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Shrink to the size of an atom. Teleport to Mars. Bowl with John Lennon & Liz Lemon. Free your dreams!
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With apologies to Danny Elfman

Posted by Bitbanger Labs (Creator)

This is an actual-speed representation of the last 14 days at Bitbanger Labs. We're excited to announce that nearly all of our Backers should have received a shipping notification by now - many of you have received Remee already. A few people have contacted us about their tracking numbers not showing any movement - again, this is simply business as usual for the wonderful US Postal Service, and the vast majority of you should expect to receive Remee any day whether the tracking information has been updated or not. The problem was made worse by cyber Monday postal traffic and the fact that the PO was still recovering a bit from Hurricane Sandy. 

We put together a quick video below to demonstrate using Remee out of the box, as well as some of the customization features. Hopefully this will help out anyone who is having a little trouble getting started with their Remee!

A few of you are probably saying "Hey, I never got a shipping notification!" - The most likely reason for this is because we never received any survey information from you. Kickstarter sent out a survey for you to choose which color Remee you'd be receiving and also to supply us shipping information. The survey is still live and a few of you have filled it out over the past couple days, so we'll get these out as they come along.  

Thank you for all the feedback! So far there have been relatively few issues with production - of those few, many have simply been a case of our instructions not being as clear as they could have been, and in at least one case, no instructions existing at all. Lots of early success stories, and we're looking forward to hearing more as people spend more time with Remee.


Duncan & Steve
Bitbanger Labs

5 minute breather

Posted by Bitbanger Labs (Creator)

Hey everyone! A couple of things to note:

We're making excellent progress in shipping. We'll set a record today for certain. If you haven't gotten a shipping notification yet, don't worry - it's on the way. 

A few people have noted that they haven't seen any movement on their packages. This is mostly likely just the USPS being the USPS - hang in there for a bit. We'll chase shipping issues down with you if it turns out there is one, but we just need to see how things shake out first.

The configuration app is live (as many of you have seen in your instructions) at - there are still a few small bugs to address but for the most part it works perfectly. 

If you've sent us an email inquiring when your Remee will ship, we probably didn't answer it - simply don't have to time to address the volume of email we're receiving right now. Rest assured, we're churning them out over here and you should all be getting notifications soon.

Shipocalypse Now

Posted by Bitbanger Labs (Creator)

We also considered the names Ship-a-thon 2012, Shipstravaganza, and Ship Happens. Any way you slice it, shipping of Remee has commenced! Except for quick break on Thursday for cranberry sauce and family arguments, we'll be shipping nearly around the clock until we're caught up. We spent a lot of time ahead of this making sure our fulfillment process was a well oiled machine - this was time well spent. We're processing and shipping far more per day than we ever expected to be able to, and doing our absolute darnedest to get every Remee shipped out as fast as possible.

Many of you have received shipping notifications already. We're packing now and all day tomorrow for a drop off first thing Monday morning, and will continue to do morning and evening shipments throughout the week. We owe you at least two more updates before shipping is complete, one of which will deal with the Web Appplication used to customize Remee. Expect that on Monday or Tuesday.

At this risk of sounding like a broken record: thank you, thank you, thank you. You've been incredibly supportive, helpful, and understanding throughout this process. We know it has been frustrating at times, sticking with us through delays and setbacks, and no poor words of ours can adequately convey our appreciation.


Duncan & Steve
Bitbanger Labs

Shipping Update Redux

Posted by Bitbanger Labs (Creator)

Hi everyone! Sorry for the short silence. You'll be happy to know that on Monday morning, Remee will be in the air and on its way to us. We will begin shipping the minute it's in our hands and you'll get an email when your Remee hits the mail!

If anyone has moved lately, the window to change your address is very short, so make sure you get any address changes in to us at as soon as humanly possible. If you've already sent us an address change in the last few days, there's a chance you didn't get a response yet, but it WAS received.

A small favor to ask: If you think you have sent an address change but aren't sure, check your outgoing messages before sending another - we get a ton of email and this week, every minute will count!

And now, without further ado... Production stuff!

Pick & Place machine - basically a giant robot that quickly puts components onto a circuit board. When Skynet goes live, these thing will turn into tanks and destroy us all, but for now, they're busy. 

Punching out the circuit boards. Neato.

Gettin (sewing) jiggy with it

One of many.

At the lab, folding a small portion of our 1.2 tons of shipping boxes. Pardon the mess.

Thanks for reading! Whether by update or email, either way you'll be hearing from us soon. 

Duncan & Steve
Bitbanger Labs

Shipping update

Posted by Bitbanger Labs (Creator)

A thousand pardons, everyone. We're pushed back a bit. Everything is locked and ready to go, but our assembly factory ran into a small issue getting the batteries to them in time to hit our deadline. We have every assurance from our suppliers that this will be cleared up shortly and Remee should be in the air next week. The 26th is the most likely candidate.

If this is even half as frustrating for you folks as it is for us, I'm sure you're pulling your hair out. As you can see below we have a beautiful product that we're proud to ship out, so to be hit with something like this at the last minute, even resulting in a somewhat minor delay, is maddening.

We're spectacularly pleased with how Remee has turned out, quality wise, and only wish it were in your hands now. Thanks for your patience so far!

Duncan & Steve
Bitbanger Labs