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Add photoreal images, abstract designs, and animation to your long exposure photos and timelapse.
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Ship, Ship, Hooray!

Posted by Bitbanger Labs (Creator)

Hi Backers!

You'll (hopefully) all be excited to learn that we received our first shipment of pixelstick late last week.

The news is (primarily) great - we started by spot checking about 100 units for quality and consistency and found that nearly everything was right up to spec.

However, a few days before that we received an advanced unit and discovered a small issue: our cable clips were not strong enough. It seems the injection molder used a different grade of plastic than the sample pieces, so the clips ended up not being quite strong enough, and prone to popping off. We immediately had them re-run the entire 20,000 piece run and express them to us here in the US.

Our nights since the new clips have arrived have consisted of turning very large bags of 1000 clips into very small bags of 6 clips.

The side effect of this is that while pixelstick looks and functions great, we still have to open every single one to put in a new bag of clips.

Needless to say, we were hoping to avoid doing this.

What this means:

1. Full QC is now being performed on our side. We have to open every package to insert the clips so we figure we ought to check everything else while we're in there. This process began on Friday and we're making great progress.

2. Shipping begins TOMORROW! Surveys went out 10 days ago so we've collected shipping information for the vast majority of you. If you haven't filled out your survey yet, you can still do so at any time.

3. Shipping all Kickstarter rewards should take about 14-16 days. This is partly due to the bulk but mostly due to the fact that we have to touch each piece individually.

4. We will be manning the email station (with extra help) as soon as pixelsticks start landing. If you encounter any problems with your shipment, the absolute quickest and most efficient way to get our attention is to email If you have an question, concern, or issue that needs quick attention, posting it to Kickstarter or sending us a message through Kickstarter is not the best way to get to us during fulfillment.

5. During this time we will be all hands on deck dealing with continuing the QC/Clips process, processing and shipping what has been completed, and handling any customer service issues for what has gone out already. Because of this, please understand that emails sent to us that don't pertain directly to a shipment that has gone out already or another serious, order-affecting problem, may be triaged for a few days.

6. You will most likely receive a shipping notification at nighttime (Eastern Time/GMT-5) the night before your reward ships. The notification will have your order number, shipping address, and tracking number on it. If you notice any problems with your shipping address, please bring them to our attention as quickly as possible so we can fix it before it actually leaves our facility the following morning.

Many of you reading this joined us later in the process via website pre-order. We will contact you separately if we need any follow up information, but rest assured - your orders will be processed as soon as possible after our Kickstarter obligations are met.

As always, thank you for your support and patience!

Duncan & Steve
Bitbanger Labs

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sune Kaas on

      So when are you thinkin about shippin to your European customers?

    2. Paul McCarthy on

      Got mine yesterday, so far so good. Great job guys. Any update on the tutorials?

    3. Missing avatar

      Aaron Baumle on

      Hey Duncan and Steve

      Just received our pixelstick! We have already created some fun test shots straight out of the box. About to try our own animated test now. Its going to be a long week ahead of pixelstick fun. Congratulations and a big thanx from the crew at TS.

    4. Joel Conner on

      Great...ty for the update

    5. Bitbanger Labs 3-time creator on

      Hi Adam/Joel

      In order to run the ship as efficiently as possible, and maximize the number of pixelsticks we are able to check and ship each day, we had to have a rhyme/reason to how we managed the workload. Very large batches of pixelsticks are being unpacked, checked, repacked, and added into the queue to be shipped - during that time, to save an immense amount time overall, we are packing add-ons. Long story short, first crack backers who ordered one add-on (but not both or neither) will ship tommorow.

    6. Missing avatar

      adam on

      I agree with joel. As a early bird backer i expected to be one of the first. I was #36 but still haven't received a shipping notification.

    7. Joel Conner on

      Posted this on main comments...not sure it gets seen or not:

      Hey guys...I am not one to complain (because I think you have done a great job throughout the process of keeping us updated and such), but I am a little bummed that the early birds/first crack backers were not at the front of the line for shipping as it said in the backer description. Is there any way you could look into that? I was looking forward to getting my hands on it as soon as possible since I was one of the first ones to back the project. Thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jenna Hines on

      Any updates on the tutorials section of the website?

      Also, how long between getting a tracking number and seeing the initial scan for the package?

    9. Bitbanger Labs 3-time creator on

      Hey Nate,

      As for the USPS number, we can only assume it has gotten recycled. As soon as the package gets its initial scan at the Post all of that information should reset.

      As for the email address weirdness, we ran out of daily relays on so we switched to another domain temporarily.

    10. Nate Cochrane on

      I received a weird notice from USPS today alleging that Bitbanger Labs had despatched my PixelStick but the tracking number was purporting to be for something sent last year from Ohio to the Russian Federation.

      I am in neither location.

      The sender was: Bitbanger Labs orders at sleepwithremee
      and it was cc'd bitbangerlabs+shipmentarchives at gmail
      with a reply to field of bitbangerlabs+shipments at gmail

      Can you look into this?

    11. David Drake on

      We've waited this long, so what's another couple of days? I'm happy you guys caught this issue before it shipped out so it can get corrected with as little fuss and muss as possible. :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Armando on

      Any chance of getting the shipment expedited? I'm leaving for Burning Man in a week's time and would love to have it for the event! :)

    13. Pindar on

      I got my shipping note but it was only for the Pixel Stick. It did not include the "Add-on to your Backer Reward" Is there a problem with that or should I expect it at a later date? I was under the impression it would be sent together. I am eagerly awaiting the shipment.

    14. Missing avatar

      David on

      Well done fellas; appreciate the QC!

      Can't wait to start taking photos!

    15. Euphoria on

      I am sooo excited :)
      Great news, thanks for hard work guys!

    16. Ron Wright on

      What if I've ordered from your website shortly after the Kickstarter campaign ended? Will I be receiving a survey shortly? I realize that I missed out on joining the KS backers, but am still hoping to receive my Pixelstick shortly after you've fulfilled KS orders. Also, did you send out postcards promised in January? I backed that level, but do no remember receiving them.

    17. Jeff Pello on

      Looking forward to receiving !!! #happy