I am pissed.

    27. Mathieu on

      The USPS package was stuck the 26 November too, and never been able to get more information... since today: i got it in my mailbox (Lille, France)! I think USPS doesn't track anymore when it's running outside USA. It's just a guess.

      So be patient :)

    28. Greg Ortega on

      Hi!, just wondering, there is no more status report on my shipment since the 26 of november, and I live in Melbourne Australia. on the 26 it was on NY, where is it by now? please help!.

    29. Asian Moulder on

      Hahahaha...tried it last night for the first time and when the lights came on, it was seriously like Mind Heist with the noise and everything. Freaked myself out and woke up wondering what the hell was going on. Honestly I cant wait to get a better feel for this lucid dreaming thing because that was awesome! Thanks for a great friends are already asking me about it.

    30. Paul McEnany on

      Hey guys- I haven't received the shipping notification. Just wanted to check and make sure things are a-ok!

    31. James DeWitt on

      I received my tracking number.

      I live in Nevada. USPS missent the package (It didn't even leave New York). It's now been over 10 days since it was sent.

      I have sent emails to Bitbanger asking them to inquire on their end to the USPS, but with no response.

      I realize it is in the USPS hands now, but this is all very unfortunate. (Also a side note - this is just one more reason why i have no doubts on why the USPS is failing and is not coming back once their infrastructure crumbles)

    32. Davis Peng on

      Since i am unable to program it I learn to just deal with default settings. And overall it works but I bet it takes time to really make you control your dreams. So I will share my first dream with you guys to show you what I mean. I started off watching these 2 dudes and a girl walk down a alley and make a turn into some haunted house. One of those cliche ones people make to raise money for school or something. Well we walk in and the girl splits off into one room so i decide to follow the guys and I notice they go into a small booth, they both turn and ask me if I want to come in. I notice something weird, i turn and can see the girl dead but then i turn and see a axe hanging above the two other guys. I notice the red flashing in my dream so before making the dream take its course I turn around and ran lol.

    33. Dan Leary on

      I got my Remee and I've gotta say I'm very impressed with the quality and comfort of the product and the ease of the programming process. I've slept with it maybe 5-6 nights now, and I'm remembering my dreams much more frequently! I haven't become lucid during any of them yet, but I'm gonna tweak the settings more and keep at it. Great job on Remee guys!

    34. Orkel on

      hedge, how many times have you used it? for 1-2 nights? you don't become david beckham after using a football for a day, and you certainly won't become a skilled lucid dreamer after such a short time with remee. it's a tool to practise with, not an automatic machine.

    35. sid hegde on

      i got mine... does not work as advertised. waste of time and money! Poor build quality. Not worth the hype or wait! wish they had moneyback offer!

    36. Bitbanger Labs 3-time creator on

      Willis - here'es three things to try:

      - Raise the brightness on the monitor
      - Lower the lights in the room
      - Try a different monitor/display altogether

    37. Willis Gomez on

      the configuration is not working for me. I fallow the instructions in the video, step by step, and the last sweep of the LEDs never happen. I even took the electronics out of the foam (just in case I was covering a sensor with the fabric) and the outcome is the same, no successful sweep of the lights at the end. please advice. Thank you

    38. Thomas Watson on

      Haven't received anything yet ...grr

    39. David Berkowitz on

      I got mine and slept with it once but I think that's it for me. It's so uncomfortable when sleeping on my side.

    40. Davis Peng on

      My remee isn't blinking at all to the program mode, can i please get a reasoing to whyts it not doing this at all i followed the instructions.

    41. Ryan Hill on

      So got the remee. stoked. but i have couple of questions/ 10 when I am done using it should i turn it off when i wake up? and turn it on when going to sleep? 2) if i switch to nap, next time it use it does is go back the the nap setting first, do i have to change it back to reg setting? Thanks

    42. Davis Peng on

      just got my remee but i am curious when will we receive our custom remees?

    43. Missing avatar

      Mangaka92 on

      I don't have a shipping notice...should I be worried??

    44. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    45. Missing avatar

      Tero Aalto on

      I'm using my television as the computer monitor. That means that the blinking screens in the configuration website are huge. This makes programming Remee a real challenge.

      Also, if your Remee wont display the lights on either side, make sure it's aligned correctly underneath the padding. First I thought my Remee was broken. The left side lights didn't work at all. I found out that the LEDs didn't align correctly inside the mask and I had to take the whole mask apart and adjust the foam padding so it wouldn't block the lights.

    46. Björn Bergs on

      I still got no shipping notification although I ordered just a black one and I did fill out that survey back in May. Could you please check?

    47. Missing avatar


      I got my Remee a few days ago, and it looks great! Unfortunately, I've been hit with some rather nasty insomnia for the past week, and no sleep -> no dreams -> no lucid dreaming. I can't wait to give Remee a proper try when my sleeping habits settle down.

    48. Bitbanger Labs 3-time creator on

      James, your shipment notification went out 9 days ago, also to a hotmail address.

    49. James Oon on

      Have completed the survey on 29th May 2012, but I have not received any shipment notice. Should I be concern?

    50. Bitbanger Labs 3-time creator on

      Hey Kevin - your Remee seems to have been delivered today. Your order confirmation went to a hotmail address, if that clears anything up.