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Shrink to the size of an atom. Teleport to Mars. Bowl with John Lennon & Liz Lemon. Free your dreams!
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Secret Sunday Update

Posted by Bitbanger Labs (Creator)

Hello, Backers, and happy Labor Day to those of you who celebrate it. We hope your weekend has been eventful, or at the very least, restful. We wanted to check in with everyone and let you know what we've been up to. 

  • Production appears to be on schedule. We're still working on a few outstanding items for inside the box itself, the most notable being the instruction manual. We've been working on this to make it as visual and easy to understand as possible. Luckily we designed Remee with ease of use in mind, so there's no need to expect a giant tome full of technical terms. This will probably be the last thing that gets made, once we cross some Ts and dot some lower case Js.  
  • We received final samples for the boxes - we think they look great! We corrected a small error (thanks, Matt J!) and have more or less settled on these as the final design. Tick it off the list. 
  • Important! Lots of folks have been asking about changing their shipping address. This is easy - just drop us a line at with the new address and we'll change it in our database. Thanks to everyone who has been directing other backers in need on this issue.
  • At least one person has asked about coins and journals. The journals have arrived and the coins are cut and will be shipping shortly, either late this week or early next. 

That's about all for now. We'll be back with more soon! Thanks for your support and patience!

Duncan & Steve
Bitbanger Labs


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    1. Kory Wood on

      I haven't even received the stupid wooden coin, so I am not holding my breath about ever receiving an actual functioning device.

    2. Missing avatar

      Joseph Brown on

      You guys are such a tease.

    3. Bitbanger Labs 3-time creator on

      It's coming, though it might get pushed to the morning. Just waiting to hear one more thing (a good thing, we think) from our suppliers.

    4. Missing avatar

      Leopold on

      Bitbanger Labs 1 day ago

      Hey everyone! Update coming tonight or tomorrow!

    5. Ferenc Molnar on

      Hi, any estimate on when can we expect shipping? I know you are working hard, but more frequent short updates would be appreciated (especially that September is almost over).

    6. Missing avatar

      Roger Bitihinda on

      Could we have an update please? Your backers demand an update :D

    7. Missing avatar

      Richard Cervantez on

      Yes any ETA? I want to go places in my sleep!

    8. Jason Higgins on

      Any updates? Its getting close to the end of the month. Any clue as to when these will be shipping out?

    9. Missing avatar

      MCG on

      how about an update?

    10. Michael Crawford on

      @AstralWanderer I'm with you on being able to download some form of the program to run locally.

    11. Michael Jens on

      Keep getting brief dreams the last 4 nights. Cant wait to try to get more lucid with this.
      Looking forward to trying it.

    12. Dan W on

      Awesome updates guys!
      I agree with Matt J. We'll wait for a great product.

    13. Missing avatar

      Adrian Seligman on

      Your link did not seem to work.

      My address is the Swedish one I gave when backing your product, but I will be leaving to Norway at the end of Oct if your shipping for Nov. That is address is: Hemsedal Skiskolan, Hemsedal, Skiheisvegen 1, 3560 Hemsedal, Norway


    14. Carleton Torpin on

      Yay! Waynes World II references!

    15. Missing avatar

      Matt Jobson on

      Thanks for the recognition. hehe

      Can't wait to try these!

      When is your expected ship date? If it's October, then say November/December (to be on the safe side)

      I think people on kickstarter are slowly learning to be more patient (even I am. lol) . I hope to get a few of my kickstarter items by xmas.

      Just get your product right and ensure great quality and we'll all be very happy.

    16. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      @simon simson: "...@james.. how long do you plan on having no net access?? pretty sure pending nuclear war, your going to have net access at some stage"
      It's not just lack of Internet access - products that rely on a network connection *die* if the company involved closes down - past examples of this include DRMed music stores like Yahoo Music or Virgin Digital
      This needn't be an issue with Remee as long as the web applet can be downloaded to be stored/run locally.

    17. Bronson on

      good to see more progress, looking forward to using it.

    18. Simon Simson on

      @james.. how long do you plan on having no net access?? pretty sure pending nuclear war, your going to have net access at some stage and then be able to reprogram. either way the mask doesnt need net access to work and i would assume once you have a program that suits you, you're not going to need to make constant changes. its the least of my worries, i just want my mask.

    19. Missing avatar

      PriceTheLibrarian on

      It looks gorgeous! thanks bitbanger!

    20. Reht Hutchinson on

      I am sure the programs will be in a savable format. I'm also sure that there will be "homebrew" programs available for it as well.

    21. Missing avatar

      James Gockel on


      I think it should be, and it is (according to Duncan & Steve), just not as important as boxing, and shipping at this point. I invest in something, I think I have a right to impress some overlooked, or understated items, and concerns.

    22. Ronan Casey on

      @ James.

      > I have no internet access, my $80 mask becomes un-re-programmable?

      That is not a major concern. Relax, man! :)

    23. Missing avatar

      James Gockel on

      I do understand that phones are computers, but I was wondering about the UI for the phone, and also what about those that have no internet access where they reside? My second major concern is what happens if the website is down, or I have no internet access, my $80 mask becomes un-re-programmable?

    24. Missing avatar

      Zachary Bishop on

      Thanks for the update. I'm loving the box design.

    25. Bitbanger Labs 3-time creator on

      Hey James - Mobile apps are on the master list, but the web app will work in any browser that runs javascript. The site will serve a correctly sized UI for phones, etc.

    26. Scott Thiessen on

      @james an android is a computer

    27. Missing avatar

      James Gockel on

      Are you going to provide a non-"web app", for those who may not have access to a computer where they sleep? For example, maybe an android app?