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5 minute breather

Posted by Bitbanger Labs (Creator)

Hey everyone! A couple of things to note:

We're making excellent progress in shipping. We'll set a record today for certain. If you haven't gotten a shipping notification yet, don't worry - it's on the way. 

A few people have noted that they haven't seen any movement on their packages. This is mostly likely just the USPS being the USPS - hang in there for a bit. We'll chase shipping issues down with you if it turns out there is one, but we just need to see how things shake out first.

The configuration app is live (as many of you have seen in your instructions) at - there are still a few small bugs to address but for the most part it works perfectly. 

If you've sent us an email inquiring when your Remee will ship, we probably didn't answer it - simply don't have to time to address the volume of email we're receiving right now. Rest assured, we're churning them out over here and you should all be getting notifications soon.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ken Chapman on

      Ok, cancel that request, the good people at Bitbanger Labs just emailed me with the exact dimensions. Thanks again guys.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ken Chapman on

      Ok, this is going to sound like a really stupid question, but here goes.

      Would anybody who has already received their Remee possibly tell me the exact (sorry, it has to be exact) dimensions of the box that it was shipped in please? The tracking information reads that it was delivered, but there was nothing at my house. My mailman is notorious for being lazy and leaving packages sitting around, or handing them off to my neighbors, so I first asked all of my neighbors (who have held packages containing much more valuable items for me in the past) and they say they weren't approached about it, and I have checked all about the premises (even though it was pouring down rain that day, so he shouldn't have left it outside at all), and now I am in a bit of a battle with USPS over whether it was ever even delivered (as I believe it wasn't) and whether or not it would have fit in my mail box (I believe it would, they say otherwise). Any help that anybody could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dbit on

      @Robert: LaBerge and team worked with sound extensively as an LD cue before finding it had very poor potential to cross over into dream perception. More often then not it either awakened or did nothing. They then moved on to lights which were much more successful. Did you try adjusting the led max brightness? By default high is 60%.

      @Scott: initial placebo success is common with lucid dreaming masks. Be glad for it! It's arousing your nighttime 'critical faculty'. Now practice and think of ways to capitalize on your current success. Experiment, reality test, hypothesize in the dream, work on stabilizing, etc.

    4. Missing avatar

      Richard Harris on

      Hey Scott, set the mask to NAP mode and you will see the lights about every 30 minutes or so, pretty cool

    5. Missing avatar

      Kamil on

      Mine arrived yesterday and im from Irealnd. I used it and its crazy i had one lucid dream for the night its such a weird felling that i dont even want to wake up haha.. I had the same problem with tracking it was saying NY for ages and then Jamaica then there was no update at all and it came to my door. There is no tracking available is because its going though your normal post so they cant track it its not like ups door to door because that would be too expensive.

    6. Scott Vann on

      Got my remee and I'm very happy with it. First couple nights wearing it I've had multiple lucid dreams, but I haven't once caught the light signal, and part of me wonders if the lights are even coming on when I'm asleep... I'm starting to believe the idea of wearing it makes me more tuned in and aware, and I'm getting a placebo, only time will tell.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jacob on

      My remee was "shipped" on the 21st, but it appears to have just been sitting in Ny since the 22nd. I went to my local post office on the 28th and they confirmed this. They said that Bitbanger Labs would have to complain at them in order for anything to happen. Otherwise i'm SOL. Like Benjamin said a few posts before me i've just been twiddling my thumbs waiting for any word on this.

    8. Jarrod Reid on

      My Remee arrived in the mail just before Thanksgiving - can't wait to give her a test drive! Thanks!

    9. Montezuma on

      Somehow, my Remee shipped out of Brooklyn, NY, went to Indianapolis, IN, stayed there for long while, then returned to New York state(different city). Ridiculous. I think the USPS sucks at tracking(seems like the norm), or the operators of the USPS failed at geography. Georgia is south, not north.

    10. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      Got an email saying Reeme had shipped on the 19th, expected delivery the 23rd. Now its the 28th, and I am still twiddling my thumbs.

    11. Putu Sanjaya Setiawan on

      Mine arrived today. Is it possible to upload the instructions PDF on your site? Just in case.

