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Dive into darkness and explore the magical world of Numbra. Control your own platform in this story-driven side-scroller.
Dive into darkness and explore the magical world of Numbra. Control your own platform in this story-driven side-scroller.
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Rewards Survey is Out

Posted by Bishop Games (Creator)

Hello everyone!

As you've probably been notified, we just sent out the rewards survey. The survey is pretty simple and only has one or two questions (depending if you have access to physical rewards or not). Please answer it as soon as you can to help us deliver everything on launch day (this Thursday).

Steam and Switch Keys

As soon as we announced our release on Switch and Steam, people have asked us if it was possible to get Switch keys. Well, we worked hard on this topic with Nintendo and we are happy to say that YES, we do have some Switch keys.

Now, now... We must also say that these keys are in LIMITED numbers for each region (Americas, Europe, Australia/NZ). We cannot guarantee that everyone who wants a Switch key will be able to get one. It will all come down to supply and demand.

Choice Priority for Switch

The only scenario where someone would not be able to get its first choice is if the demand for Switch exceeds our number of keys available for a particular region. Steam keys are pretty much unlimited so PC/Mac players should not be worried. If it comes down to a situation like this, we will establish a choice priority based on rewards-tier. 

Ex: We have two people who wants a Switch key for Europe and only one key left. Person A has contributed 10$ to the project and Person B has contributed 50$. Person B will get the priority for the key over Person A.

However, we are confident that most people will be able to get a key for their platform of choice. And this is why answering the survey quickly is so important, it will give us time to evaluate the situation and react accordingly.

Physical Rewards and Shipping

Now, let's talk about the physical rewards and the shipping. The survey has a second question for those concerned, asking for a shipping address. It's important to write down the exact address to avoid any potential problems related to shipping.

We can already tell you that physical rewards will NOT be shipped on launch day. We still have some issues to fix and we are still waiting on some goodies to be shipped at the studio. 

In the meantime, we will provide a key to everyone so you will still be able to play the game on release.

That's it for now. We are finally getting there guys! Keep your eyes open on Thursday!


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    1. Anaxphone

      Survey answered, but a message also sent, since I have a concern that couldn't be addressed directly in the survey.