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Dive into darkness and explore the magical world of Numbra. Control your own platform in this story-driven side-scroller.
Dive into darkness and explore the magical world of Numbra. Control your own platform in this story-driven side-scroller.
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Update #6: Animus the Dragon King

Posted by Bishop Games (Creator)

Good Monday everyone. 

As we approach the halfway goal of our campaign, we decided to start the week in full force. Remember the enemy tease we revealed in Update #2? Well, today we would like to introduce Animus, the Dragon King. Animus is the first boss encounter of Light Fall, the encounter we are working on at this very moment. 

Not much is known about Animus, other than that he is very old, seemingly immortal even. For hundreds of years he has ruled the deep waters of the Lost Lagoon, secluded atop the mountains of the Lunar Plain. 

The world first heard of Animus 400 years ago, when the Kamloops’ most cherished explorer, Paddlewood, stumbled upon the Lagoon on his journey across Numbra. 

Paddlewood had mentioned seeing a white shadow dashing through the black waters in the silent night. Intrigued by what he saw in that brief moment, he waited for days with his crew near the shore of the Lagoon. And then finally, Animus emerged to the surface. 

Paddlewood described this encounter in his journal as the most terrifying, yet the most exciting moment of his life. As his crew members were frozen in fear, Paddlewood did the unthinkable and shouted at the Dragon King as he rushed in the cold waters, grinning from ear to ear.

Impressed by his courage and at the same time bewildered by his recklessness, Animus befriended Paddlewood. This marked a long alliance between Animus and the Kamloops people. Animus even allowed them to build fishing huts on the Lagoon and both parties shared the waters in peace. 

This peaceful alliance was recently shattered, when the calamity hit Numbra. The Dragon King turned mad and is now out of control, it will be up to you to face this colossal enemy. 

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Kickstarter shoutout 

Today we present you Apartment : A Separated Place. A very original game about relationships. 

Here’s the official description : a•part•ment is an intimate look at Nick's state of mind as he picks through the wreckage of his relationship with Madison. Join him as he seeks self-consolation in the apartment they once shared. Venture outside to visit his neighbors: a displaced loner, a lost daughter, a grieving widow, an uncertain newlywed. Enter their apartments — their lives, their relationships, their innermost thoughts — as they seek their own resolutions 

Definitely worth a look! 

That’s all for today, see you all on Wednesday.


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