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Addressing issues: Brackets and Battery Cables

Posted by Bitbanger Labs (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

We’re well into shipping at this point and feeling pretty good about the progress we’re making. Many of you have received your pixelstick and are sharing your images on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, and probably a bunch of other places we don’t even know about yet. We’ll share some of our favorite user images in our next update.

We’ve had a couple issues crop up with a few of the pixelsticks out in the wild that we’d like to address below:

1. Defective battery cables

We’ve had a handful of people with defective battery cables, which could cause an issue with battery packs heating up to the point of melting at the contacts. This is a serious and potentially dangerous issue that we are not taking lightly. It stems from inconsistent workmanship and bad QC by one of our cable vendors, but ultimately it's our responsibility to fix this, and we'd like to do so immediately. Luckily, they only supplied a portion of the required cables for the total order, so we have replacement cables from a higher quality vendor on hand already. All shipments going forward will have this new cable which we are confident will not have any issues. Backers who have already had their pixelstick ship will receive a follow-up shipment with a replacement cable inside.

We recommend waiting for this cable to continue using your pixelstick. If you choose to use it in the meantime, keep a close eye: If your pixelstick doesn’t turn on when the batteries are connected, turn it off and remove the cable and batteries.

If anyone has experienced anything like this, please email to let us know. It’s our priority to remove these potentially bad cables from circulation as quickly as possible.

2. Loose or disconnected handle brackets.

We’ve had a few of people contact us, letting us know that their handle bracket is spinning or in some cases coming apart. We’ve looked into the issue and it seems that on a few pieces an insufficient amount of epoxy was applied to the stud the handle tube mounts to. Generally this type of two-part epoxy, when applied correctly, becomes virtually unbreakable. But if the epoxy was applied incorrectly or not enough was used, it presents the possibility that the bond would break and the handle would start to spin.

If this has happened to you, please do contact us immediately at We’ll send you a properly epoxied replacement bracket. In the meantime, you can get similar epoxy from Home Depot or Amazon if you’d prefer to fix it yourself or simply want to keep using your pixelstick until your replacement arrives.

The epoxy linked has a syringe head, which makes the process much easier, as many other similar 2-part epoxies would require mixing manually. See the pictures below for the fix:

1. Remove spinning/loose tube from stud
2. Note where epoxy was applied previously
3. Apply epoxy inside tube
4. Make sure the bead of epoxy covers the whole circumference of the tube
5. Push tube epoxy-first back on to stud and let it sit vertically overnight to cure completely

Again, this is only if you don’t want to stop using your pixelstick while you wait for a replacement - we don’t want anyone to have to fix their pixelstick themselves, so please contact us to receive a replacement bracket.

No production is without its hiccups and defective pieces, but that doesn’t make it any less troubling for us or for you, especially if you have encountered either of these problems directly. We are committed to correcting them and will address all issues as efficiently as possible.

We've been extremely impressed with some of the images we've seen coming through on social media and are looking forward to sharing them with you, but we don't want to dilute the information above, so look for an update with some highlights next week. 

Thank you for your continued support,
Duncan & Steve


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    1. Florent C. on

      Any news from you from my handle bracket problem ? I've wrote to you just after receiving my pixel stick with this problem (sending picture of coming appart handle) and since i've send few reminders by emails but nothing (and the missing additionnal lens pack too). But I've received the new battery pack.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Gilliver on

      Incredibly, not even 2 minutes after I added the below post I got a response from you informing me that my order should ship at the end fo next week. Thanks so much!

    3. Missing avatar

      David Gilliver on

      Hi guys. Thanks for all the updates. However, I am a little concerned that after having now sent several messages to the email address listed on your page ( I have received no responses whatsoever. Not even a holding response. I appreciate you guys must be flat out busy, but this is not good enough considering the value of investment made by many of us. Please respond ASAP as this is cause for concern for many of us as clearly illustrated throughout this message feed.

    4. Carlos Zamora on

      Howdy, I sent an email to over a week ago and I have yet to receive a response. Should I resend it?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jana Walters on

      The email address I just posted is incorrect. The correct email address is

      Bit Banger, if this is the wrong email address to contact about order inquiries please reply with back with the correct address since this was the only address I could find

    6. Missing avatar

      Jana Walters on

      Has anyone received their Pixelstick that was ordered after the campaign ended? My order was placed on December 3rd which was 10 days before the campaign ended and as of today I haven't received anything about the order shipping. I am a little worried that my order was lost because it was ordered as a gift to my husband and a email sent on the 3rd said that the gift tier was a bit more complicated, whatever that means.

      Also for those that haven't received replies I don't think they are replying to kickstarter messages since I never received a reply from a message sent on 8/3. If you still haven't heard back from them you can try sending an email to

    7. MJP on

      Looks like one of my Pixelstick's is affected by the loose bracket issue :/ That one seems to have gotten the brunt of issue (broken lens as well).

    8. Lori

      When are the pixel postcards rewards going to be sent!? You said in March it would only be a few more weeks. I keep messaging you but you don't reply. Maybe you will reply to this comment. I hope so.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Zabel on

      This is what I consider awesome service and customer care!
      Keep up the great work!

    10. Luis Palhares on

      hi! i want to know if my pixelstick was already shipped. Im from Brazil, i tryed to reach you guys by message, but the was no response.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tim Roberts on

      Yes, thank you for being pro-active to fix these problems. It's very nice to be treated with respect by a company that actually cares about its customers and producing high quality products. Well done!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jamie on

      Thanks for being so transparent with any issues, looking forward to receiving mine soon!

    13. Wayne Thompson on

      Thanks for the update. Glad I've been to busy to use it. Yet... Will wait for replacement cable.

    14. Stephen Frost on

      Well done guys. Very appreciative and impressed with the speed and decisiveness with which you have moved to address these issues. Mine is almost here, will be sure to follow you advice in this update.

    15. A Krishnam Raju on

      Hello there, I want to know if my Pixel Stick is sent out or yet to be sent. How can I know about this? I am from India. Did you already ship to Indian backers? Please advise. Thanks.