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Living a parallel life with the first cave artist, a young painter must unravel the past to prevent history from repeating itself.
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Posted by Ben Bishop (Creator)
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This campaign is on FIRE! You all are obviously doing a killer job spreading the word and sharing the LINK to the Kickstarter, because we crushed yet another stretch goal!

Let's recap...

Everyone who is getting a book is now also getting...

4 free bookmarks!

A free sticker!

And a free print!

And since we just cruised past $8,000 you've unlocked the KEVIN EASTMAN VARIANT COVER EDITION add on!

This special version of the 10 year anniversary edition will have an all new, awesome KEVIN EASTMAN cover and ONLY be available HERE through the campaign! Super exclusive.

So now that Kevin's cover is available, you can ADD IT ON to your existing pledge, OR, you can choose that specific reward, BUT remember, Kickstarter only allows you to choose ONE reward, so if you switch, you'll lose whatever you had previously pledged for. 

For more specific instructions on increasing your pledge amount to ADD Kevin's cover, check out this link here...

 After you ADD ON the $$ amount for Kevin's cover, you're pretty much done! When the SURVEY goes out, just before shipping, I'll have a question that asks "What, if anything, did you add to your pledge?" and there you will be able to let me know what the additional funds were for.

So what's next?

$10,000 is the next stretch goal, and currently, as i write this, we're only a mere $410 away from EVERY ONE of you getting a FREE copy of my THE AGGREGATE ISSUE #0 PROLOGUE! 

 This special collectors piece was limited to only 1,000 copies, comes signed and numbered and is guest written by one of your own, a Kickstarter backer who pledged for the opportunity to write a SPLIT DECISION story, Joey Sheehan.

 The ISSUE #0 PROLOGUE tells an important story in THE AGGREGATE timeline, and at 20 pages, still manages to offer up SPLIT DECISIONS and various endings that lead you to different beginnings of the main AGGREGATE BOOK 1. It's a great little story.


 So what happens after $10,000?

Funny you should ask! I'm talking to the printer RIGHT NOW about cool ways we can make the book even better. Different materials... Extra content... Maybe even a hardcover option? Slipcase? :) I'll let you wonder for a little longer, but if you have ideas about what YOU would like to see unlocked with future stretch goal milestones, leave some comments below! I'm open to ideas! That's the beauty of Kickstarter, making the creation of these comics as collaborative as possible!

Thanks again everyone, please continue sharing the page and help us all get it in front of NEW EYEBALLS, so i can continue adding more and more FREE goodies and unlocked bonus options to your existing pledges.

You all rock.

Thank you.


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    1. Ben Bishop 3-time creator on

      JASON, no way! I would never get mad if someone wanted to support MORE. that's crazy. Go wild. :)

    2. Jason Penney

      Hi, Ben. That all makes sense. I thought of the second account thing, but I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about it (I’ve seen some creators get upset about it during fulfillment).

    3. Ben Bishop 3-time creator on

      Hey Jason! unfortunately no. The freebie stretch goal stuff kinda goes hand in hand per reward, not per book. Like you can add a regular edition too, at the same price as the regular reward tier, but it's still one set of freebie stretch goal extras. That's just the simplest way for fulfillment to work out smoothly and have realistic number quantities to know what I need to create for stickers, bookmarks etc....

      THAT BEING SAID! There is a workaround. :)
      If you have another email/card, you can create a second account and pledge for the Kevin Eastman reward. That way you WOULD get an extra set of free stuff.

      Hope that makes sense and that you understand why.

      Thanks for everything man.

    4. Sermon

      I absolutely understand. You don't want to overwhelm yourself. If you do decide to do it and it extends the deadline, I'd be fine with that. A new story is content that will last forever.

    5. Jason Penney

      Since adding on the Eastman cover is the same $$ as the tier do we get 2x extras as well (print/bookmarks/sticker)?

    6. Ben Bishop 3-time creator on

      Thanks for chiming in SERMON! It would definitely be fun to add a PROLOGUE or an EPILOGUE to this book, especially after 10 years with my improved skillzzz. I just have to be careful about adding too much extra drawing since I have other projects, like DRAWING BLOOD on my plate right now. But man, that would be awesome. It would likely extend the fulfillment deadline a little bit, but I'd hope people would understand.

      The slipcase is something I'm really excited about. Still working the costs and what not, but it would be great to have a fancy hardshell to protect your books when you slide it away onto your shelves. I've always loved slipcases and have always wanted one. So hopefully the costs pan out to be doable.

    7. Sermon

      Extra content could be cool. I don't know how the story ends, but maybe a new short story revisiting the comic.

      A slipcase also sounds like a good idea.