    12. Christine Denea Marie on

      Got mine 2 days ago. I have used it both nights, but I haven't felt very well rested. I need a mask to sleep at night and I have to choose between it being too tight on my ears or having light seep into the mask and not sleep well. I don't understand why the design doesn't have a cover around the nose to prevent light from seeping into the mask.

    13. Steve Goodman on

      Mine arrived today as well. Thanks! Looking forward to using it for the first time tonight!

    14. fr on

      Got mine last night but the darn kids work me up at 1am, 30 minutes later the lights kicked in while I was asleep ... so I will try again.
      Also could you guys start selling remee notebooks once your pledges are filled. I missed out on that but would like to buy as I have been diligent on keeping up with my dream log.
      Its scary seeing the posts here of folks kind of just expecting to be lucid dreaming on the first go. Its supposed to help, not solve. Also if you have not kept up with the other exercises for lucid dreaming, you might be in for a disappointment. There are some great articles to help you start practicing out there.

    15. Missing avatar

      Robert Ducharme on

      Now that you all are presumably more financially able, why don't you make your next project a Remee with an optional tiny beeping or chime sound for those of us who are heavy sleepers. It should be adjustable for loudness and maybe length of time, and pitch (I can't hear very high pitched sounds). I'll invest in one of those asap.

    16. Thundercat Oun on

      YAY!!!! Thank you so much Bitbanger! my Remeee arrived today! ♥ Loved the instructions, very easy to understand, loved the look and feel of my Remee, it is very soft and flexible. I cannot wait to program it and test it out later tonight. Thank you also for the rad laser cut wood chip - YOU CAN SMELL THE LASER! A lot of my buddies are asking where they can get one now, and instantly regret not signing up when they had the chance.

    17. Michael Crawford on

      @william nguyen That stinks! It sounds like you should sign up for a PO Box for future shipments. If I lived in a bad neighborhood and knew it then I would do that. Or do as a lot of people do and have things ship to your work address and not home address.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dbit on

      Thanks guys for the extra surprise! Things look great. I wasn't going to fool around tonight but just quickly opened the package and read the pamphlet, and readjusted the nap time delay all in under 5 minutes, a testament to a good interface and relative ease of use. Ok, time for bed. No LD for me tonight, need to catch up on depleted holiday sleep! But I adjusted the nap time, ya know, just in case! Cheers, David

    19. Sheamus Burns on

      I was trying to get to sleep with Remee on last night, but was having some trouble because I'm not used to sleeping with a mask. Anyway, I guess I was also anticipating a quick lucid dream, so when I did fall asleep I didn't even have to wait for the lights. I remember walking into a big institutional bathroom and thinking "oh wait - I'm dreaming" Then I was like: I can pretty much do anything, so I pulled an oil pencil out of my pocket (which I told myself would be there) and began drawing an archway on the yellow-tiled wall of the bathroom. I basically drew the outline of an arched passageway and held up my hand to it, expecting to transform the area inside the drawn arch into some kind of portal. Didn't work! LOL. Then I woke up and didn't dream lucid again the whole night.

    20. Missing avatar

      Eliana on

      @Greg - I tried to use Remee last night. I didn't see any lights in my dreams, but I woke up seemingly out of the blue twice, once at 3:30, and then again at 7:30. Both times, Remee had slipped up to just above my eyes. I don't think I pulled it off; it was probably a little loose. I've tightened it now, and I can't wait to try again tonight!

    21. Greg Ortega on

      can someone leave a review of their experience with remee? I know it takes time to get used to it, but while you were sleeping/dreaming, did you see the lights? did it wake you? I cant wait for mine!! :D

    22. Sheamus Burns on

      Hey guys! Thanks for all the work on your product, and congratulations on shipping it out to so many people. I know it must have been cray-cray during the process, but you should be proud -- this is a cool product. I'm so impressed by the way you can set it using the light sensors -- that's clever.
      Don't know if you're familiar with "zeo" (my bet is you are), but I was thinking about some ways of tying the two together -- so that Remee would know when you're entering into REM. Might be something to think about in upcoming iterations.
      All the best, SB

    23. Missing avatar

      william nguyen on

      OKAY GUYS i am really pissed off. Was out for delivery today and came out to an open mail box. I live in a bad neighborhood. Im wondering why wouldnt there be a signature confirmation for something so expensive?? So i have been waiting months and months for absoultely nothing and wasted $80.

