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Add photoreal images, abstract designs, and animation to your long exposure photos and timelapse.
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What's the haps?

Posted by Bitbanger Labs (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Hopefully the firmware update went well for everyone! Instagram, Facebook, tumblr, etc are brimming with beautiful new pixelstick shots that are color corrected and looking great. Here’s what’s up:

1. Lots of great user images coming across our dash lately:

Image courtesy of Steve Phillips
Image courtesy of Steve Phillips
Image courtesy of Colin Davidson
Image courtesy of Colin Davidson
Image courtesy of Shaun Lowe
Image courtesy of Shaun Lowe
Image courtesy of Walter Geddes
Image courtesy of Walter Geddes

2. Pixelstick is on Saturday Night Live! Ok, we kept this under wraps for a while but we’re proud to reveal that pixelstick is prominently featured during many of the “bumpers” of SNL this season. Bumpers are the little interludes that lead into and out of commercial breaks. A proud moment for us!

 project video thumbnail
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Alex Buono, a Director of Photography for NBC, wrote a great blog post about how they did the title sequences and bumpers for the season. If you look closely you’ll see a gif clip of Yours Trulies shooting pixelstick with the SNL crew.

2.1 We almost forgot to mention (because this happened right when we were in the middle of our massive fulfillment operation) that one of our backers, Randy Slavin, received his pixelstick and spent the next 5 nights shooting an entire music video for the band Cobra Starship with it. It was a pretty impressive feat, especially considering they had no time to prepare or learn how to use pixelstick. Check it out!

3. GoPro announced their new line of Cameras this month, the Hero4, which includes a much anticipated long exposure mode. We're extremely proud that they chose to use pixelstick to show off this new feature:

4. We built a slider! This is something we’d been wanting to do for a while and we finally were able to shoot with it. The idea is that you mount pixelstick to the front of the slider, set up the camera with a remote, and with the increment feature and pixelstick remote the whole animation process becomes automated. In addition to being automated the frames are lined up almost perfectly every time. Not necessarily practical outside of professional work, but the results are pretty stunning:

source .gif courtesy of haydiroket
source .gif courtesy of haydiroket

Unfortunately we underestimated how much of a power hog the slider would be - it was chewing through batteries like a wood chipper. Because of this we weren’t able to get any more than about 40 frames of each animation before we had to stop down the animation and replace the batteries:

Next time we’ll provide a beefier power source so we can get a longer time-lapse. Should look great!

5. Keep an eye on your mailbox! We’re sending out a second replacement battery cable in the coming weeks. The original replacement cable was perfectly serviceable, however, we discovered that our reverse polarity protection isn’t as good as it could be. We’ve encountered absolutely no problems with this either on our end or with any backers, but if there’s the possibility you could damage your pixelstick by, for instance, loading your batteries in backwards, we’d prefer to avoid it altogether. When you receive your replacement cable you should switch to using it exclusively, but you should also feel perfectly comfortable using the original until the new one arrives.

 That's all for now!

Happy Shooting,

Steve & Duncan
Bitbanger Labs

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    1. Missing avatar

      Troy Wollenslegel on

      When are we getting our sticks? No update for a long time, shipping was estimated May 2014!

    2. Marc Anthony N on

      Ok, I don't know about anyone else, but I haven't heard anything from these people since this was funded a year ago. I'm taking action...

    3. Euphoria on

      Slider sounds very interesting and looks amazing!!!
      Hope to see video or something like this about it :)

    4. Bitbanger Labs 3-time creator on

      Hi Viesturs. I see you filled out your survey (required to receive a reward) yesterday. We'll get your pixelstick out to you ASAP! FYI, had you filled out your survey when it was sent in July, you would have likely received your pixelstick in early August.

    5. Missing avatar

      viesturs kalnins on

      When will I get my pixelstick. Please respond ASAP. If no response, I will take action.

    6. A. Joseph

      I second the slider and power attachment stuff availability also!

    7. Remo Camerota on

      Great stuff guys!! How do I get a slider??

    8. Missing avatar

      day on

      congrats for point 2 and 3 ! (even tho we knew a bit about it haha)

      for point 4, how to get this !?!? any plans of selling such stuff once you solve the power issue ? that looks great !
      I was wondering how to do 'gif' effect with an image (not a circle or anything spinning), so this could be of great use (if there is already a tutorial for that, please share, I might have missed it)

      see you guys