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Living a parallel life with the first cave artist, a young painter must unravel the past to prevent history from repeating itself.
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Posted by Ben Bishop (Creator)

Hello Hello!

This is it, the final 48 hours of the NATHAN THE CAVEMAN 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION campaign! 

We’re only a few thousand short of the BIG STRETCH GOAL, a HARDCOVER version of the book! It’s very possible and within reach. I remember with my AGGREGATE campaign we were at the 36 hour mark and wound up going from $26k to $30k and unlocked the final stretch goal just in time. I’m optimistic we have the ability to do the same here, and hopefully with enough time for those of you who want to ADD the HARDCOVER version to be able to.

This has been a wild and crazy month. I’m absolutely touched that so many of you took part in helping me bring back my very first creator owned graphic novel. It means a lot to me and I cannot wait for you all to get it in your hands. Thank you.

To help keep things moving towards that big HARDCOVER stretch goal, I've adjusted and added some rewards! 



Originally this reward was limited to 10 because drawings take a good amount of time and I wanted to be careful not to over commit with all the work I currently have on my plate. But many of you have asked me to add a few more of these, and i want that HARDCOVER as much as you, so I'll just go ahead and do it! There are now 10 more spots open for sketches inside your book for those of you interested. (Keep in mind this is for the regular edition of the 10 year anniversary NATHAN THE CAVEMAN, not the Kevin Eastman cover.)



I've dropped the price of this reward from $6,000 to $4,000 (which would get us that HARDCOVER!) to make this more doable for those of you interested. This was a fantastic reward tier with the DRAWING BLOOD campaign and I wanted to make sure I offered something like it as well for NATHAN THE CAVEMAN. Not only will you be supporting the project in a MASSIVE way, but you'll be flown out to Maine (vacationland), put up in a hotel, get a studio tour, wings, lobster rolls, drinks, given loads of books, sketches and swag, etc etc. It's bound to be a crazy fun time. 



In case you haven't heard, April 18th my VERY FIRST IMAGE COMICS story DROPS! It's a 7 page backup story for SAVAGE DRAGON, written by the man himself, Erik Larsen. This story is really freaking awesome. Not only was I lucky enough to redesign SAVAGE DRAGON and make him an evil bearded a-hole, but Erik even wrote in one of the very first characters I ever created... SWITCHBLADE! I came up with SWITCHBLADE in 1997 when I was 11 years old, and as you can tell, he's HEAVILY influenced by the crazy 90's and especially the type of stuff IMAGE COMICS was putting out. Erik even gave me the back cover so I could make a SWITCHBLADE pin up and officially copyright him, making him an actual IMAGE COMICS character within the SAVAGE DRAGON universe... How cool.

I'll have a limited stock of these comics available and thought I could offer them up as an ADD ON for you Kickstarter supporters. 

If you want one, signed and sketched on, simply add $20 on top of your pledge. ( Go to , click, "manage my pledge" and increase your pledge by $20. So for example, if you're at $40, it should be $60.) You won't find a reward tier specifically dedicated to THIS, but by increasing your pledge by $20, and later telling me in the survey that goes out, that you want to ADD the sketched and signed SAVAGE DRAGON, you'll be all set.

Fair warning, the main SAVAGE DRAGON story is RATED M for mature, so maybe give it a read through before giving it to the kiddos. ;)



Another reward people have been asking for that I'm happy to offer... NATHAN THE CAVEMAN LIVE PRINTS! What is a LIVE PRINT you ask? Why, it's a piece of art that's somewhere between an original and a print. It's got printed lines, with added "LIVE" tones and details sketched on top. Each one winds up being truly unique, and I'm limiting the reward to only 10 spots! If you already have a reward picked out and want to ADD a LIVE PRINT. Your best bet is to create a second Kickstarter account and pledge again separately for this reward! Here's a cool little video example of me doing a LIVE PRINT of MIYAZAKI from DRAWING BLOOD.

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That's all the news for today! 

Only 48 hours left! Let's all help get this baby over that $14k stretch goal and unlock the HARDCOVER EDITION! Every single share helps. If everyone got just 1 more friend to grab even a small reward I think we could unlock it in no time! 

Keep up the great campaigning work, and once again thank you thank you thank you all so much. Like I said, it means so much to see this kind of support for something that I worked so hard on and care so much for. Please feel free o message me any time with questions, comments, or suggestions. I'm around and available! The last 48 hour push begins... NOW


Thanks everyone!




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