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Living a parallel life with the first cave artist, a young painter must unravel the past to prevent history from repeating itself.
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Everything is right on track!

Posted by Ben Bishop (Creator)

 Hey everybody, Ben Bishop here, just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that everything is going great and right on schedule! I’ve been very busy, obviously, with wrapping up DRAWINRG BLOOD  and beginning some big NINJA TURTLE  stuff! But, throughout all of that I’ve been adjusting and cleaning up every single page of NATHAN THE CAVEMAN! Basically opening up each file, all 300 of them, and adjusting the levels, making the blacks blacker and the whites whiter, as well as erasing out any dust or eraser shavings or weird 2008 scanner lines that made it into the original printing. That leg of the work is finally finished, and the book already looks better than ever. 

My next steps are going to be a lot of fun. I’ll be making my new covers and putting together all the behind the scenes pages. Those will be chock full of early notes and sketches and artwork that nobody has ever seen before. I’ve kept them for 10 years in a portfolio labeled simply, “TIME CAPSULE”. So I can’t wait to reveal all that. 

We’re still on track for the estimated September release, so hang tight! 

I’ve got a few emails from people letting me know they are moving, or have moved, and wanting to update me on their current address... That’s incredibly helpful during the fulfillment side of the Kickstarter, but don’t worry, I haven’t sent out surveys yet, so I don’t need your address yet! 

A survey will go out right when I’m ready to ship so that I can avoid as many possible address changes as possible. 

Thanks again everyone! You can stay up to date on my day to day by friending me on Facebook or following me on Instagram @BISHART, but otherwise, not much to report, the ship is sailing smoothly to the destination, right on time. :) 

I’ll pop back in with some looks at those new covers and behind the scenes pages soon! 

Thanks a million. Talk soon! 


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      Steven on

      10 more years! 🙌 🍻
      Time will fly by and your adventure book will be half way full with plenty of room for vodka! 🤙