    24. Missing avatar

      Lori Snyder on

      Just got mine today. @Morgan, I got the red also and am happy that it is more orange-y than red. Took me several tries to program it but I think it worked, just waiting for bedtime to find out. I'm so happy, it's been a long wait for all of us!

    25. Missing avatar

      Morgumi on

      Just got my Remee! Pretty excited. My only complaint is the color, had I known the red was more like orange I probably would have gotten a different color. What are the other colors like, everyone?

    26. Missing avatar

      W Brooke Roberts on

      Whee!!! Just checked my email and found my confirmation!! It might possibly arrive today! Thanks SO MUCH, Bitbanger guys, I can't WAIT to find it in my mailbox; I bet I squeal with delight when it arrives!

      Hope you guys were able to put aside REMEE shipping excitement to enjoy Thanksgiving with your families.

    27. Missing avatar

      Victor5688 on

      I don't think I received a tracking number. Can you verify if I'm getting a Remee? I don't remember if I gave you my shipping information

    28. Missing avatar

      Jonas Pettersson on

      I wondering if it's possible to get tracking number for my remee?
      Because I accidently removed the mail confirmed that you have shipped the product with tracking number.
      So is it possible you can resend the mail if I give you information.

    29. Missing avatar

      valeriedonelian on

      remee just arrived!!!! cannot wait for tonight.
      just a thought: maybe add more stuff on the website about LD techniques?

    30. Alex on

      Yet another concerned voice here regarding international shipping. So far I haven't received any confirmation and with the time it takes for orders to arrive from the US, I'm afraid it won't make here by X-mas :(

    31. Corey Fischels on

      Ahem, I apologize, after looking for them again I found the instructions flush up against the inside of the box where I couldn't see them. They are very nice and tell me all I need to know for now. Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

    32. Corey Fischels on

      Nope, It didn't. A PDF would be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to the videos.

    33. Bitbanger Labs 3-time creator on

      @Corey, question: did your Remee come with instructions? Just making sure. We're working on tutorial vids, etc, but hopefully the instructions should get you started. If not, we can send a PDF.

    34. Corey Fischels on

      I have not been able to make the programmer work, could you provide some basic instructions on using the Remee? Such as what the button on the Remee is used for, the best way to make the Remee receive the signal, and what confirmation it gives that the programming was successful. It would really be helpful, apart from those problems it seems very well made and was comfortable last night and stayed on my head just fine.

    35. Geof Aberhart on

      @Daniel - I'm international as well and I got a shipping notice a couple of days ago, so it's not anything about international not getting priority necessarily, you just might be further down what is honestly a pretty long list of people to get through.

      And as mentioned in the update, don't worry if the USPS tracking doesn't show much movement - they're crap at tracking. I've had a couple of packages still be listed as being at a sorting station or whatever even after I've received and signed for them. It's honestly kind of amazing how bad at tracking they are.

    36. Conor Davitt on

      I just got mine today. Can't wait to give it a go tonight!

    37. Missing avatar

      Vuong Nguyen on

      Kind of curious, but does anyone know if these will be shipped during Thanksgiving weekend? I have a stupid fear that maybe USPS will leave the package on the doorstep, and since I won't be in town, that someone walking by may just steal it. On that note, will the package fit inside a mailbox?

    38. Daniel on

      Kind of a bummer that apparently international shipping wasn't treated priority, as we will end up having to wait longer. AT least I didn't get any mail :(
      Can you tell me how they are sent? It would be very cool if it was labeled as present so we don't have to pay a ton of taxes on it.
      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    39. Sean Cook on

      Will those of us who are not in the U.S. be receiving a confirmation email?

    40. Bitbanger Labs 3-time creator on

      Also - Endicia, our postage provider is experiencing some problems. If you get two confirmation emails, assume first one is no good.

    41. Florian Horsch on

      Awesome! Keep it up :) The app looks super cool - very nicely designed. Crazy how fast the blinking goes...

    42. Ronan Casey on

      Website works perfectly on Nokia Lumia 920.

    43. Poul Grym on

      Ohh, please make the php page mobile friendly!

    44. Poul Grym on

      Internsting, will the programming software for configuring the Remee be made for offline use as well? Maybe you only need to save the php page (script)?