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Add photoreal images, abstract designs, and animation to your long exposure photos and timelapse.
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Steady As She Goes

Posted by Bitbanger Labs (Creator)

Hi everyone!

As planned, we’ve been furiously shipping all week. So far, very few hiccups. Many of you have already received your pixelstick and begun shooting - seeing your images begin popping up across the web is both amazing and surreal. A few comments, questions, and general points have popped up during this time, so here goes:

1. Why hasn’t my pixelstick shipped yet/when will my pixelstick ship?

We have quite a few orders to plow through and we’re stymied by physically checking each pixelstick before we call it ok to ship. In the end this is good, as it will result in fewer problems on your end, but rest assured, we’re going as fast as we can. If you didn’t get a chance to fill out your backer survey until the last few days, you will indeed get your pixelstick, but your order will be processed a few days later than people who got their surveys in before we did our big data dump.

If you are reading this and you pre-ordered on our website after the kickstarted was over - fear not! Many of you have contacted us, frantic that you didn’t receive a survey. Surveys are for Kickstarter backers only and are for collecting shipping information. If you placed an order on our website, we have your shipping information already. Your order will ship as soon as possible after our Kickstarter backers have been shipped.

2. Why does my tracking number show strange/old/confusing/upsetting/terrifying information?

Many of you have chimed in, wondering how it’s possible that we could have shipped your pixelstick in April 2009, to Outer Mongolia. “That”, many of you have noted, “Is not when or where I live.”

Short answer: USPS recycles tracking numbers. Often times we will generate a tracking number that doesn’t actually become valid until it gets its first arrival scan at the shipping hub. If you see strange tracking information within 12 hours of receiving your shipping notification, don’t worry. Give it a few hours and you will see all that information reset.

3. I ordered Extra Lenses but you sent me a black tube instead. Why have you done this to me/How do I exact my revenge?

Remove the cap on the black tube to reveal its secret: it is holding the extra lenses inside.

And now on to more exciting stuff.

Image packs!

While there are more to come, we’re happy to unveil our first set of image packs - themed sets of images that are ready to use with pixelstick. Art, Movies, Video Games, and more. Click here to see.

Animated GIF converter!

We’ve released a small tool that let’s you upload animated gifs for automatic conversion into pixelstick-friendly bmp frames. Check it out!


We have many tutorials planned and partially written, and they will get added to the site as we complete them. We roll out with two initial offerings: Lightpainting 101 and Prepping Images.

Processing and shipping resumes tomorrow normally. Email with any problems! As always, thanks for joining us on the journey.

Steve & Duncan
Bitbanger Labs

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    1. Will Tatam on

      What happened to all the tutorials and guides you said you were working on?

    2. Missing avatar

      strandwolf on

      Hey guys, any updates on when my order will be shipped?


    3. Omar Morales on

      Hello, I sent you an email regarding shipping my PixelStick I am now anxious and nervous.. because I filled everything including some extras but still not received any message for confirmation or shipping out... :(

    4. Paper Cube on

      So is there somewhere like a tracking progress so i can see where abouts my PixelStick currently is, if it's been posted etc? I'm in UK and i've already filled out my survey for the delivery address (plus all the extras) and i paid mine through Kickstarter what seems like years ago. lol. How did you lot find out yours is being posted? Thanks

    5. Anna Davis Key on

      I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas! I got the gifted one, so I'm sitting pretty waiting for my Mongolian tracking number! :D

    6. Missing avatar

      Christina Vasquez on

      Good news- Excited to get my Pixelstick. I agree, it assembled quite easily.
      Bad news- I ordered the shutter remote control only to be disappointed that it does not work with my Nikon. The transmitter/ receiver work just fine, however it's not compatible with my camera. Could've saved my 25$ and just bought one at Best Buy.

    7. Missing avatar

      James on

      I filled in my survey early, but then updated it when I added the extras. I sort of regret that now... But never mind.

    8. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Mine is out for delivery today. So excited that I get it and can play with it all weekend!

    9. Ashley on

      @ David: The survey only applies to backers through Kickstarter. If you ordered through The Pixelstick website, they've got all of the details they need to ship to you.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alexis Melvin on

      BIG surprise today! My Pixelstick arrived!!
      Assembly was easy. Components all fit together really well. Extras arrived in the same box.
      Demo displays look good. First couple of photos ... not so good ... next 50 mostly good, some outstanding (and a couple we won't discuss).
      Thanks ... now I have to go have lots of fun.


    11. Missing avatar

      David Yang on

      I think I missed the survey... But I remember filling in a shipment form when I was paying. What should I do now? Is the survey still active?