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Add photoreal images, abstract designs, and animation to your long exposure photos and timelapse.
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New Firmware available - White Balance!

Posted by Bitbanger Labs (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Great news! We've just released pixelstick's first firmware update to support White Balance. Since these LEDs tend to have a bluish cast to them, many of you might have noticed that it was often difficult to balance pixelstick to match your camera's settings. Say goodbye to that frustration with our spiffy new White Balance presets. From coolest to warmest, the presets are Shade, Daylight, Fluorescent, and Tungsten. The resulting images take what were already amazing images and make them that much better...but don't take our word for it, look at these completely unedited, straight from the camera side-by-sides. The left images were shot with White Balance OFF and then reshot on the right with the White Balance to match the camera. The source bitmap for each is in the top right corner.

Camera Settings: ISO 160 • Exposure: f/13 • Shutter: 10s • WB: Tungsten

 How to update your firmware:

Updating is easy! You just need an SD card handy. Follow this link and follow the steps to download and install your new firmware. You'll be properly White Balanced in no time.

We're extremely happy with the new feature and think you will be too.

Happy shooting!

Steve & Duncan
Bitbanger Labs


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    1. Brett James on

      Wow. Have to say, this is probably the happiest backing I've done. You guys rock!

    2. Brett James on

      Wow. Have to say, this is probably the happiest backing I've done. You guys rock!

    3. Jeff McCrum on

      This is the part of my day where I dance a happy dance. No more 7000K!

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexis Melvin on

      ... oops missed the x ... pixelstick

    5. Missing avatar

      Alexis Melvin on

      WOW ... you just fixed the only negative I have found with using picelstick. Thanks ...

    6. Missing avatar

      Adam Neufeld on

      Huh. This is a great update I didn't know I needed. Thanks!

    7. Florent C. on

      Great update !!