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Shrink to the size of an atom. Teleport to Mars. Bowl with John Lennon & Liz Lemon. Free your dreams!
Shrink to the size of an atom. Teleport to Mars. Bowl with John Lennon & Liz Lemon. Free your dreams!
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The update Gotham needs

Howdy! Some folks were (rightfully) wondering what we've been up to, so we've exited our hyperbaric work chamber to decompress a bit and give everyone an update. We hope you'll be happy with what you hear!

  • We got an Epilog laser! This thing is the bee's knees. A couple days into the Kickstarter campaign we decided everyone should get one of our wooden coins. Little did we know we were putting ourselves on the hook for about 8000. The only cost effective way to make these was to get the equipment ourselves. This (relatively) little guy is great to have on hand for prototyping. The video above is a test run.
  • Remee has moved production to larger facilities better equipped to deal with the volume - not to mention better equipped to make a product we're proud to send. There were some quality concerns with our original manufacturer that started to manifest themselves when our sample orders got larger. This *has* set us back a bit, but nothing to be too terribly concerned about. We weighed our options and decided that, in the end, most people would rather wait a bit longer for a quality product anyway. We hope you'll agree.
  • We've removed some of the weight from the circuit board and even added an *extra* flexible hinge in the middle. Our mission from the beginning was to make a mask you wouldn't even know had electronics in it. We got pretty darn close! The electronics are now so low-profile and flexible that we were able to remove a layer of foam from the inside, making the mask lighter, more breathable, and easier to wear while sleeping.
  • The heavy zig-zag stitching on the top front has been removed - it was a necessary evil that was disguised as a design element. Thankfully better methods have allowed us to eliminate it altogether.
  • We found some low-profile, strong 3/4" hook-and-loop closure that we're happy with. That means Remee's strap is now adjustable without having a bulky hump that might cause discomfort while sleeping. We've been sleeping with the new strap for a while now and can report that comfort was not affected whatsoever!
  • We've been toying with a new light pattern - most of our patterns have been very steady back-and-forth, in-and-out type patterns, but Duncan in particular has had a lot of success with 'Scatter' - which is more or less what it sounds like. This is a great example of why having pattern options is good - different patterns may work better for different people.

That's all the news that's fit to print. We'll be back as soon as we have more to say. Thanks, everyone, for your support!

Duncan & Steve
Bitbanger Labs


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    1. Scott Thiessen on

      Thanks for the interesting update. Willing to be I'm not the only one curious about how far forward the manufacturer change pushes the ship date. Can we get even a rough ballpark on that? Thanks!

    2. Eric Myers on

      Are you still set to ship in July then, or now August?

    3. Alec Koumjian on

      Thank you for the update. I hope this is serving as a great experience for you guys in learning how to go from idea to full on manufacturing process to delivery. It would be fantastic if, after this kickstarter is more or less done, you could do a detailed post-mortem with your thoughts and reflections.